Ultimate Self-Care Retreat with a Spiritual Medium

Oceanside, CA, USA

Lisa Gornall
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Sep 18 - 22, 2022
Group size: 1 - 7
Ultimate Self-Care Retreat with a Spiritual Medium
Oceanside, CA, USA

Lisa Gornall
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Sep 18 - 22, 2022
Group size: 1 - 7

About this trip

Are you ready to live your dreams? Join us for a rejuvenating spiritual retreat on the beach to help you reset, reconnect and realign your energy so you can live a life you LOVE every single day.

You're successful and your life is working in so many ways. But you're also exhausted and overwhelmed, you work really hard and you're ready to rejuvenate. On the outside it looks like you have everything... but deep down you know something is missing. If you're ready to make the space to get back on your best path, this is the perfect retreat for you!

Imagine what would change if you made yourself a priority for just a few short days. When you get rid of ALL the distractions pulling on your energy, you can focus on what you really want. 

During this retreat you'll learn how you can add the missing pieces back to your life and finally have that life you are dreaming of.

What goals and dreams have you been ignoring or putting on the back burner?

How are your relationships?

What do you do that brings you JOY?

Are you ready to make yourself a priority?

Imagine realigning with your dreams in an intimate and beautiful beach front retreat destination in Oceanside, CA.

Lisa Gornall, a Spiritual Medium & Healer, Reiki Master, Coach and Author will intuitively support and guide you back onto YOUR best path.

This retreat is a spiritual journey inward and your ultimate self-care package. 

You'll experience powerful practices that you can use anywhere and even after the retreat. You'll be immersed in a supportive community that will help you reset, reconnect and realign with your dreams. In addition, for a full 5 weeks you'll be in a private support community with the intimate group so you can continue taking steps to live your best life.

Details for this Spiritual Retreat

This spiritual retreat experience is for you if you feel like something is missing, you feel stuck but feel like you shouldn't, and you are used to hiring support to help you reach your goals.

What you get:


2 weeks before the retreat, you'll have a 60 minute Zoom group call where you'll meet all the retreat participants and you'll set your individual goals for the retreat. You'll also get powerful, guided energy work to end the call. 

At the Retreat:

Your retreat begins in beautiful San Diego overlooking the Pacific Ocean steps away from the beach in Oceanside. You'll have a private room and bathroom.

Each morning after breakfast, you will experience an intuitively guided meditation customized to help you clear, balance and align your energy. 

On Monday your theme will be to reset. You will have a 2 hour workshop with Lisa to help you let go of any old patterns, beliefs and fears that keep you stuck and getting the same results.

Tuesday's theme is to reconnect with your self. Your self-care will include a 45 minute massage, facial and private 25 minute session with Lisa. You'll also focus on self-care regimens, time management and relationships.

On Wednesday, you'll reconnect with YOUR dream. You'll have a 2 hour workshop with Lisa and we'll create a plan with small steps to get you started, focused and excited again with what you truly want in this life.

In your free time, RELAX and enjoy this beautiful beach front property! You are steps away from enjoying the beautiful sandy beach and ocean. You can relax in the hot tub or chase lounge chairs on the roof, relax in one of the many patios, walk the beach, take a nap, spend time "being" and complete the day's self-guided activities.

Before dinner each night, you'll have a group check-in with Lisa.

Each day will end with a 15 minute intuitively guided, energy healing meditation to support your rejuvenation through the night.

We will have a private chef for our meals. Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided as well.

Post Retreat:

2 weeks after the retreat, we'll have a check in with energy work to answer any questions and help you stay on track to your dreams.

You are invited to join me and an intimate group for an amazing, spiritual retreat. This is a unique opportunity for you to reconnect with your dreams and back on your best path.

You will leave this retreat feeling renewed, aligned, empowered and connected. Revitalized with simple and powerful energy techniques you can use every day.

Start living a life you love in Oceanside September 18 - 22, 2022.

Ready? Join us! 

Photo images are from past retreats and house images are of the house currently reserved. In the event something outside of our control happens and we have to have a different beach front house, each participant will have their own bedroom and bathroom.

Reset, Reconnect and Realign

This retreat is designed to empower you with practices and tools that will support you at the retreat and beyond. You will master energy techniques within a supportive community who will be cheering you on. Enjoy delicious food from a local private chef who will prepare farm to table meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

As a Spiritual Medium and Healer, Lisa becomes one with your energy and feels in her body what you are holding onto. She helps you clear your energy so you have clarity on your best path forward. She can tap into your past and future energies. Lisa is psychic. Her ability to see spirits, energies and past lives can help you better understand what's getting in your way. Lisa will teach you to also connect with your intuitive abilities. 

This ultimate self-care retreat will leave you feeling pampered and supported as you reclaim your time, relationships, mindset and energy. 

You will reset, reconnect and realign.

You will feel supported and connected to your goals so you can fulfill your dreams. 

And you'll leave this retreat feeling empowered with techniques, tools and a plan to reach your goals so you can live your dream life.

Ready? Join us! 

What’s included

  • Accomodations
    4 nights in a private, beach front house in Oceanside, California. You will have a private room and bathroom.
  • Meals
    All meals are provided at this retreat. You will receive farm to table meals: 4 dinners, 3 lunches and 4 breakfasts made by our private chef. Plus snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Transformational Healing
    Pre-Retreat 60 minute group session. 8 guided meditations with Lisa. 2- 2 hour workshops with Lisa. 3-60 minute group check-ins before dinner. 60 minute post retreat group check-in. Retreat workbook.
  • Spa Day
    Reconnect and get pampered! Receive a 45 minute massage, facial and a 25 minute private session with Lisa at our beach house.
  • Transportation
    Travel to the retreat location.
  • Trip Insurance
    Travel/medical insurance


Day 1
Sunday, September 18

We will meet at the beach house in Oceanside starting at 5 pm.

Your Organizer

Lisa Gornall
As a Spiritual Medium, Healer & Coach Lisa was born with intuitive abilities to become one with your energy. She can read, see, feel and sense energy - past, current and future. Lisa guides you to reach your personal and professional goals while navigating all the things that try to hold you back. She intuitively empowers you to reclaim your time, relationships, mindset and energy. Live a life you LOVE every day!