Ultimate Women's Retreat to Reboot Your Life with Gentle Yoga

Las Galeras, Dominikanische Republik

Caribe Yoga
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8 reviews
May 10 - 17, 2020
Group size: 7 - 25
Ultimate Women's Retreat to Reboot Your Life with Gentle Yoga
Las Galeras, Dominikanische Republik

Caribe Yoga
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8 reviews

Deposit: $500
May 10 - 17, 2020
Group size: 7 - 25

About this trip

This retreat is for the explorers, adventurers and for souls that are hungry for life and experience. Wake up every morning in your private bungalow nestled in the hills of the Dominican Republic with the most stunning view over the Caribbean ocean. Practice daily yoga and meditation on the stunning deck overlooking the ocean, sample local Caribbean delights and dive into the turquoise ocean just minutes away from the resort. This week will make you feel alive, connected and filled with joy!

Gentle Yoga retreat with Zayra Mo

Gentle Yoga, Sound Healing Meditation and Transformational Coaching Retreat

This is the retreat you been dreaming to do because is an holistic program to transform and reset your lifestyle. Imagine yourself disconnected from your busy world in the top of a mountain with an ocean view where the master healer Zayra Mo will help you to unwind your mind, uplift your soul and reset your body.

With her expertise you will restore your body energy with gentle yoga, you will dive in calm frequency waves during the live music meditations and sound baths with her crystal singing bowls and you will finally learn how to do the changes you want to do in your lifestyle and life purpose with her transformational coaching sessions.

Also you will get the Zayra Mo’s special retreat kit:

A canvas bag

Retreat’s Journal

T-Shirt & Flip Flops

Mala to meditate and use it as a necklace

A gemstone pendulum which you are going to learn how to read your intuition in one of the Transformational Sessions

The Alpha Room CD

An Opalite Necklace

The pass for ONE YEAR subscription to the online meditation studio in ZayraMo.com

About Gentle Yoga:

Gentle yoga is pretty much what the name implies, a slower-paced and less strenuous form of yoga. Gentle Yoga or Yin Yoga is based on the ancient, Taoist concepts of yin and yang, the opposite and complementary principles in nature. It works synergistically with the principles of traditional Chinese medicine to shift ‘Chi’ or 'Qi' through the body. Also works with the bones, ligaments, joints and fascial network as well. Once in the asana, the practitioner is asked to stay in this stillness and breathe for two minutes and sometimes up to ten minutes. You will practice a lot less poses in the same amount of time as a more general yoga class. Although is a passive style of yoga, the length of time in postures combined with the intensity of sensations, make this practice challenging.  It is deceptively powerful.  When the body begins to unravel and the mind begins to still a real sense of peace occurs.  It is the permission to let go of whatever the practitioner is holding on to that makes this yoga one of the most popular styles today.  

Some of the benefits of yoga include:

- increased flexibility.

- increased muscle strength and tone.

- improved respiration, energy and vitality.

- maintaining a balanced metabolism.

- weight reduction.

- cardio and circulatory health.

- improved athletic performance.

- protection from injury

- perfects your posture

- drains your lymphs and boosts immunity.

- makes you happier

- helps you focus

- helps you sleep deeper

- increases your self-esteem

- builds awareness for transformation.

About Zayra Mo's Live Music Meditations or Sound Baths:

A sound bath is a relaxation technique and meditative experience whereby participants ‘bathe’ in the sound waves produced by the human voice as well as instruments such as chimes and singing bowls. Fans of sound baths say they have a profoundly calming effect as the vibrations wash over you. Mo's performances use a variety of frequencies as a vibrational sound healing where your body will receive the specific frequencies of each crystal singing bowl to create the effect of entrainment or synchronization to "copy" the natural frequency your organs, bones and more suppose to be. In this healing process, the organs release hormones like endorphins (the anti-pain hormone), the serotonin (the happy hormone) and the melatonin (the sleeping, youthfulness and visionary hormone).

Singing bowl therapy dates back to the 12th century and has been used for meditation and rituals in Tibetan culture. Bowls produce a deep, penetrating sound that’s used to relax and repair the mind. A 2016 study found that singing bowl meditation reduced stress, anger, depression, and fatigue. All of these things are known to impact physical health and raise the risk for disease, suggesting that singing bowl therapy may be good for your physical, as well as emotional, well-being.

Some of the benefits:

- stress reduction

- decreased anxiety and depression

- improved memory

- pain reduction.

About Transformational Coaching:

When you get to the point where you've done everything you know how to do and your life still isn't working out, it might be time to "hit the reset button." To reset your life, quit reliving patterns of past behavior and rationalization. Instead, try Transformational Coaching.

Transformational coaching is similar to life coaching. It involves helping people bettering themselves and their lives by bringing about necessary changes. Instead of changing how they act, however, as with life coaching clients, transformational coaching clients work on changing the way they see themselves. A transformational coach will usually help his clients focus on their positive talents and abilities. Working with a transformational coach can help most people put their past - including all of their failures or perceived failures - to rest, charge forward with new goals to better their lives, and transform into the amazing people they were always meant to be.

What can you expect in Zayra’s sessions?

Through her unique training, Zayra's sessions are taking a very holistic, somatic and uplifting approach. Connecting the mind to the body and unravelling and unfolding all the layers of your being. You will practice simple but powerful techniques that will serve you for all your life. Zayra's mantra "a beautiful mind heals a broken body and enlightens your soul" emerged from her own life experiences and the decision to embark on a holistic life helped her live happily. "When I saw that it helped me, I knew that I had to help others".

Zayra Mo


Zayra Mo is a Mass Meditation Music Artist & Master Healer born in Puerto Rico and living in Miami, Florida for the last 18 years. Mo is the founder and coach director of DeiFit which created the first therapeutic yoga and sound therapy meditation program for the Miami Dade County Parks & Recreation Department. Also develop the first meditation program for Miami Dade College and the first yoga and meditation online studio in Spanish Language known as kAca Yoga.

Mo is the producer of the short film The Alpha Room presented in The Yoga Expo, Miami Dade College and Yoga Fun Day.

Mo has an exceptional education which combine a Master in Communications, Music Diploma from Berkley College, and certifications in Personal Training, Somatic Yoga, Art Healing, Meditation, Sound Therapy and Chief Of Happiness from Florida International University.



Day 1 ( Sunday) :

Transfers: Airport-Lodge to Caribe Yoga Ocean View Eco Lodge. ( 3 hrs  road trip).

Welcome-Fruit Drink.

Opening circle and Floating Sound Bath in the pool.


Bungalows assignations, resting time, getting ready for the next day.

Day 2 (Monday):

08:00 Tea & fruit.

09:00 Gentle Yoga & Sound Bath.

11:30 Brunch delights.

12:30 Welcome massage, relax, pool, read, sunbathe .…

15:00 Afternoon tea & snack.

17:00 Transformational Coaching Session.

19:30 Dinner & sweet dreams.

Day 3 (Tuesday):

08:00 Tea & fruit.

09:00 Gentle Yoga & Sound Bath.

11:00   Transformational coaching session.

11:30 Brunch.

12:30 Boat trip to a secret paradise beach, adventure hike through the jungle.

19:30 Dinner & sweet dreams.

Day 4 (Wednesday):

08:00 Tea & fruit.

09:00 Gentle Yoga & Sound Bath.

11:00 Transformational Coaching Session.

11:30 Brunch.

13:00 Horseback ride to “El Limon” waterfall and swimming in sweet water.

19:30 Dinner & sweet dreams.

Day 5 (Thursday) :

07:00 Dawn Sound Bath Meditation.

08:00 Tea & fruit.

09:00 Gentle Yoga & Sound Bath.

11:30 Brunch.

12:30 Relax, pool, beach, YOU-time, optional massage, …

14:00 Larimar’s Shop Visit - Learn about this unique gemstone only available in Dominican Republic.

15:00 Afternoon tea & snack.

17:00 Transformational Coaching Session.

19:30 Dinner.

Day 6  (Friday) :

08:00 Tea & fruit.

09:00 Gentle Yoga & Sound Bath.

11:00 Transformational Coaching Session.

11:30 Brunch.

13:00 Beach Trip to “Playita” to do Sunset Yoga & Sound Bath.

19:30 Dinner & sweet dreams.

Day 7 (Saturday) :

08:00 Tea & fruit.

09:00 Gentle Yoga & Sound Bath.

11:30 Brunch.

12:30 Relax, pool, beach, YOU-time, optional massage, …

15:00 Afternoon tea & snack.

17:00 Transformational Coaching Session.

19:30 Dinner & Party (Dance Like Nobody Is Watching).

Day 8 (Sunday) :

08:00 Tea & fruit.

09:00 Gentle Yoga & Sound Bath.

11:00 Brunch.

12:00 Check out and depart for Santa Domingo/airport

NB This Itinerary may be subject to change.

The resort - a paradise for yoga

Who does not want to come home deeply and thoroughly refreshed from a long-awaited and well deserved vacation?  Recharge your batteries, enjoy life to the fullest, broaden your horizons and simultaneously do something good for your body!  A Yoga Holiday can be a wonderfully satisfying combination for body, mind and soul. Leave the daily routine behind and treat yourself with an intense experience under palm trees – a yoga retreat in the dominican republic far away from the hustle and bustle of cities, amid the spectacular and diverse nature of the Caribbean.

There are 14 private bungalows at the Samaná Ocean View Resort.  Each is equipped with a queen size bed, bed linen and towels, night table, reading lamp, table and chairs, safe, ceiling fan and closet.  Each one also has a bathroom with shower, sink, and toilet. All off them have fully-openable picture window facing the ocean and with breathtaking views on the Samaná peninsula. The room will be cleaned daily.

The main building includes a large open living space and seating area, a bar, a barbecue grill, a sound system, free WIFI and a fully equipped kitchen.

Click here for a video of caribeyoga

The swimming pool measures more than 1200 square feet.  It can be used 24 hours a day and is attractively illuminated at night. At its longest point the pool measures 45 feet, and is between 4.6 and 5.3 feet deep. There is no lifeguard on duty or any special safety devices for children, so we recommend that only adults and children who know how to swim make use of the pool. Use at your own risk.

Brand new yoga platform with an incredible seaview.

Click here for more photos of the resort

  • Private estate which covers more than 18000 square feet, surrounded by tropical vegetation with plenty of space to relax
  • Ocean view from anywhere at the Eco-Lodge
  • 14 private bungalows (7 with a queen size bed, 1 with a king size bed, 6 with two twin beds)
  • Total capacity: 28 persons (for Yoga retreats normally a max. of 18 guests)
  • Bathroom, fan, safe, shower, toilet in each bungalow
  • Main building with terrace, barbecue, bar, pool, 2 bathrooms and a sun deck with an outdoor shower
  • Spacious and fully equipped kitchen with fridge in the main building
  • Use of the washing machine and dryer for an additional fee
  • Irons are available (in the main building)
  • Hair dryers not available
  • Personal laptops and other devices can be used with power adapter
  • Daily cleaning service of bungalows and main building
  • 24 hour electricity, water and WIFI
  • The property manager lives on the estate and provides assistance of any kind 
  • All packaged retreats include breakfast and dinner

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A landscape like a picture book

Away from the crowds of tourists and surrounded by marvelous nature, you can find the Samaná Ocean View Eco-Lodge.  Here is a perfect retreat for dreamers, people seeking peace and quite, Yogis and meditators from all kind of all methods and schools.

The Samaná Ocean View Eco-Lodge is located on top of a hill near the village of La Guázama and the idyllic fishing town Las Galeras on the Samaná peninsula. This spot is widely recognized as the most beautiful region of the Dominican Republic, primarily due to the thousands of coconut trees and the many pristine beaches.

The closest beaches are Playa Grande (the main beach in Las Galeras) and the especially beautiful beach, Playita. Both can be reached within 15 minutes by car or motorbike.

Also close by is the beach Playa Rincon, a three-mile long, white sandy beach; one of the most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic. From Las Galeras you can reach it within 25 minutes by car or within 15 minutes by boat.

There is also Playa Fronton, a perfect snorkeling spot. This Robinson Crusoe beach with its impressive panorama can be reached with a 30 minute hike, or by boat, or horse (not accessible by car).  The small romantic bay with its natural beach Playa Madame is also within reach either by boat or by horse.

Las Galeras, with its small supermarkets, restaurants and beach huts can be reached within 15 minutes by car. Here you can drink Dominican rum together with the locals, or book a boat trip with the local fishermen.

For those who want to discover the beauty of the Samaná peninsula independently, a rental car would be most suitable. But those who prefer to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere at the Samaná Ocean View Eco-Lodge can easily get around with taxis and so called “Motoconchos” (motorbike taxi) procured for you by the property manager.

The closest airports are the “El Catey International Airport” of Samaná (about 1 hour drive) and the “International Airport Las Americas” of Santo Domingo (about 2.5 hour drive). Rental Cars or transfers from either airport to the Eco-Lodge can be arranged for you.

The comfortable bungalow complex offers an unforgettable and relaxing stay. The tropical vegetation in and around the area, the tranquility of the site, and the stunning views make you feel as if you are visiting paradise. This area is one of the most beautiful and originally native places that the Dominican Republic has to offer.

Experience the genuine Caribbean and pure Relaxation.

Every year more than 1000 humpback whales migrate from the Polar Regions into the Bay of Samaná for mating season. From mid-December to end of March you can observe this great spectacle directly from the Samaná Ocean View Eco-Lodge. There are also regular boat excursions from Las Galeras if you prefer a closer look.


During your retreat, you will be provided with six hearty breakfast buffets, healthy lunches/brunches and sumptuous dinners. The meals are a combination of Caribbean and international cuisines which are prepared to enrich your body and soul, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free upon request. Tea, Coffee and water are available free of charge throughout the duration of your stay. If you have any food allergies or special dietary needs, please inform CaribeYoga upon registration.

Our ingredients are fresh and bought from the market to support the local economy.

The following meals are included:


Lunch or  Brunch


Water and tea

The following dietary requirements are served and/or catered for:


Vegan & Gluten Free on request

(If you have special dietary requirements we strongly advise to communicate it to the organiser   and/or Caribeyoga when making a reservation)

Testimonials of clients

Wendy Leif Wyka
Larissa and Jörg are two of the kindest, most genuine people I’ve ever met. They work behind the scenes to ensure your experience is perfect. My experience was transformational. From breathtaking views to delicious food this place has it all. Several people have actually told me I’m glowing since I returned. This must be because I had a beautiful experience with beautiful people and I’m still floating.

Raquel Pernas
Caribeyoga was one of the best experiences of my life. It is a place in which you can find yourself, because Jörg, Larisa, Carmen and the crew take care of every little detail. So peaceful! A place where people care about each other and delicious food too!
I enjoyed every single minute there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart 

Click here and see a wonderful video of one of the retreats

Carina Bo
I have hosted a retreat there this January and it was the most beautiful place in nature I have ever experience. And they go whale watching! 

Gayathri Ramaswamy
My husband and I really enjoyed this hidden gem tucked away from the hustle and bustle. The owner Jorg is a wonderful and selfless person who went out of the way to please us – whether it be special veggie food or wine after a long hike. The scenery is spectacular and the pool is wonderful. Staff are attentive and cheerful. Lots to do in surrounding areas including the best beach! Doing yoga amidst the nature was truly magical. Enjoyed interacting with fellow yogis!

Suzanne Ramos
This is a spectacular, small and private resort where you can relax, unwind and totally escape in the natural beauty of your surroundings. The accommodations, pool, food, staff, panoramic scenic views and owner are ALL top notch. I attended an AMAZING one week Yoga retreat there and it was the vacation of a lifetime!!!! In between our peaceful yoga sessions overlooking the mountains AND ocean we also visited beautiful beaches, rode horses to swim in a breath taking waterfall and hiked vigorously through the jungle/mountains as well. Truly a wonderful experience and great value, worth every penny and more! Can’t wait to do it again!!

Karin Stirk-Davis
My Caribeyoga experience was transformative. Jorge and Larissa are incredible, they made sure that all our needs were taken care of. The activities arranged were spiritually uplifting, from walking in the jungle to swimming in the breathtaking Limón waterfall! I connected with beautiful people, with my soul and deepened my mindful practices. Silence, love, laughter and friendship radiated. I have a new happy place to return to in my mindful practices! Namaste



To minimize any loss and to protect yourself during the trip, we highly recommend taking out a comprehensive insurance policy that covers cancellation. You can book travel insurance at great rates from our Partner Travelex here.

Electricity information

We have 24 hours electricity because the company of Las Galeras is a private electricity company. We dont deal with black outs like most parts of Dominican Republic.

Dressing information

Las Galeras is a beach town where everyone generally wears beach attire. You are recommended to bring shorts, short sleeve shirts, tank tops, and sandals. 

Outfits we advise to bring: 

-Yoga clothes

-Hike clothes (comfortable sneakers) 

- Horse Riding clothes (long pants recommended)

-Beach clothes

-Anything you feel comfortable wearing.

What to bring

Flashlight, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, camera, toiletries, any required medications.

caribeyoga will provide yoga mats, but please feel free to bring your own mat or blanket if you prefer.

Passport / visa

Bring a valid passport with at least 6 months remaining before expiry date.

There are some countries that can enter Dominican Republic without a visa, more infos at http://www.dominicanrepublic.com/dominican-republic-visa-2/

Additional information

For more information ask your questions directly to caribeyoga who will be happy to assist you. Simply click on the Contact Organizer button to send a message.

Booking conditions

For information about the booking conditions, please ask your instructor or send  caribeyoga an inquiry.

What’s included

  • Healthy breakfast
  • Healthy lunch
  • Healthy dinner
  • Yoga classes
  • Tea, coffee and water
  • Group Airport Pickup
  • Transportation
    Group transfers to included excursions
  • Excursion to a waterfall
    See itinerary
  • Beach day
    See itinerary
  • 45 minutes Massage
    Full Body relaxing massage
  • Larimar Shop
    Mobile Dominican Jewellery Shop. The jewellery you want to buy is not included in the price.
  • Taxes + Excursion Fees
  • Flights
    Flights are not included in the price. If you need assistance booking a flight, please let us know.
  • Individual Transfers
    We include and organize a group airport pickup and transfers to included excursions. If you arrive at a different time from the rest of the group we can schedule your pick up for an additional cost.
  • Extra Drinks

Available Packages

Single accommodation
6 left

Single accommodation in a small private bungalow with your own bathroom. Queen size bed. All bungalows with breathtaking view of the sea.

Deposit: $500
Double accommodation
6 left

Double accommodation in a small private bungalow with your own bathroom. Twin size bed.  All bungalows with breathtaking view of the sea.

Deposit: $500
Deposit: $500

Single accommodation


Waterfall El Limon
Horse riding to the waterfall El Limon and swimming in sweet water

Included in the price!  Trip to the waterfall El Limon including horse riding

The waterfall “Salto El Limon” is located amidst a lush tropical landscape on the peninsula of Samaná, approximately an hour away from Las Galeras. This spectacular waterfall drops 150 feet into a natural, beautiful pool filled with fresh, crystal clear water.

You can reach the top of the waterfall on horseback, then hike downwards through tropical jungle until you reach the bottom of this roaring cascade, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the big natural pool.

Your Organizer

Caribe Yoga
8 reviews
Away from the crowds of tourists and surrounded by marvelous nature, you can find the resort of caribeyoga named Samaná Ocean View Eco-Lodge. Here is the place for aa perfect retreat for dreamers, people seeking peace and quite, Yogis and meditators from all kind of all methods and schools. The Samaná Ocean View Eco-Lodge is located on top of a hill near the village of La Guázama and the idyllic fishing town Las Galeras on the Samaná peninsula. This spot is widely recognized as the most beautiful region of the Dominican Republic, primarily due to the thousands of coconut trees and the many pristine beaches.


I had read the reviews before booking, but honestly no review could ever capture how great this trip was! It truly is your own little paradise that has a wonderful way of lifting the veil of our lives to reveal truth and beauty. Samana is picturesque to say the least! I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Julie & Antonio Garrido, and Larissa... they are AMAZING! This was my first yoga retreat, but according to others in our group who have been on many prior, this was just the best organized trip ever. Any future retreats will have a lot to live up to! Perfect combination of yoga, meditation, activity, adventure, and down time. Not to mention the incredible workshops that were fruitful for my life personally and professionally!
Hello Kaitlyn. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR REVIEW. Your words makes us really happy and proud. Hope to see you again, YOU KNOW, NOW YOU HAVE FRIENDS IN THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
By Caribe Yoga on Jan 23, 2020
A unique experience for those who are looking to expand their horizons. Very beautiful moments and a true vacation/retreat. Loved it! Thank you to the wonderful staff, they were so warm and supportive.
By Caribe Yoga on Jan 23, 2020
I really don't know where to begin. I have a wonderful time. Susan and Roman yoga classes were great. Nothing like starting the morning with a class and ending with one in the evening. The resort was beautiful and clean. The staff was exceptional. Even the excursions were wonderful. I would definitely recommend this retreat to all my friends and family. I will definitely be going back. Thanks for a amazing time Carmen
Really enjoyed the retreat. It was really well organised. The transfer from the airport to the resort was smooth. Two yoga sessions each day by Susan and Roman were well adapted to the group and accessible to different levels of yogis in attendance. Every meal featured a variety of delicious food, and catered to lactose-free and vegan option for some guests. Each day had free time to allow us to relax and enjoy the beautiful views and poolside of the Samana Ocean View Eco Lodge. In addition we went on excursions to beaches and walking in the jungle. There were couples and singles and we formed a close-knit group at the end of the week and I wholeheartedly recommend the retreat.
I had such a wonderful experience. Met so many amazing people and had so much delicious food. It was an experience I will always remember.
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