Unique Photography & Yoga Retreat

Cercal do Alentejo, 7555, Portugal

Yugen Earthside
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10 reviews
Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 20
Unique Photography & Yoga Retreat
Cercal do Alentejo, 7555, Portugal

Yugen Earthside
  • Email address verified
10 reviews

Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 20

About this trip

This is the payment link for the Unique Photography & Yoga Retreat (Small-Group) trip.

Full trip information including the detailed day-by-day itinerary, inclusions, exclusions, and departure dates can be found here

Payment & Cancellation Policy

Book with confidence: To reserve your spot on a tour, a 50% deposit will be required.

  • If reserved more than 120 days in advance, the deposit is fully refundable for 30 days.
  • If reserved less than 120 days in advance, the deposit is not refundable.

The balance is due 75 days prior to the trip's start date. The balance is nonrefundable. 

Travel Insurance

Suitable medical and travel insurance is compulsory.

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Carbon Offsets & Carbon Removal

Yugen Earthside automatically includes $10/person towards capturing 10kg of carbon and permanently storing it underground. This is done through our partner, Tomorrow's Air.

We encourage our travelers to add-on carbon offsets for their flights. To do so, select this option during checkout. Offsets are done through Sustainable Travel International.

Carbon capture is more effective than carbon offsets, and a mix of both is recommended for sustainable travel. Read about the difference here. Subscribe to Tomorrow's Air to regularly remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Visas, Vaccines, and More

Visas: US nationals do not require an entry visa for Portugal for visits of less than 90 days. You will require a valid passport with an expiration date extending more than three months from your planned return date.

For non-US nationals, please double-check entry requirements.

Vaccines: See the CDC recommendations for other standard vaccines to have before travel.

See the US Embassy page for more information about travel to Portugal.

Available Packages

1 person in a private Single Room
Deposit: $975
2 people in a shared Double Room

Price per person is $1,325; 2 people are required to book this room.

Deposit: $662

Your Organizer

Yugen Earthside
10 reviews
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We enjoyed this trip. Service was excellent, accommodation ranged from good to very good, maps and instructions were easy to follow. We especially appreciated the warning when we deviated from the trail, very helpful to avoid navigation errors.
By Michael K for Portugal's Costa Verde on Jun 05, 2024
Travelled with 15 other friends and acquaintances; one of the others had planned the entire trip together Yugen Earthside and other local partners. It was a phenomenal experience!! Everything, from the communication beforehand, airport pickups, transfers, flights, Galapagos cruise (the crew! the Bonita Yacht! David the guide!) and back was fantastic! Highly recommended!!
By Ole M for Ecuador as Never Before for Ole on Aug 18, 2023
This was a life-changing adventure for me and my son. The days exploring Quito and the surrounding Andean volcanoes and cloud forest revealed surprises at every stop. The planned and unplanned activities gave us a glimpse at the richness of this region. Our guides were amazing, each knowledgeable and interesting and fun to be with. I learned so much from them. Once we arrived in the Galapagos and into the care of David and the crew of the Bonita, the magic of the islands enveloped us in its primeval web. Each day was a new adventure in geology, biology and climate. We saw animals and plants we did not know existed. We learned so much about the local ecology and uplifting news regarding the restoration of ecosystems. Our home on the sea was comfortable and relaxing. The crew was attentive and quickly learned the specific needs of each passenger for each activity. I cannot say enough about how hard they worked to provide us with such an amazing experience. Our naturalist guide, David, could not have been better. He is so knowledgeable about the regional ecology, but also about so many other social and human aspects of the region. And while his attention focused on ensuring that we had the best experience, he was also a valiant guardian of the plants and animals that we were visiting, reminding us to tread lightly and respectfully to ensure everyone's safety. If I could give 10 out of 5 stars, I would.
By Collin Roesler C for Ecuador as Never Before for Collin on Aug 10, 2023
This was a great trip! Right from the onset with the information provided by Yugen Earthside and TerraSur, over the pickups, transfers, guide on the boat, guide and driver on the day tours in Quito / around Cotopaxi, airport transfers etc. Even mid-travel changes to my itinerary they accommodated w/o issues. Highly recommend!
By Ole M for Amazing Galapagos Adventure on Aug 02, 2023
The trip was everything we dreamed of. Guides and Porters were amazing and friendly and helped us make it to the top as well as see every African animal! Food was good and energizing but repetitive. We were eating for sustenance. Would recommend but Yuegen Earthside and Eco-Africa.
By Krisanne B for 8 Days Kilimanjaro Climb (Lemosho Route) + 4 Days Safari on Mar 13, 2023
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