Utsava Maa 2021

Panchala Sidha, Rajasthan, India

1 review
Feb 19 - 23, 2021
Group size: 1 - 800
Utsava Maa 2021
Panchala Sidha, Rajasthan, India

1 review

Feb 19 - 23, 2021
Group size: 1 - 800

About this trip

Divinity, Ecology, Leadership

Utsava Maa (Celebration of the Great Mother)

This is a festival/conference designed to educate and inspire women from around the world, interested in the intersection of nature and self. Our 4th annual celebration seeks to unravel the obstacles preventing us from living our biggest life, in honor of the creator, creating in us a legacy our daughters will benefit from. 

 “I’m so glad I met all these fabulous women who have helped me embark on this new stage of my life. Thank you.” Carla Simmons UM19

 “Thanks for giving us the space to be what we are, sharing our vision, laugh, create, celebrate freedom and life.” -Undergrowth Collective, UK

 “Once upon a time I danced with sisters singing this mantra and my life changed. Forever grateful for @utsavamaa. ‘Shiva Shiva Shiva Shambo’!” -@teriyogi 

We must know how to care for and be kind  to ourselves. The festival resets us, refreshes by wholesome home grown meals,  fresh mountain water from our desert well, yoga classes from a host of  international teachers, rejuvenating guided meditations and TLC  treatments from our wondrous wellness centre. Lectures, workshops, performances, red tent discussions, crafts market, female documentary screenings, and community time with sisters from the village and around the world.

What’s included

  • Room, dorm or tent
    shared with bath
  • Meals
    3 vegetarian + 2 chai
  • Wifi
    Periodically, daily, fixed times
  • Water
    Pure drinking water + warm shower
  • Campus activity
    Puja, satsang, yoga, meditation, sports
  • Juice
    Daily fruit juice bar
  • Ayurveda
    Wellness center open
  • Extra meals
  • Health care
    Physicians & hospital available
  • Transportation
    Shuttle bus to/from Jodhpur airport
  • Consierge, travel agent
    Make all personal arrangments

Available Packages

Shared double room
Available until February 1, 202180 left

This is the top of the line accommodation, in ashram terms. It comes with a single twin bed and linens in a double room with private bath. Bring a friend, or we'll give you a new one! 

Deposit: $249
Available until February 1, 202160 left

You won't spend much time in your room anyway, with all the activity on campus during the festival. So share a dorm room with 5 other friends. It comes with a twin bed, mattress, sheet, pillow, blanket and comforter. Just bring your own towel and use the clean community bath with warm water. (The community bath is not inside the building with the dorm - it is a short walk away.)

Available until July 1, 2020only 1 left

Bring your event planning and coordination skills to the red tent and get a discount on your ticket. Accommodations are in a dorm room or communal tent. Your space comes with bed, mattress, sheet, pillow, blanket, comforter. Bring your own towel and use the clean, community bath which is a short walk away. ALL VOLUNTEER SEATS ARE GIVEN TO PREAPPROVED APPLICANTS. Send your request to info@utsavamaa.org 


Available options



Days 1-2
'Seed Films'

Women's voices can be heard in many venues and mediums as Shakti regains her seat. The first 2 days we will be screening several films from female documentarians concerning the role of women in ecology, the food chain, and rights:

'Women and Religion in India' by Disha Arora, and many more!

Your Organizer

Rajasthan Hatha Yoga Institute
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Rajasthan Hatha Yoga Institute's headquarters are located on the campus of Shri Jasnath Asan (ashram) in Rajasthan, India and managed by Shridev Jasnath Trust, a diverse group of people focused on uplifting humanity through a reconnection with nature. Its subsidiary is located in Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States and is directed by Shreejan Sita, Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist. The institute provides certificate courses for continuing education in yoga and Ayurveda, and retreat/classes/festivals for the general public.