Van and Breakfast Algarve

Carlos Quiles Menchero
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Apr 4 - Aug 10, 2017
Group size: 2 - 4
Van and Breakfast Algarve

Carlos Quiles Menchero
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Apr 4 - Aug 10, 2017
Group size: 2 - 4

About this trip

In Van and Breakfast Portugal what matters is the experience. We are not a van rental, is a mobile bed and breakfast with a driver/local guide to discover all the off track places of this amazing region. Perfect for surf trips and much more than that. We have local knowledge to make happen anything you want. Multisport adventure, photography and filmmaking workshops, etc. The best restaurants and hidden places that only locals know mixed with living the van experience.[All pics by Carlos Quiles]

What’s included





-Two surfboards. An epoxy board and a foam board to learn.

-A mountain bike, and the possibility to rent as much as we need for the group at discounted prices.

-A bodyboard. For those who just want to feel the sensation of being taken by the wave just for fun, without any serious intention to become the best surfer ever. For free!

-Wetsuits and snorkeling equipment. For those who just enjoy swimming in the ocean and don’t want to carry their own equipment. For free!

-Spearfishing equipment for Carlos to catch the dinner.

-A carver skateboard.

FITNESS. For free!

-Three yoga mats

-A foam roller

-A kettle bell weight

Not included

Lunch and dinner

Surf lessons


Van and breakfast experience
From 2 to 7 days
The routes are flexible, starting with a minimum of two nights all along from April to August. Heres a week route sample. DAY 1. PICK UP IN LAGOS 27. WELCOME AND GET TOGHETER NIGHT IN THE AMAZING PONTA DA PIEDADE a really beautiful cliffs area where we will see the sunrise the next day. We can either stay in the camper or go partying to town. Day 2. Kayak and/or SUP Ponta da Piedade. Amazing route through the cliffs with some great caves. Sleep in PRAIA DO BARRANCO with the possibility to make a bonfire and a barbecue, is truly a hippie paradise in a very remote and special beach where you might not want to leave. Day 3. SAGRES (Beliche, San Vicente, Cordoama) 29. Trekking in the Barranco cliffs. Surf in Sagres // Sunset in Cordoama viewpoint Mountain bike // Diving // Trekking // Climbing //Photography tutorial // Yoga Sleep at our own will either again in Barranco or in Belice/Sagres. Day 4. AMADO Surf and trekking // Yoga Day 5. ARRIFANA Surf // Beach spotting // Photography tutorial //Yoga// Trekking. Day 6 Lisbon or any other place we want to stop on the way.

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