Venture Rwanda 2024

      Kigali, Rwanda

      Ventures by Jodi Morris
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      15 reviews
      Sep 24 - 30, 2024
      Group size: 5 - 8
      Venture Rwanda 2024
      Kigali, Rwanda

      Ventures by Jodi Morris
      • Email address verified
      15 reviews

      Sep 24 - 30, 2024
      Group size: 5 - 8

      About this trip

      Go beyond tourism. Connect as a global citizen. Forever change your perspective.  Watch this video

      Rwanda is one of the safest and most beautiful countries in the world. It's a model for countries in Africa and globally. The best way to understand Rwanda and its future? Through its people. 

      Join us for 7 days/6 nights to connect to a dynamic and trailblazing Rwanda. You hike in the land of a thousand hills, convene with entrepreneurial visionaries, visit Africa's leading education hubs, and enjoy the food, beauty, art, and history of Kigali before heading to the beautiful Virunga Mountains, home of Rwanda's famed mountain gorillas. Scroll below to view the itinerary.

      Jodi Morris leads Venture Travel to connect us to the economic and cultural beat of Rwanda. Entrepreneurs illustrate their country’s economic and social trajectory. Insider experiences help us better understand art, culture and history. We explore all this as a small, curious-minded community. 

      Why Rwanda

      Rwanda. It's known for coffee, gorillas and a genocide past told through movies like Hotel Rwanda.

      Kigali isn't what most expect from a major African capital. When Jodi first visited in 2015, she wondered Where Am I? The world has discovered this small, landlocked, country of nearly 13 million people executing its big vision. Kigali is called The Most Inviting City in Africa. Whether it's animal conservation or technology, healthcare, hospitality, entrepreneurship or gender equality, the citizens of Rwanda are proud to share their vision—for life, family, and country.


      Through this unique venture, you participate in the Rwanda success story. Your stories will be the most practical and memorable souvenirs. But don't leave too soon. We encourage you to take advantage of only-in-Rwanda excursions, including Rwanda's famed gorilla trekking.

      Reservation & Cancellation Policy

      To reserve your spot, make a $1000 USD non-refundable trip deposit. You'll receive a confirmation upon receipt of payment. Full payment is due 60 days prior to the start of the trip.


      We understand that unforeseen circumstances can occur. For cancellations made more than 60 days prior to the trip, we will gladly reimburse you, less your non-refundable initial trip deposit.  Any cancellations made less than 60 days prior to the trip will incur the full 100% cancellation fee.  We always recommend the purchase of travel insurance, which typically covers trip cancellation fees. For more information, see Terms & Conditions

      More Info (Visas, Medical, Insurance)


      To enter Rwanda, you need a valid passport with at least two blank pages and six months of validity remaining at the time of entry. It is easiest to purchase a tourist visa on arrival at Kigali International Airport. Alternatively, use the government portal Irembo to apply in advance. A tourist visa is $50 USD for one month, single entry (Entry Visa V-1). The East African Tourist Visa, which is $100 USD, grants you 90-day multiple-entry access to Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda. Pay by cash or credit card.

      Medical Recommendations and Immunization Information

      All trip participants should visit their doctor at least 4-6 weeks in advance of their departure date for recommendations for travel medications and immunizations. For more information on immunizations either recommended or needed for Rwanda, please visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website. 

      Please be aware that if traveling from certain countries prior to Rwanda, travelers will need to show proof of Yellow Fever immunization upon entry.

      All participants are required to show proof of being fully COVID vaccinated as part of trip registration. We recommend you carry proof of vaccination during your travels. For information on COVID-19, please see updates from the WHO Africa and the U.S. Embassy in Rwanda.

      Travel Insurance

      We recommend that participants purchase travel insurance, or ensure their regular health insurance plans cover travel-related illnesses and injuries. Insurance must cover personal injury, medical expenses, repatriation expenses, and evacuation expenses. A reminder that Medicare does not cover international medical expenses. All participants to note health insurance information as part of trip registration. 

      Even if you have health insurance which covers international travel, we strongly recommended you also obtain coverage for trip cancellation, interruption, curtailment, and personal property. Two options are Travelex and World Nomads. Consider which plan is best for you.  

      Rwanda Travel Preparation

      Rwanda Travel Basics

      • Money In Kigali, major credit cards are accepted and ATMs are widely available. It is helpful to have local currency on hand in rural areas. 
      • Currency  Rwandan Franc (RWF); $1 US = 1100 RWF (
      • Tipping For tour guides is greatly appreciated. In restaurants, up to 10% of the bill is common.
      • Weather & Climate  Rwanda's weather is remarkably consistent year-round. Days hover around 70 degrees Fahrenheit (20 Celsius) and nighttime is slightly colder. Rainy season is generally March through May. Expect slightly cooler temperatures and possible precipitation in the mountains. 
      • Elevation  Kigali is about 5,000 ft (1,500 m) above sea level; Musanze is over 7,000 ft
      • Electricity/Voltage/Plug Type  230 V / 50 Hz / plug type(s): C, J (two pins)
      • Phone. Your international cellular plan may not transfer to Rwanda, but it's easy to purchase a Rwanda SIM card. Internet access is widely available. 
      • Time Difference  Central African Time GMT +2 (+9 hours from Pacific during Daylight Savings)
      • Water Avoid drinking tap water. Boiled or bottled water is recommended for drinking (even teeth brushing). Please bring a personal water bottle for refilling throughout.
      • Population 13 million (1.25 million in Kigali)
      • Major Languages The national language is Kinyarwanda. However, many people speak English (younger generations) or French
      • Religion Over 90% of the population is Christian (Catholic, Protestant) with less than 5% Muslim (mostly in Kigali)
      • Government  Rwanda's president is His Excellency President Paul Kagame
      • Safety Rwanda is a very safe county, but always be aware of your belongings, especially when on public transportation, in markets or in crowds in larger cities
      • Transportation  Uber is NOT available in Rwanda. YEGO Rwanda is preferred ride-hailing app
      • Clothing Conservative dress is recommended (knee-length shorts & skirts). 

      Rwanda Background Info

      Rwanda Book & Movie Recommendations

      Important Trip Details

      - Group size is limited to 8 to create a community-building experience. 

      - Per Person Trip Cost for 7 days/6 nights lodging, transportation, meals and beverages, excursions and tips: $4095 (double occupancy) / $4895 (single occupancy). 

      - Health Considerations include heat, humidity and altitude. For their own safety and comfort, participants should be in good health. 

      - Pre and Post-Trip Travel Planning Services can be provided by Go Further ( Additional excursions are optional, but highly encouraged.

      - To Learn More, contact trip leader Jodi Morris.

      Please note that details within the itinerary are subject to change.

      What’s included

      • Hotels
        Five nights at Onomo Hotel Kigali and one night at the Sambora Kinigi in Musanze
      • Airport Transfer Arrival
        Transfer from Kigali International Airport to Hotel upon arrival.
      • Meals
        Breakfast, lunch and dinner each full day, with dinner-only on the first day and breakfast & lunch on the final day. Dinners include wine, beer and other beverages. Water to be provided throughout.
      • Airport Transfer Depart
        Group airport transfer to Kigali International Airport from Musanze on final day included. All other transfer arrangements NOT included.
      • Transportation
        All inter-city group transportation.
      • Entrance Fees & Tours
        Entrance fees, tours and tips included.

      What’s not included

      • International Airfare
      • Passport & Visa Fees
      • Items of Personal Nature
        Selected tour add-ons (eg, museum audio guide); costs for transport and food & beverages outside of itinerary; additional tips (hotel staff, drivers); items of personal nature (laundry, phone, etc)
      • Community Donations
        Donations collectively made in support of community visits.

      Available Packages

      Double Occupancy
      Available until August 31, 2024only 3 left

      Double occupancy is for two people and will typically include 2 beds, unless one is preferred.

      Deposit: $1,000
      Single Occupancy
      Available until August 31, 2024only 3 left

      Single occupancy is for one person and will typically include one bed. 

      Deposit: $1,000
      OPTIONAL - Gorilla Trekking
      only 3 left

      Book Separately. Indicate your interest as part of trip registration.

      Rwanda’s famous mountain gorillas are located 2.5 hours outside of Kigali. With an estimated less than 900 of them left worldwide, this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to visit. 

      Go Further ( offers gorilla trekking. If you have an interest in multiple days, combining with safari or other excursions in Rwanda or East Africa, the Go Further team can work with you to customize your perfect pre- or post-trip experience. 

      OPTIONAL - Safari & Other Excursions
      only 3 left

      Book Separately. Indicate your interest as part of trip registration. 

      Less than a 3-hour drive from Kigali, Akagera National Park is home to the "Big Five." Animals to be seen include giraffe, zebra, elephant, lion, leopard, hippo, rhino, antelopes, buffalo and hundreds of bird species. 

      Go Further ( offers safaris in Akagera.  If you have an interest in multiple days, combining with gorilla trekking or other excursions in Rwanda or East Africa, the Go Further team can work with you to customize your perfect pre- or post-trip experience. 

      Double Occupancy - Early Booking
      Available until January 31, 2024

      Double occupancy is for two people and will typically include 2 beds, unless one is preferred.

      Deposit: $1,000
      Single Occupancy - Early Booking
      Available until January 31, 2024

      Single occupancy is for one person and will typically include one bed. 

      Deposit: $1,000


      Tuesday, Sep 24 2024
      Welcome Reception & Dinner

      Welcome to Rwanda! You are met by your driver at the Kigali International Airport. As you transfer to the ONOMO Hotel Kigali, you immediately see why Kigali is the cleanest and safest city in Africa. 

      Enjoy the day at your leisure enjoying the comforts of ONOMO, a 13-year-old African hotel brand that proudly emphasizes "Africa's Finest" in their materials, decor, and food and drinks. Be lured by the main level indoor/outdoor space with an infinity pool and mountain views. Take a walk or arrange for taxi transport to explore Kigali.

      We meet on the outdoor deck at 5:00pm and depart for our opening dinner at Heaven, a gorgeous restaurant and hotel founded by Americans Josh & Alissa Ruxin. As shared in the book A Thousand Hills to Heaven, Heaven plays a major role in Rwanda's high national standards for hospitality excellence. 

      Your Organizer

      Ventures by Jodi Morris
      15 reviews
      Let’s venture beyond standard tourism. When you connect to others’ stories, you begin to think differently about your own. I’m Jodi Morris. I’m a venture guide to high-achieving seekers. My passion is connecting people and ideas so that we maximize our impact. I'm a success coach and curator of global ventures—small group travels designed for the curious and impact-minded to awaken our thinking. The people I’ve met through global travels have changed my life. I love seeing the same for others. Let's Venture!


      Rise Up Guatemala 2024 was a deeply moving and memorable experience. I was immersed in Guatemala's history and rich culture. Our expert guides shared ancient Mayan history, as well as post-modern civil history - the real and raw version. This unique trip revealed a beautiful mosaic of hardworking, humble people living in an untamed, rugged landscape. One of the many highlights also included a deep dive into the good work of the Rise Up organization which is providing life changing skills and tools for girls to advocate for their futures. It was an inspiring and uplifting experience to witness girls and young women throughout the countryside change policy with grace and gratitude. In addition to being part of a dynamic and interesting group of fellow travelers, it was also a physically challenging experience as we hiked the popular Pacaya volcano only to be rewarded with a surreal pizza making experience over an active vent. Only Jodi Morris of Venture Travel could put such an exciting itinerary together! Rise Up Guatemala 2024 was my 4th travel experience with Jodi and I look forward to my next Travel Venture! Forever enriched, Pam Silvaroli.
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      Well-organized with a thoughtful agenda. Good attention to detail. Good mix of activities/sites/experiences.
      By Victoria G for Rise Up Guatemala 2024 on Mar 23, 2024
      Jodi curated an incredible learning experience seeing Rwanda through many different lens. After a quick overview of where Rwanda has been and where Rwanda is now, Jodi brought together an amazing collection of leaders, entrepreneurs and students to paint a picture of where Rwanda is going next. Highlights: attending a community event post-umaganda to hear what's top of mind (everything from marital spats to calling on every adult to be responsible for the children of the community), meeting the future leaders of Africa as they embark on their life journeys, wandering the mountain villages and seeing children learning how to use the Microsoft suite. If you're looking for a well-rounded deep-dive into Rwanda, Jodi is the best guide!
      By Michele L for CGG Experience: Rwanda 2023 on Jun 30, 2023
      Jodi Morris has done it again and I'm not sure how she will top herself, however I have no doubt that she will. Rwanda 2023 was a life changing trip for myself and kids. We experienced things that one can only dream about. We had the opportunity to participate in Umaganda, a countrywide community service program designed to unite and strengthen the nation at a local level. We were also immersed in the fast-paced entrepreneurial sector bringing new ideas to life to overcome challenges. Additionally, we spent time at the newly constructed African Leadership University, engaging with bright minded African students determined to change the world with their amazing ideas and leadership. Because of Jodi's connections and friendships, we were invited into the thriving art scene, dined with the dynamic Minister of Infrastructure and enjoyed a delicious lunch in the home of two American expats intent on bringing their dream to life by building Virunga Mountain Spirits, a potato vodka distillery, run by women and 100% sustainable. It was a magical journey, renewing my sense of resilience and curiosity. Pam Silvaroli
      By Pam S for CGG Experience: Rwanda 2023 on Jun 29, 2023
      Traveling with Jodi and Connecting Growth Globally is a life changing experience!!! The CGG trips are not like any other group trip experience! Each trip combines history, culture, and sightseeing with meeting lots of wonderful, innovative, and bold young people who are finding new ways to move their country forward through education, activism, and business. For me, it is all about the people and it is exhilarating to see how much energy and creativity these young Guatemalans are bringing to making a better future for their country despite experiencing some pretty rough times in the not too distant past. And the people who sign up for these trips are adventurous, fun and interesting, too. I also learned a lot from them! Sign up for the next CGG trip! You won't regret it!!!
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