Corfú, Grecia

Sep 1 - 8, 2018
Group size: 4-10
Corfú, Grecia

Deposit: $600
Sep 1 - 8, 2018
Group size: 4-10

About this trip


FULL WEEK Retreat 
Sailing the GREEK ISLANDS 

Daily VINYASA yoga classes / pranayama / meditation 


special meditation sessions / techniques

Daily breakfasts & lunch ON THE BOAT / out doors / harbours / off shore 

YOGA practices on the boat / at the beach / 

Incredible beaches / routs / the best isolated beaches / clear water / caves / photography / best healthy + organic + sustainable FOOD / specialized meals from our CHEF ARTIST  

What’s included

  • Breakfast
    home made unique granola / fresh fruits / cashew nut yogurt / kombucha / kefir / juices / infusions / home made jam / ghee / home made non-chemical bread
  • Lunch
    Menu for the week will be available before coming on board - sample menu: quinoa balls on tomatoes & chickpeas bolognese, rawmesan, rustic mash potatoes, parsley leaves to decorate
  • YOGA practice
    a great yoga teachers teams - coming from all over the world! Vinyasa flows / hatha yoga / yin & restorative sessions / a team that will make your practice go deep in what you need -
  • accommodation
    sailboat accommodation / you will share your space with the group of yogis on board / incredible shared rooms / living room areas / outdoor reading & eating space / lots of room for meditation & relax
  • philosophy sessions
    main yoga teacher graduated from her MA PHILOSOPHY in the uk - St Andrews university. Specialized her research in Oriental / buddhist thought & yoga sacred texts. Philosophy sessions during the week
  • dinners
    We will offer a daily dinner menu in case you choose to stay on board for dinner / yet we choose to not include dinners so you can have the chance to go explore the local greek tavernas on land
  • flight ticket
    even though we do not include the flight ticket on the price, we do work with various travel agencies that can help you get the best options/ prices in order for you to get to Greece


sailing the Ionian Greek islands

We will explore the Ionian Greek islands on original paradise sea routs - sleeping on and off shore / under the starts during the end of high season in Greek summer nights. 

Every day will be a new destination / a new food menu / and a new and different yoga class. 

We will have intense yoga practice / serious meditation sessions / pranayama techniques . Our aim is to teach you in depth / new / exercises that can help you enjoy your retreat week as much as possible & as well as guide you through your yoga journey after you leave us to go back home. 

You can see this YOGAtrip as a week to relax / re-treat / enjoy /  but also LEARN / STUDY / GO DEEP / LISTEN / SHARE / CHALLENGE YOURSELF / 

you will be in the perfect place to give yourself space to challenge your self in your yoga practice, meditation journey, opinions and self values. You will have the chance to think philosophically / analytically on topics spoken in the Upanishads / Bhagavad Gita / Dhamapada / and other sacred yogi texts, as well as to experience the process of yoga and meditation.  

We combine HEALTH / ART / PLEASURE on each YOGAtrip round the world. 

Your whole being will RE-treat during this week - You will get health / art / pleasure on every level on this YOGAtrip: Physical level, emotional level and mental level, a result of going on a different kind of holiday. 

Who’s Going

Who’s interested

Your Organizer

Maria Varela
Maria's VINYASA ** Y O G A ** classes have lots of movement, creative flows and dynamic transitions from asana to asana, giving the yogi the chance to go deeper in his/her own practice and be prepared for lotus once the experience of meditation arrives. Maria Macarena Varela is qualified with 500 hs TTC in Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga. She studied in Scotland, got certified in Greece and Denmark and later went to India to deepen her study both in Yoga practice and meditation, as well as in her philosophical research. Since then she has taught regularly in studios, Yoga societies, gyms & in private in various countries in almost all continents and has started her own @yogastudioproject putting up successful retreats in beautiful locations. each retreat and trip will vary in staff as we search for the perfect yoga teachers team, specialised chefs and guides for our programmes