Vision Quest Retreat Tenerife

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Dec 3 - 10, 2022
Group size: 5 - 10
Vision Quest Retreat Tenerife
Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Dec 3 - 10, 2022
Group size: 5 - 10

About this trip

What is it about? 

 It is an old way to find a new perspective for your life to acquire clarity that drives you in an authentic direction. An opportunity to leave behind ballast, concepts, ideas, attachments, old hurts, to empty yourself of everything.

It is a lapsus time that you give yourself space and the chance to reconnect with the divine, nature, heaven and earth, the elements, the sun, the moon...and so on. Listening to your inner divine Self.

It is a feedback, a time in which dreams speak to you, to reconfigure your present. It is a time to breathe, to be in the tranquility of the mountain, to feel the silence, the silence of everything so that in that emptiness you can hear the visions that nutren y hablan de tu verdad. It is a healing. The internal listening of the shaman that we all carry inside.

Many beautiful things can happen that blossom within you and the openess to the great doors of happiness, bringing grace and joy to your life,  a better version of your reality.


  Days of work on focusing, awakening, in transformation, will, empowerment, training. 

Where is it ? How long does it take?


It is located In the forest Los Brezos. Finca Aiti. Araya de Candelaria. Tenerife. España. .

What is it like and how long does it take? 

-It is an ancestral retreat that takes 4 days without eating and without water in loneliness in a prepared space for you in the forest

Along the vision quester is there,  the guide- shaman Esther T. Calmabu will be in the campsite night and day running temazcals and looking after a custodian fire to pray for you during the 4 days and nights. 

What is from vision Questers required ?


People who go to the mountain in retreat in loneliness: 

1. A good health state. A medical certificate is required that proves you are well and do not suffer from any illnesses. 

2. The preparation of 365 tabaccoo prayers and the 7 direction-flags before the start of the vision quest. 

Note : You can start making the 365 tobacco bundles from the first new moon in January or the second new moon in February. However, you can start whenever you want as long as you finish them before December 3. The 7 directions flags can be done on arrival. Bring the required fabric. If you are going to travel, request the 7 wooden sticks you need for the flags of the 7 directions. You will not be able to travel by plane with them since they measure approx. 1 meter long.

3. To bring a supporter who supports in the tasks related to the vision quest. 

Colors you need to use to make the prayers:  

-For the first year East Direction: Red                   (4 days of retreat)

-For the second year South Direction : Yellow  (4 days of retreat)

-For the third year West Direction : Black             (4 days of retreat)

-For the fourth year North Direction : White        (4 days of retreat)

Also you will need the colors for the rest of the directions. Info by phone call. 

3. A conscious diet to detox your body some previous weeks. 

4.  A telephone conversation is obliged along the year as soon as you feel the calling and you want to subscribe. 

5. A supporter who comes with you and stays in the campsite to help with all tasks in the camp site during your retreat.

6. Bookings are required 2 months in advance. 

7. If you live in Tenerife, attending temazcals to relate yourself with this medicine. 

8. If you live in Tenerife, attending the meetings previous the vision quest to inform about all the details. 

What is from helpers required?


Who are the people who stay in the camp site helping with the different tasks for 4 days and who are usually brought by the vision questers is required : 

  1. To be a Custodian fire keeper.
  2. To be a Temazcal fire keeper 
  3. Singing 
  4. Helping when the vision questers are taken to the mountain at the beginning of the vision quest and when the vision questers are brought back to the campsite at the end. 
  5. Taking part in the temazcals to support with prayers. 
  6. Cleaning of spaces for vision questers
  7. Cooking during the vision quest in the camp site
  8. Cleaning during in the different areas: kitchen, bathroom, temazcal…etc. 
  9. Cleaning at the end of the vision quest: Last day

Are meals and accommodation provided?


1. Yes some meals are provided. Note: The supporters attending the vision quest for the 4 days will be in charge in turns to prepare the meals. The organization will provide the food to prepare the dishes during the retreat.  Please do not bring your food to cook independently.  Type of food: Vegan and vegetarian. 

Note:  A person is required one day before the start of the retreat to be in charge of the last meal for the vision questers and the first meal for vision questers. 


The stay will be in tents in the Finca Aiti for supporters. Take into account that there is no water in the finca to have showers, neither electricity. It will be a time in contact direct to the nature. The facilities in the finca are: a dry toilet, a small kitchen, a sitting area, a inipi - temazcal and area to set your tents. The Finca Aiti is in the middle of the Forest Los Brezos. 

Note: The organization does not provide  tents. Please bring your own tent. 



Arrival Date: 3rd December in the morning. 

Last Date:     10th or 11th December (Please read the program) 


Day 3 Dec

13.00 : Lunch for vision questers and supporters. 

18.00 : Ceremony with a medicine plant. Fruit and flower waters to restore the body. 

Day 4 Dec

10.00: Temazcal for the vision questers and supporters 

12.00: Sowing of the vision questers. Supporters will help with this task

In the afternoon: 

Beginning of the custodian fire in turns. 

Assignment of tasks : kitchen, cooking of meals, custodian fire, temazcal fire keeper, cleaning of different areas…etc. 

There will be several temazcals dedicated to the vision questers in which are open to the public especifically 2 temazcals. Also there will be 2 private temazcals exclusive for the vision questers and supporters that are the one to start the vision quest and the one when it ends. 

Day 8 Dec

  1. Harvest of the vision questers at noon. Supporters will help to bring them back. 
  2. Temazcal to receive the vision questers together the supporters. 
  3. Vegan Lunch for the vision questers and supporters

Day 9 Dec

Breakfast and integration with a private chat with each vision quester. 

Together Day : Excursion or spa day.

Day 10 Dec

Cleaning all together of the whole Finca😊

End time: 15.00 

Deadline bookings

 When should I book?

The ideal is 2 months in advance. Deadline to book: 11 October

English and Spanish spoken

How much does it cost?


Vision Questers: 390 euros. Payment is required 2 months in advanced. 

Deadline: 2 October. 

Helpers/ Supporters: 390 euros . Payment is required 2 months in advanced. 

Deadline: 2nd October

Please contact if you want to suggest another way of payment that fix you better. 

Places are limited. Ony 10 people. 

How to register

 Please register clicking on the bottom and tell us wether you want to be a vision questers or a helper.

What is the vision quest about?

What’s included

  • Vision quest retreat
  • Temazcals/Sweatlodge
  • Meals
  • Stay in tents
  • Transfer

Your Organizer

Esther was a business woman running her own company dedicated to language training . But she did not find satisfaction. A cloud of unhappiness was shrouding her and she was feeling in a constant state of unrest. That is why she decided to took the steps to train herself focusing her entire life to heal, develop and wake up her skills for then being able to help to others. This started when she was 29 years old. For more than 10 years she jumped into different paths as shamanism, Meditation, Holistic Theraphies, Philosophies, Mythologi