Vitamin Sea at Stinson Beach with Kelley

  • Stinson Beach, CA, United States
  • Oct 16 - 16, 2016
  • Trip Size: 5 - 12 people


Deposit: $25


Day trip out to the coast! Starts with a hike at Muir Beach out to Pirates Cove then over to Tennessee Valley and back to Muir Beach followed by lunch, then we drive up a little more to Stinson Beach for some walking/jogging/running on the sand with a full body workout and lastly some yoga stretch to round out the day. This is a small group personal training day. I have to limit the group size to make sure everyone gets my attention! (Basically it means you cannot slack on your form because I'll be watching you! I may bring my whip!) 

This adventure is for the weekend warrior who likes to get outside when they can to get a good sweat going. Any fitness level is welcome to participate but I do suggest that average to above average levels sign up for this one. We could do up to 13 miles total just on our feet in addition to the body weight workout we will be doing. This is a total body fitness day!

You can pack your own lunch or order one from me and I'll bring it for you. Lunch options can be seen on the BOOKING page and are from Classic Catering in Pleasant Hill. (Cost of catered lunch is not included in the trip fee.) 

I'll bring some snacks as I always do!

Be in the parking lot by 9:00 AM, it fills up fast!

What's Included

Gorgeous views, fresh air, lots of sand! Moderate to difficult workouts and this goofy-crazy-bossy trainer guiding you along with modifications if you need them. 

Kelley's amazing snacks will be featured! Which could include apple pie bars, brownie bites, peanut butter cookies, pancake peanut butter sandwiches, fruit, trail mix or oatmeal energy bites. All snacks are gluten free and totally tasty!

Not Included

Please bring your own hydration pack or water bottles, a towel or yoga mat and SUNSCREEN! 

Lunch is up to you, order from me or bring your own.

You will also be responsible for your own transportation as we will meet at the locations.

Directions to Muir Beach:

Before You Go

The hike down to Pirates Cove is dependent upon the tides that time of day so we may not make it all the way down to that beach, but we will have plenty of beach time at both Muir Beach and Stinson Beach.
Weather at the coast is always on the cooler side so layers are HIGHLY recommended. Even if there's fog, sunscreen is advised!

For whole day trips my cancellation policy is as follows, you will not get your money back if you cancel less than 48 hours before the trip. Cancel more than 48 hours before the trip and I can refund you fully or roll your fee into another trip. (Dependent upon the circumstances of your cancellation, of course.)

Bookable Until

Oct. 06, 2016

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