Volcanoes of Catalonia

Olot, Испания

Liza Korston
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Jun 3 - 10, 2018
Group size: 4 - 6
Volcanoes of Catalonia
Olot, Испания

Liza Korston
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Deposit: €220
Jun 3 - 10, 2018
Group size: 4 - 6

About this trip

Who does not know the great history of Catalonia! Who has not heard about the beauty and power of the ancient Pyrenees! In this yoga tour to Spain, we combined the centuries-old traditions of great yogis and an unquenchable desire to know the energetically powerful places of our Planet. If the ancient walls of the medieval towns and the grandeur of the eternal mountain ranges excite your blood, and the deep sleeping volcanoes encircling Catalonia together with the sharp peaks of the Pyrenees make your heart beat faster, then welcome :)

Programme includes:


Transformational Practice (Very subtle, mystical and ancient practice of the Himalayan Yogis)

Sukshma-Viyama and Pranayama in the Pyrenees, on Mount Montserrat, on the magical volcanoes of Olot

Biomechanics of the body (help of a qualified yoga therapist to your body)

Power Yoga (Tabata Protocol)

The WOWness: Mystic Mountain Montserrat + Hicking inbetween the Volcanoes + Track to one of the peaks of the Pyrenees

Bonus - daily reading of the sacred text

What’s included

  • Yoga
    Morning, evening practices of yoga and practice in the mountains and volcanoes of Catalonia
  • Housing
    Double (triple) accommodation in guest houses with all amenities
  • Food BB
    Fresh vegetarian food (continental breakfasts)
  • Drinks
    Tea, coffee, herbal preparations per group
  • Pyrenees Tracking
    Guided tracking
  • Monserrat
    Trekking to the Monastery and Mount Montserrat (entrance tickets)
  • Transportation
    The main transport tickets (bus Barcelona-Olot, Olot-Barcelona)
  • Exclusiveness
    Exclusive excursion program :)
  • Tickets
    Entrance tickets to museums
  • Dinners
    You choose your personal menu to enjoy
  • Air/Bus tickets
    Air tickets and transport between cities


3rd of June
"Barcelona - Gaudi, Picasso and Gothic"

In the morning of this wonderful day we will be in the city, starting its glorious history from the 1st century BC. We are going to the heart of Catalonia - to Barcelona! A little bit on the way and some more time for accommodation in a cozy hostel with free boundless coffe (!) And we are already heading through the hot Barcelona to the exquisitely insane creation of the great Antoni Gaudi - the Sagrada Familia cathedral: intricate turrets, frescoes, stained glass and much more patiently expects visitors from all over the world. After visiting the cathedral, we will go to explore Barcelona, ​​measuring its narrow streets with steps, we will travel to the ancient Gothic Quarter, here we can see and photo Roman buildings that have been successfully preserved till our days. After we leave the old port, guests are welcomed by a monument to the traveler and discoverer Christopher Columbus. And in the evening - a visit to the Pablo Picasso Museum, where he exhibited his world-famous masterpieces! Night walk through Barcelona, evening introductory practice and early sleep, tomorrow - a grand trip.

Your Organizer

Liza Korston
Manager of the retreat and translator to English/Chinese languages. Founder of retreat center "Sukshma Sthula Karana"