WAKING UP: Body, Connection and Creativity

Molokai, HI

Jessica Sears Steinbomer
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May 20 - 27, 2017
Group size: 3 - 18
WAKING UP: Body, Connection and Creativity
Molokai, HI

Jessica Sears Steinbomer
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Deposit: $500
May 20 - 27, 2017
Group size: 3 - 18

About this trip

The island of Molokai, Hawaii is the only undeveloped island in the Hawaiian chain. This raw and natural environment is a place to unfold, release, and renew your spirit.  I have taught twice at this retreat center (The Hui Ho'Olana) in both 2014 and 2015, and have continued to grow from the transformative and powerful space that this island holds. Here is a poetic testimonial from Stephen, who joined us in 2015:

“Last night I must’ve had a dream. I was on some tropical island far away from home. There were all of these people there, each one totally different from the other. I suspect they were all just different versions of me, split off so that in a circle, we could all discuss what it means to be alive. Whether the inside and outside were the same thing or not. I remember we laughed a lot. We enjoyed copious amounts of food, sights, and smells. It was never ending. When we slept, it was that deep, restful sleep. There wasn’t really time as we know it. It seemed more like an eternal standing wave, just balanced perfectly between past and future. I don’t know what to make of it just yet, but it certainly felt like home. Just like it did back when we were little. It’s a place I’d like to return to every night.”

-Stephen Elledge, photographer

What’s included

Daily practices throughout the week include:

Morning yoga in a sacred space to warm the body and heart.

Meditation practice periods to cultivate silence and stillness in order to listen deeply.

Walking, hiking and feeling the red earth of Molokai as it massages your bare feet.

Daily writing and journaling to help unblock creative channels.

Tasting food grown from wild Hawaiian earth that enlivens every pore as a way to practice nourishing the body richly.

Free time to sit by the pool, bike around the island or smell the ocean air as it intermingles with the rain atop a high cliffside.

Exploring the native flora and fauna to connect with our sensorial world, expanding the enjoyment of sights, sounds, and smells.

Guided practices to enjoy the 5 senses and the breath through the natural world.

Seeing more stars than you have ever seen before.

Transportation to and from the retreat center included.

Not included

Airfare not included. Extra curricular trips or excursions outside of retreat center not included. Lodging before of after the retreat not included.

Before You Go

Book your flight to Honolulu, and then a smaller flight to Molokai. I will pick you up from the airport and transport you to the retreat center. I will return you to the Molokai airport after the retreat as well. Plan to spend one night in Honolulu on either end of the retreat if you can.

Available options

Reiki sessions7 left
Massage sessions10 left
Halava valley waterfall/hike18 left


WAKING UP: Body, Connection and Creativity
7 days
We thrive through connection with others and the greater world around us. In this serene and powerful setting, we will spend 7 days restoring our inner fire so that we may use it in our lives to bring connection to our relationships, our work and our communities. Through shared study of ancient yogic systems and modern psychotherapeutic modalities, we will use movement and attention in our bodies to study our inner and outer worlds. There will be an emphasis on alignment, safety, and rehabilitation of the body, while holding a space for devotion, self inquiry and mindfulness. Journaling, meditating and working with the powerful energies of love and desire, we discover the keys to unblocking our creative expression. As we strengthen our connection with others, ourselves and the beauty of nature, we invite a new view of wholeness into our lives.

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