Walking Holiday in Palestine

Hilltoptreks Ltd
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2 reviews
Apr 30 - May 8, 2022
Group size: 1 - 20
Walking Holiday in Palestine

Hilltoptreks Ltd
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2 reviews

Apr 30 - May 8, 2022
Group size: 1 - 20

About this trip


Walking along the Path of Abraham

Cost: €1445pps, Hilltoptreks Members: €1345pps
Single Supplement €250; (very limited, not avail in Beduoin camp and family's home)
Deposit of €145 required at the time of booking.

“Discover the ancient wonders of this part of the middle east,  the birthplace of many religions and the locations from many Biblical  stories from Jericho to Bethlehem. You will be passing through thousands  of years of history that is etched in every small town to old cliff  side monasteries and monuments. Palestine is a real place of discovery  from the dead sea to the River Jordan  to vast deserts and deep mountain  Gorges.” 

Abraham’s Path travels north to south through the  West Bank of Palestine. We start our journey from the Old town of  Nablus. This was once  once a thriving market place for many travelers  passing through the middle east from the Persians to Romans and the  Ottoman. Thee are still many markets here and Turkish Baths from the  Ottoman empire.

From Neblus we make our way south through small towns, mountains,  open plains and deserts as we follow in the footsteps of Abraham towards  his final resting place in Hebron.

Along our way we visit many locations of great historical and  religious importance such as the Dead sea, the River Jordan and  Bethlehem to name a few.

Highlights: 9 Days in Palestine and Jerusalem - Fully Guided.

Path of Abraham | Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil | Nablus | Roman Sebastiya |  Auja Bedouins camp | Jabal Awrma | Duma | Ain Samia | Sleep in a  Bedouin camp | Wadi el-Qult | Jericho | Dead Sea swim | Mar Saba  Monastery | Nebi musa | Rashaydeh desert |Bethlehem | Church of the  Nativity | Banksy Hotel | 2 nights in Jerusalem and tour of old city |



Day 1:  Fly into Tel Aviv and Transfer from the airport to Nablus

Dinner and overnight at hotel in Nablus. Depending on time of arrival  there may be time to visit some of this old town and it’s famous market area.

Dinner and overnight at a Hotel in Nablus.

Day 2: Awarta to Duma

Walk Details: Distance: 15.14Km, Elevation Gain: 374m

Transfer to Awarta village and begin our walk along the Masar Ibrahim  al Khalil (Abrahams Path) at the village of Awarta, from where well  head south through Palestine’s northern highlands a cultivated  Mediterranean landscape of olive groves, wheat fields and limestone  villages. There is an interesting exploration of herbal lore and  traditional plant medicine to be done along the way. Reach to duma,  visit the burned house

Dinner and overnight with local families in Duma

Walk description: https://masaribrahim.ps/trail/nablus/3-awarta-to-duma/

Day 3: Duma to Auja

Walk Details: Distance: 11.06Km, Elevation Gain: 79m (from Kufr Malek)

We leave the village of Duma on foot and head south, walking most of  the day towards the Auja Valley which brings us out in the Jordan River  valley just north of Jericho. Here we will spend the night with the  Bedouin, whose way of life has remained unchanged for millennia but who  now find themselves forced to the very margins of society. Reach to the  Bedouin tent in Auja, The Bedouin people are very friendly and social,  they are mainly shepherds and have been in this area for hundreds of  years.

Dinner and overnight with the Bedouins in Auja

Walk description: https://masaribrahim.ps/trail/nablus/5-kafr-malek-to-al-auja/

Day 4: Auja to Jericho -    WADI EL QELT  and the Dead Sea

Walk Details: Distance: 4.56Km, Elevation Gain: 50m (from St George’s monastery)

From our camp at Auja we get a transfer to St George Monastery. The  monastery of St George sits built into the cliff face of  large gorge  and it was originally founded when the early christians were chased out  of this area by the Persians.  After our visit here we then walk toward  Jericho City, until we reach the Herod Palace. Transfer to the dead sea  to swim and then back to Jerihco

Dinner and overnight at a hotel in Jericho

Walk description: https://masaribrahim.ps/trail/jericho/1-al-auja-to-jericho/

Day 5: Nebi Musa to Mar Saba – Bethlehem

Walk Details: Distance: 6.70Km, Elevation Gain: 305m (from Kidron Valley)

Transfer to Nebi musa and we walk south from the shrine of Nebi Musa,  through the desert landscape that rises to the west of the Dead Sea.  The path brings us to the edge of the Kidron Valley or Wadi alJoz, a  deep limestone canyon, from where we can see the even more remote and  spectacular desert monastery of Mar Saba built into the cliff face on  the opposite side of the ravine. Then transfer to Bethlehem, visit the  old city of Bethlehem including the wall and Banksy Hotel *The Walled Off Hotel“.

Dinner and overnight at a hotel in Bethlehem

Day 6: Wadi Jihar to Rashaydeh

Walk Details: Distance: 13.28Km, Elevation Gain: 300m (from Wadi Jihar)

Transfer to wadi el jihar, the hike begins in the Jerusalem wilderness and descends into the spectacular Wadi Jihar, a deep limestone canyon. The hike will be from the beginning of wadi Jihar to the entrance of Rashaydeh village. There will be a choose to continue to walk extra to Beduoin Camp if you choose (+ 7Km)

Dinner and overnight with the Bedouins in Rashaydeh

Walk description: https://masaribrahim.ps/trail/bethlehem/4-tuqu-to-arab-ar-rashayida/

Day 7: Rashaydeh to Bani Naim – Hebron - Jerusalem

Walk Details: Distance: 13.31Km, Elevation Gain: 420m

We will hike from the Rashaydeh desert area to Bani Naim half the way for 13 km , a mountain area from which Abraham watch the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Jordan Valley below.  The terrain is rocky and uneven. Then transfer to Hebron and tour the old city then transfer to Jerusalem

Dinner and overnight in Jerusalem

Walk description: https://masaribrahim.ps/trail/bethlehem/1-arab-ar-rashayida-to-bani-naim/

Day 8: Jerusalem and tour of the Old city.

Tour the old city of Jerusalem in the morning and some free time to explore.

Dinner and overnight in Jerusalem

Day 9: Departure

Free time in the morning and then a

Transfer from Jerusalem to the airport

What to Bring


Here is a short list of extras you will need to bring along for this walking holiday. 

  • Hill walking Boots.
  • Walking Trousers (Not Jeans)
  • Walking Shorts
  • Sun Hat
  • Sandals
  • Sun Glasses
  • Waterproofs (Just in Case)
  • Socks Leggings
  • Thermal top / T-shirt (Not Cotton)
  • Sun Cream
  • Insect Repellent

Travel Insurance:

Travel Insurance is recommend for everyone for walking in Palestine.

What’s included

  • 8 nights Accommodation
    Hotels, Beduoin Camps and Homes
  • 8 Evening Meals
    Different Varietions of local food
  • Breakfast Each morning
    Selection of Breakfasts
  • Lunches for walks
    Mix of fresh fruit, meat and spreads
  • Local Guides
    English Speaking local guides
  • Transfers for tour
  • Flights
    See Recommended Flights
  • Travel Insurance
  • Tips for guide/Driver

Available Packages

Adult Sharing
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Deposit: €145
Single Room
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Deposit: €270
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Your Organizer

Hilltoptreks Ltd
2 reviews
Hilltoptreks have been organizing award winning walking and soft adventure tours in Ireland and abroad for the past 10 years. We like to choose the best trails and scenic locations for our walks. We also like to visit places of interest with local folklore and culture while tasting some of the local produce


We had a fantastic time, beautiful accommodation fabulous location, wonderful food and met great people. They were friendly and very helpful.
By Muriel C for Terros Epic Birthday in Portugal on 18 Jul, 2019
Wonderful place and hosts
By Ciaran L for Terros Epic Birthday in Portugal on 17 Jul, 2019