Waqrapukara Full Day Tour


Duration: 1 day
Group size: 5 - 15
Waqrapukara Full Day Tour

Duration: 1 day
Group size: 5 - 15

About this trip


Waqrapukara Full Day Tour, Our Waqrapukara Full Day Tour or Full Day Tour; will take you to one of the ancient Inca temples located in the Andes mountain range in Cusco, this fortress is built on top of one of the steepest mountains, this trekking experience will also immerse you in an area where travelers don't usually go. This great trek takes you outside of the traditional treks in Cusco.

This archaeological center is a mixture of pre-Inca and Inca construction, therefore it was built by the Qanchi ethnic group and at the time of the Incas probably built in the period of the Inca Wayna Khápaq government considered as a fortress.

Waqrapukara is a new tourist attraction whose mysteries have not yet been deciphered and that allows a magnificent view of the night sky, populated by constellations, planets and stars of enormous value in the Inca cosmovision; Fortress, sanctuary, astronomical observatory are the interpretations of this enigmatic monument of the classic Inca architecture that is located at 4, 300 meters above sea level, in the abysses of the Apurimac River canyon, south of the city of Cusco.

Discovering the majestic Inca construction of Waqrapukara or "horn-shaped fortress", located in the canyon of the mighty Apurimac River, will be an unforgettable experience, as it is a hidden treasure for travelers looking for something different and with few people. This beautiful sacred site combines incredible stonework with spectacular natural formations and small lagoons all around.

Waqra is Spanish for "horn". Pukara is equivalent to strength. The "horns" rise 4,300 meters above sea level, at the top of a huge forest-covered ravine crowning the chasms overlooking the Apurimac River canyon. The archaeological monument is surrounded by impressive platforms, plazas and a forest of stones that resemble thrones with mythological giants contemplating the Andean landscape.

What’s included

  • Pick up
  • Professional guide.
  • Breakfast.
  • Lunch.
  • First aid kit.
  • Oxygen Balloon.
  • Entrence
    Waqrapukara site (S/.10.00)
  • Drinks and snacks.
  • Tips.
  • Horse.
  • Travel insurance.


Waqrapukara Full Day
Waqrapukara Full Day Tour


Very early, at about 05:30 am. with your pick up at the Hotel, and we will take you in our vehicle to our Private Lodge at 07:30 hrs, where we will enjoy a nutritious breakfast and then start our tour to the south east until we reach the town of Acomayo. Immediately after we will continue our journey to the point where we will start walking for approximately 3 hours at an altitude of 12 000 feet passing through the Cusquenian grasslands to our final destination: The ancient Inca fortress of Waqrapukara. After a short rest we will have enough time to visit and learn more about this mystical and religious archaeological site. After a comforting lunch, we start our descent, the transportation will be waiting for us to finally to go to Cusco city arriving at 19:00 hrs. Travelers who make the trip to Waqrapukara should be in good physical condition and with good acclimatization to the altitude.

Your Organizer

Illa Kuntur Travel S.A.C
En Illa Kuntur Travel Somos una agencia de viajes que opera actividades turísticas en Cusco, pero más que eso somos una familia comprometida con dar a conocer la identidad cultural de nuestro país; y estamos seguros que si viajas a nuestro país es para desconectarte de la rutina diaria y vivir una experiencia edificante; buscamos que nuestros viajeros hagan un contacto real con nuestra cultura, la ecología y la gente local.

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