Warrior Goddess Retreat

Karangasem, Reggenza di Karangasem, Bali, Indonesia

sattvawarrior yogaretreats
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Jun 10 - 16, 2019
Group size: 9 - 13
Warrior Goddess Retreat
Karangasem, Reggenza di Karangasem, Bali, Indonesia

sattvawarrior yogaretreats
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Deposit: $500
Jun 10 - 16, 2019
Group size: 9 - 13

About this trip

This retreat has been especially created for women who are ready to expand and evolve,  who are willing to fearlessly step into their divine power to create and manifest the life of their dreams. We will gather in conscious community with your sisters  activating and celebrating the divine feminine, otherwise known as SHAKTI - our power to create.

We will guide you into a transformative journey in the sacred land of Bali and her lush landscape and beaches. You will learn the practice of Sattva Yoga entailing specific ancient techniques from the yogic tradition, tantric rituals and ceremonies to honor Mother Nature and her incredible abundance.  This retreat will take place during the June solstice, providing us with an extra potent time to come together in conscious community to heal, connect, and transform!

What's included

* 7 days and 6 nights accommodation 

* Daily movement & meditation practices including: Sattva Yoga for all Levels -  Kundalini Kriyas, Vinyasa, Pranayama, Mantra & Chanting, Pilates, Ecstatic Dance & Freedom Movement

* Sacred Ceremonies & Rituals based in the Vedic and Tantric tradition. Daily Puja,  Fire ceremony, Water Purification Ceremony with Balinese Priest, Massage Workshop

* Snorkeling & Waterfall hike Excursions

* All inclusive vegan & vegetarian meals

* Relaxation & Leisure including plenty of time for: Hammock naps,  Pool, Beach 

* One Private Goddess Coaching session for each participant

Taxi to and from resort 

Your Guides: Ela Mare & Devi Elena Rose

Ela Mare - Yogamare Retreats 

Ela Mare is a warrior mermaid, she grew up by, above and under the sea.

She lived in Italy till the age of 19, when she took up a journey that brought her to travel the world sharing her gifts mainly as yoga teacher/dancer/human rights defender/environmental activist.

Devoted to Mother Ocean, she created Yogamare Retreats to elevate people's consciousness and spiritual connection with Nature and awaken their own potential to live a life of fullness. 

She aims at supporting human evolution and celebration through a diverse spectrum of spiritual yogic techniques coming from the Tantric and Vedantic Tradition and from her personal experiences living in different parts of the world. 

In between retreats around the globe she teaches at the Sattva Yoga Academy in Rishikesh India, during the international Teacher Trainings.

Her yoga classes are a JOURNEY through the different dimensions of self, where practitioners are called to explore, connect and awaken their divine nature and transcend all limitations of the mind. 

Through the holistic approach of Sattva Yoga, she will guide you into sacred practices (a wide range of kris, pranayamas, meditations, asanas and bodywork, etc) aiming at expanding and mastering your energy, deepen your connection to the divine within and without and ultimately become your own healer and experience the abundance of existence. 

A passionate advocate of eco-sustainable solutions for a greener life, part of her dharma is spreading awareness and promoting a life of deeper connection and respect for Mother Nature.

Devi Elena Rose - Peace of Mind Wellness Retreats

Elena became interested in the healing arts at a young age, becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist when she was 19 years old. In 2009 Elena founded Peace of Mind Wellness Sanctuary in Denver, Colorado. When the business grew to allow Elena to step away and contribute remotely she began traveling turning her attention on her own self healing. This eventually led her to Sattva Yoga in India. After completing her 200 Sattva Yoga Teacher Training Elena went on to teach in the United States, Australia, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, and India. She has continued to return to India for further training and now has completed 500 hours at Sattva Yoga Academy, giving her a plethora of techniques share. 

As a child Elena was drawn to the arts and throughout her life has used the mediums of drawing, painting, writing, and acting as forms of self expression. Elena infuses her teaching with her passionate, creative and intense nature. She encourages and inspires her students to let go of stagnate energy, release inhibitions, and to express themselves freely and fully.

Elena uses Sattva Yoga as a tool for self discovery and self mastery. Her personal mission is to be a fearless creator, unite spirit and body, and to be of service to others.

Elena is based in Colorado when she isn't traveling and teaching abroad. She teaches regularly at her wellness center and in other venues bringing the teachings to the United States where arguably its needed most. For Elena, becoming a Yoga Teacher has arisen out of devotion to the practice that have proven life changing for her and for many other people touched by this radical wisdom. 

Together Ela and Elena make a dynamic team, their individual power multiplied by coming together for their shared retreat venture Sattva Yoga Warrior Retreats!

Location: Amed Beach

Amed Beach is located 3 hours from the airport. We can arrange a driver to pick you up and take you directly to Amed or you can choose another beautiful place in Bali to explore before your retreat begins. We can offer you advice on great places to explore all around Bali!

Amed is the home of our Goddess Warrior Retreat and it offers the most dramatic sunrises not-to-be-missed as your outrigger sails out for the morning catch on the glistening waves. The island’s eastern shoreline boasts an underwater playground, and Amed Beach is among the favorite between two main sites (the other being Tulamben, 25km to the north). During our retreat we will explore the famous underwater shipwreck on a snorkeling excursion. Amed Beach in Bali was once best known for its traditional salt farming and at our resort you'll get to taste the infamously delicious salt in your all inclusive vegan and vegetarian meals. Soon after its beautiful underwater trove was unveiled, with an historical shipwreck adding to its natural features, Amed Beach became known as a hidden gem for divers and explorers. 

Location: Balila Beach Eco Resort

Immersed in nature, this peaceful eco-chic retreat rests above a crescent beach of volcanic black sand fringing the Bali Sea, secure in the protection of Bali’s most sacred mountain, Gunung Agung. It’s an inspiring place for a retreat, a hideaway, a holiday – for yoginis, writers, artists, divers, foodies, gardeners, nature lovers, eco-champions. You’ll find beautiful accommodation for up to 17 guests in a dozen bedrooms: five spacious doubles, and seven Chakra singles, all sensitively designed for restful sleep lulled by the sound of surf on the black-sand beach below. You’ll also find places to kick back and unwind, a taste bud-tickling restaurant, a yoga shala, and a large infinity pool and sundeck with the most breath-taking ocean and mountain vista. We invite you to yield to a slower, gentler rhythm far from the madding crowd, immersed in natural surroundings unchanged over generations. 


As custodians of this sacred land, we are passionate about living lightly and respectfully, with a low-impact presence within this extraordinary landscape. This land is our inspiration; living in an environmentally friendly way inspires everything we do – from the building materials we used to the food we grow and serve. Our protective eco-philosophy helps create a very special experience that nurtures and enriches all who chose to stay here. We’re as green as we can get, so you can leave with a clean conscience!

These are some of the measures we take to reduce to a minimum our impact on the environment:

Our buildings follow the natural lay of the land, and are influenced by traditional Balinese design principles

  • We used only local Neem wood or reclaimed hard wood for the posts and roof structures
  • Our floors use locally handmade cement and terracotta tiles, locally sourced marble and reclaimed ship wood planks
  • Our walls are made from local volcanic stone laid on mud bricks and mud plaster
  • 90% of our doors and windows are reclaimed from old buildings in the area
  • Our furniture is hand-crafted from repurposed wood and other up-cycled materials
  • Our buildings enjoy natural cooling, with good ventilation, thick walls and ceiling fans
  • Our bathrooms feature rain showers and water-saving toilets
  • All lamps are either solar-charged, or fitted with energy-saving LED bulbs


  • We use only natural cleaning products for cleaning, and soap nuts for laundry (which is dried with natural sunlight)
  • We place natural and locally produced soaps and shampoos in the rooms
  • We change and wash towels and sheets only when requested, and encourage the reuse of pool towels for a few days
  • We provide filtered drinking water in recycled glass bottles in each room, refillable in the restaurant
  • The bathrooms are a semi-open so the sun and breeze dry towels naturally and prevent mould.
  • All the flowers in our rooms and restaurant are from our garden
  • We provide mechanically powered flash lights in the rooms for our guests
  • We provide no-energy bamboo speakers for cell phones in the rooms
  • We focus on local Balinese cooking
  • We use only local produced coconut oil or a small amount of virgin olive oil – NEVER palm oil.
  • All our used cooking oil is reused to light oil lamps in the restaurant
  • No MSG or other processed food is used
  • The herbs come from our organic garden, and we buy vegetables from the local market or surrounding farms as and when needed
  • Fish is supplied fresh-from-the-sea by local fishermen
  • Sea salt is supplied by our villagers
  • Locally grown palm sugar is the only sweetener we use
  • We buy as much as we can from our farming neighbours to support their hard work – e.g. corn and peanuts
  • We use only organic Balinese white rice mixed with red rice
  • We use very limited imported food
  • We have a ‘No Meat’ policy because we want to serve only fresh food, and avoid supporting the intensive farming of mass produced animals
  • No straws are used for drinks – only papaya leaf stem if people request a straw
  • Our plates are hand-crafted from wood, and glasses are made from recycled bottles
  • We filter our well water for drinking water in the restaurant and roomsWe created our garden guided by permaculture principles
  • We mulch the garden to protect the soil and to minimize watering
  • We use our own home-made Neem pesticides to control garden pests
  • We grow many fruit and vegetables, all our herbs and spices, and ceremonial flowers used in daily offerings
  • We collect and dry scented flower buds to make our own fragrant oil
  • We dry the herbs and make many products out of them. eg.herbal sea salt, herbal teas, medicine capsules
  • We collect the seeds and either plant them again or give them as gifts
  • We have many medicinal plants cultivated in our garden and make our own medicine
  • We compost our kitchen scraps
  • The grey water from the kitchen and showers supports our garden via an intelligent pipe system
  • The black water from the toilets is filtered with a waste water system designed by IDEP (www.idepfoundation.org) and goes into small ponds that attracts frogs and dragon flies
  • We planted already many eatable trees and will continue

Water Management

  • Our four rainwater collection tanks have the capacity to store 60sqm
  • All the grey water goes directly in the garden
  • All the black water from the toilets are filtered with waste water garden systems designed by IDEP (www.idepfoundation.org) We have installed water-saving toilets and rain showers to reduce water consumption
  • The garden is designed to require minimum watering during dry season by mulching the plants and using mostly the grey water.
  • Our pool has a big volcanic gravel and plant filter as a pre-filter before the water goes to the sand filter system, and one of our pool water inlets goes through a vortex generator. Both systems are designed to use less chemicals for the pool
  • To save water, we have only showers with rain water heads – no bathtubs

Other Principles

  • We organise regularly beach clean ups with our guest and the local community to remove plastic and rubbish washed ashore
  • We provide much needed employment and training for our local village –those without jobs or education
  • Our non-recyclable or non-composted waste goes to a waste management facility in Amlapura
  • We actively support and participate in the local community’s ceremonies
  • We have library for information on sustainable practises
  • We share our knowledge on sustainability with the villagers
  • We support our local community by buying their produce or offering their skills to our guests
  • Our big goal is to make the whole area clean and green!

What’s included

  • accomodation & meals
    vegan and vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Daily Classes
    Sattva Yoga, pilates, meditation, ecstatic dance
  • Excursions
    snorkeling, waterfall hike
  • Workshops
  • Life Coaching
  • flights in and out
    not included
  • health/travel insurance
    Participants will have to purchase their own insurance
  • optional treatments
    There will be available many healing treatments which the participants will have the option to purchase separately
  • Taxi
    To and from resort

Available Packages

Chakra Single Room
7 left
Deposit: $500
Ocean View Double Rooms
4 left

There are 4 double rooms: Lily & Lotus, Ocean & Jungle. All have beautiful views of the ocean. 

Both Lily and Lotus rooms command spectacular ocean views and share a super-sized veranda overlooking the black-sand beach below – completely private, so perfect for those seeking extra privacy. Named after the beautiful sacred geometry mural above the bed, created by artist Sasha Tovstik, these two rooms are circular for optimum energy flow, and cooled naturally by thick walls open at the top for good air circulation. The sea-facing beds, set on a platform under a spacious mosquito net, can be set up as a super-king (180cm x 200cm) or as twin singles. To encourage deep sleep undisturbed from electric fields, there are no plugs directly by the bed, and only solar reading lamps. Each room has a semi-open bathroom with double basins, rain-shower and an array of organic soaps, shower gel and shampoo. Lotus’s includes a tropical garden while the Lily’s ensuite features stunning ocean views.

Sharing the same pavilion roof, both Ocean and Jungle rooms open onto a spacious terrace overlooking the ocean and resort garden –enjoy the sunrise from the comfort of your bed! Also named after the beautiful murals painted above the bed, they are cooled naturally by thick stone and mud plaster walls that are curved at the corners for smooth energy flow and open at the top for air circulation. The sea-facing beds, set on a platform under a spacious mosquito net, can be set up as a super-king (180cm x 200cm) or as twin singles. To encourage deep sleep undisturbed from electric fields, there are no plugs directly by the bed, and only solar reading lamps.

Both rooms have semi-open bathrooms with small gardens, double stone basins and a rain shower embedded in the rock wall – plus a plentiful supply of organic soaps, shower gel and shampoos.

Deposit: $500
Deposit: $500

Chakra Single Room


Warrior Goddess retreat
How one day would look like..

Every day is different at the Warrior Goddess Retreat

What never changes is the morning routine:

7 - 7.20 Puja, ancient tantric ritual of offerings

7 - 8  SATTVA meditation

8  - 8.30  tea and coffee break 

8,30 - 10.15 SATTVA YOGA Journey 

10.15 - 11.15 Breakfast 

11.15 - 14 Free time (hammock naps, beach walks, swims etc)

14 - 15  light lunch 

15 - 18 snorkeling excursion/waterfall hike excursion/massage workshop/ mantra workshop  

18.30 - 19.30 integration or restorative yoga class/pilates

 19.30 dinner and free time/ecstatic dance on the beach 

Your Organizer

sattvawarrior yogaretreats
🔱International Sattva Yoga Retreats for Warriors of Light to connect, explore, and transform. 🔱Your guides are Cosmic sisters and Sattva Yoga Teachers Devi Elena Rose & Ela Mare 🔱We are committed to the path of evolution, fearless love and fearless living!