Wellness Weekends by Why Knot Escapes

Tresaith, Cardigan SA43 2JH, UK

Katrina Madrilejo
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Apr 2 - 5, 2020
Group size: 6 - 12
Wellness Weekends by Why Knot Escapes
Tresaith, Cardigan SA43 2JH, UK

Katrina Madrilejo
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Apr 2 - 5, 2020
Group size: 6 - 12

About this trip

 When Flowers start to bloom and Mother Nature shines brightly…  Transcending Yoga is a creative yoga practice developed based on my love of and experience in movement. It infuses dance, fitness, and yoga! Perfect if you want to have fun, play with your movement, and go beyond your normal Yoga practice. This is for everybody! The class is mat-free. No mats and props needed, just the freedom of floor space. Release restriction in mind and body and create openness and space!  

Mindfulness Macrame:

 Meditative and Creative! Will create a Macrame hand-made key ring to take home and remember our time together. All materials are provided. A soothing & intentional workshop  

About Why Knot

Why Knot is a concept that promotes all of my various passions on one concise platform.

Throughout my life, I have always been driven to follow my wandering curiosity, and from this, I have gradually added to a growing portfolio. My website displays all of these that are close to my heart. They are all of great benefit to us as humans, and this is my way to share these passions with you.

It could be that in the upcoming weeks/months/years these pages will expand in tandem with curiosity as I continue to grow, learn, and walk the journey of my own path.

I offer private classes and hand-made, personalised products that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. I believe in giving and creating classes that focus on the mind, body and soul: carefully crafted with you in mind. I encourage you to pursue something that touches your soul and enriches your life. Here is to hoping that you find something here that peaks your own curiosity.

Share the love and happiness, Why Knot do something for yourself? 


Yogini Katrina Madrilejo 


What’s included

  • Meals
    All 3 vegetarian meals, snacks, and juices on full days (plus dinner on the day of arrival & breakfast and lunch on the day of departure)
  • Accommodation
    3 nights in a 5* accommodation
  • Yoga & Meditation
    2 x Yoga classes daily & meditations
  • Nature Walks
    Guided Meditation Walks
  • Macrame Meditation
    2 x Workshops Macrame Meditation & Transcending Yoga movement
  • Mats & Props
  • Good Times
    Friendships, laughter and precious memories!
  • Travel
    Travel to the venue (we will happily assist you with flights or transport options!)

Available options



Day 1
Get Cosy & Ease into Your Wellness Weekend

5 pm Arrive to your Yoga home for the long weekend. Settle into rooms make yourself at home & comfortable… 

6 pm Opening circle and stretch 

7 pm Dinner to nourish the body 

Your Organizer

Katrina Madrilejo
I fell in love with Yoga when I started attending classes to support my mental and physical wellbeing during my professional dance training. I aspired to be like my teacher. The manner in which she delivered her classes: calmly, clearly, and with no judgements, left an everlasting impression. It was an hour of my time which I always looked forward to, where I could solely focus on myself. Join me through Why Knot Retreats to rediscover your worth and happiness as I pass on the same magic to every single one of you. :)