Marrakesh, Morocco

Jes Allen
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14 reviews
Mar 19 - 26, 2022
Group size: 1 - 16
Marrakesh, Morocco

Jes Allen
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14 reviews

Mar 19 - 26, 2022
Group size: 1 - 16

About this trip

“Spend the week at zero miles per hour.”-Tigimi Marrakesh

Born out of deep reverence for the divine and infinite passion toward waking the self to the center of its source, "Wellspring" awaits. Alex and Jes intend to embody and share the practices that allow them to simply rest in deep and trusting presence. Held at the foothills of the Atlas Mountains we embark upon this pilgrimage to return to the great stillness within our own being. Gathered within the communal wellspring, held by practices that invite transparency we awaken a collective homecoming from which we quench the thirst of the soul.

This is a retreat in the true sense of the word. One that will restore your system, awaken you to your ever present center and reconnect you to a sense of ease and trust in life!

Join us.


  • You wish to become more at ease with yourself in silence and cultivate comfort in non-doing.
  • You are seeking a healing space to restore your nervous system and connect with your own nature.
  • You are seeking a community of like-minded and like-hearted souls to commune in practice with.
  • You are feeling curious to have new experiences that awaken new awareness within your consciousness.


  • You are seeking a retreat to tune out or escape the world.
  • You’re not interested in deepening your practice and relationship with your own soul.
  • You are seeking a lot of movement as this retreat will be primarily yin in nature.
  • If you are concerned about Covid as we will not be masked or requiring vaccination to attend the retreat. (For everyones safety PCR or rapid tests will be required for all participants within 72 hours before arrival)


Mandatory COVID-19 test Morocco / USA

Travelers must have an original printed or electronic negative COVID-19 viral test result (NAAT: RT-PCR, RT-LAMP, TMA, NEAR, HDA, or Antigen: Rapid). The test must be performed no more than 3 days before the first scheduled departure time in the flight itinerary. Test results must include the traveler's full name and at least one other identifier such as date of birth or passport number. The test must also clearly state that the results are "negative," SARS-CoV-2 RNA not detected," SARS-CoV-2 antigen not detected," or "COVID-19 note detected." A test marked "invalid" is not acceptable. This requirement applies to all travelers, including US citizens, residents, and transit travelers, as well as travelers who have been vaccinated.

What’s included

  • 7 nights of lodging
  • 3 daily practices
  • 3 daily meals
  • 1 hammam treatment
  • 1 massage treatment
  • Flights
  • Excursion
    We will plan a couple of optional day trips.

Available Packages

Shared Room
Deposit: $550
Single Room
5 left
Deposit: $700


A Day At A Glance
More detailed schedule to come!

Morning Meditation



Embodiment Practice: Asana, yin and restorative yoga


Tea Ceremony

Relax & Spa or Adventure


Evening Practice: Mantra, song, restorative or nidra

Your Organizer

Jes Allen
14 reviews
I live in reverence for deepening awareness of source, expanding consciousness and uniting healing hearts. My retreats are designed to be transformational experiences and ask that you enter with this heightened awareness. Come open to receive all that you are meant to, surrender your ideas of what anything is supposed to look like and be willing to let the path unveil itself through vulnerability, tenderness, beauty and joy. Embracing the full spectrum of life allows us to more deeply understand our wholeness.


Thank you Jess, Ky, and Sun for such a transformational and memorable experience! This journey with you has expanded my heart, inspired my soul, and revived my being to help me feel more like myself. More than ever, we need these extraordinary experiences to help us reconnect with the joy of life, the magic of travel, purity of nature, likeminded community, and wholesome nutrition. Every day offered a beautiful opportunity to move our bodies, purify our minds, and heal from within though many practices Jess, Ky, and Sun offered. I truly feel like the best version of myself after this retreat, and I cannot wait to sign up for the next one!
By Alessia E for REVIVE on 01 Oct, 2021
You are such a LIGHT Alessia! Thank you for bringing so much joy to the space we shared! Cannot wait to have you on more adventures!!!
By Jes Allen on 01 Oct, 2021
This retreat was amazing, the place, the food and the people, everything was absolutely perfect. The every day practice was exactly what my body Ans spirit needed. As usual the divine timing bring every growth and lesson the soul is ready to receive and I have been receiving there. Thank you so much for holding us all into this magical moment in time. Xxx much love xxx Roxane
By Roxane D for REVIVE on 17 Sep, 2021
Such a deep pleasure to have you Roxanne. An incredible full circle moment and also a portal to so much more! Love right back to you always.
By Jes Allen on 17 Sep, 2021
It was a beautiful and perfect week Everything was easy and relaxing. Jes you are such a light. I am so grateful!
By Jennifer S for REVIVE on 15 Sep, 2021
I am equally grateful Jenny! Loved having you. Your presence is a gift. Thank you.
By Jes Allen on 15 Sep, 2021
A blissful week of sun, sand, movement, deep nourishment, connection and joy! The yoga classes were somehow always exactly what my body was asking for, Jes is so masterful and intuiting what type of movement the group needs. The meditation and yoga nidra took me deep within, while chanting, singing and connecting with the amazing group energized me. The location was absolute paradise, and don’t even get me started on the food, I already miss it too much to talk about it! This was my second transformative Jes Allen retreat, and definitely not my last
By britta p for REVIVE on 11 Sep, 2021
Thank you so much Britta! I am so grateful for your presence and your full body participation. It’s been an honor to grow with you. Here’s to much more!
By Jes Allen on 15 Sep, 2021
This was an absolutely fantastic retreat. Jes is fully embodied in her work, and I can't think of anyone I'd trust more to lead a something like this. As a not super advanced yogi, the classes were challenging, but led in a way where I felt super comfortable and not pushed too hard. The daytime activities that Jes organized, including a trip to a beach where we covered ourselves in mud for a natural skin treatment, a walk through an ancient village nearby, and a day long boat trip, were all perfectly timed and gave me the opportunity to connect with everyone else on the retreat. Speaking of which, the group that Jes naturally brought together for this trip could not have been better. Everyone was absolutely lovely and I feel like I made some new close friends. The co-facilitators that Jes brought along, Ky and Sun, had just wonderful offerings. Ky really challenged us to use our voices in a way that was scary at first, but culminated in a ceremony of pure joy for everyone in the room. Sun's meditation workshop really helped me as I work towards developing my own practice. Really well done, and you could tell that Jes was able to focus more on her own offerings by leaning into their support when it was needed. Okre Blue was the perfect location. The staff was lovely, the accommodations extremely comfortable, the food was nourishing and delicious and the beautiful beach front location can't be beat. The space held us in a way that was super ideal for the revitalizing work we were there to do. Jes carefully picks the locations of her retreats, and it really came through how and why the Greek islands and this specific location are so special to her. Greece is truly a gift that she loves to share. This was my first time on a retreat like this and it far, far exceeded my expectations. I would recommend a retreat with Jes to anyone, regardless of where you are at in your practices. Feel truly blessed to have done this life changing work under her guidance.
By Bryan K for REVIVE on 08 Sep, 2021
Thank you so much Bryan! It was such an amazing gift to have you there. Amazing to go deeper and deeper and deeper together!
By Jes Allen on 08 Sep, 2021
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