What are the top van-based franchises in the UK?

London, UK

Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999
What are the top van-based franchises in the UK?
London, UK

Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999

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 If you're thinking about becoming a franchisee, then van-based franchises UK-wide can be a good place to start. There are a number of benefits to choosing a van-based franchise over others that require you to operate from fixed premises. There are many different franchises available, covering a variety of industries and services, so you'll likely find one that's right for you. If you're considering becoming a franchisee, a van-based business can be a good introduction to the world of franchises. This article will discuss the best options available to you in the UK right now for van-based franchises and the reasons why choosing a van-based franchise could be a great choice.

Benefits of van-based franchises in UK

 Becoming a franchisee requires a substantial investment if you are looking to open retail premises, a restaurant, or another popular franchise that often operates on a fairly large level. A van-based franchise, however, can cut out a lot of the costs that you'd normally incur as a franchisee. For a start, you'll save money on operation costs such as rent and utility bills and you also won't have to worry about staffing. A van-based business is great for anyone that wants to work alone and for themselves without worrying about the usual costs and responsibilities that are required when starting a new business from scratch. 

Van-based franchise opportunities

A van also allows you to try out different locations, so if one isn't working for you, then you can move on to the next. This is one benefit that doesn't come with fixed premises - if your business isn't doing well in the location it's in, then it isn't that simple to relocate somewhere else. With a van-based franchise, you'll be able to scope out the right area for you and find exactly what works best. The other great thing about a van-based business is that you'll have everything you require to operate as a business in your van whenever you need it. There are many different options available depending on your area of expertise or interest, you don't have to have any prior experience for most franchises, just a keen interest and a passion for operating a business.

Types of van-based franchise


As we are ordering more and more online as a nation, demand for delivery drivers is increasing substantially. With so many different companies offering courier services to customers, there are countless numbers of van franchises for those interested in working in the delivery industry. You'll find several courier franchises UK based. If you like driving around a lot and think you can deliver goods quickly and efficiently, this could be the franchise area for you.


If you want to work from a van but don't actually want to drive around that much, catering can be a good choice. There is a lot of money to be made in selling hot food and drinks to the general public, especially if you are representing an already well-known brand. Whether you want to serve food or drink, you'll likely find a franchise that offers what you're looking for. The best part of this kind of franchise is that it comes with opportunities to make extra money when targeting customers at events such as football matches and concerts.


As we are becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues and our "throwaway" culture, more of us are looking at repairing our broken goods instead of replacing them. This means there are opportunities to provide repair services to customers that would rather repair than replace, from computer and mobile phone repairs to automobile or broken items around the home and garden. Although this franchise opportunity does require certain skills, these can be easily learned with training provided by the franchise. ChipsAway are an example of a company in this industry, offering windscreen repairs.


Most people want a clean home, and some people are willing to pay for it. Cleaning franchise opportunities are available all around the UK and can range from general household cleaning to commercial and specialist services such as oven cleaning or services based around commercial equipment. For example, Oven Wizards offer franchise opportunities to those that want to specialise in oven cleaning services. Window cleaning is also a popular choice for many franchisees as it can yield healthy profits. If you're a fan of cars, why not consider a car cleaning franchise?

Garden services

If you love spending time working on your garden, you may be able to make a career out of improving someone else's. Franchises are available that cover a variety of different gardening services from artificial lawn installation with companies like Trulawn, to property and garden maintenance. This includes grass cutting services, and also plant feeding.

Home hardware

If you're great at selling, there are many opportunities in the field of home hardware. Selling windows, doors or fitted kitchens and shutters can be a great business opportunity, particularly if you are representing a well-established brand such as Home Shutters.

Need advice about which franchise opportunities are right for you? Try Franchise UK. You'll also find information on companies offering home-based franchise UK based businesses, and get the latest information on a new franchise for sale that may interest you. There are always new franchises UK based being added, so you're sure to find something that suits your preferences.

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