What pharaohs were in Luxor& Aswan Egypt?

Kevin Martin
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Dec 2, 2023 - Nov 2, 2024
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What pharaohs were in Luxor& Aswan Egypt?

Kevin Martin
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Dec 2, 2023 - Nov 2, 2024
Group size: 1 - 25

About this trip

King Ramesses II is considered one of the most famous kings who ruled southern Egypt. The city of Thebes (now Luxor) was the Pharaonic capital of ancient Egypt, which contained the Karnak Temple, in addition to a group of famous pharaoh kings, namelyand can visit by Luxor Tour from Soma bay Egypt.

1. King Amenemhat III

2. King Tutankhamun

3. King Ramses III

4. King Akhenaton

5. King Thutmose III

6. king Merneptah

7. King Ramses VI

8. King Kamose

9. King Amenemhat I

10. King Ramses II

11. King Senusret III

12. King Amenmesse

13. King Ramses V

14. King Thutmose IV

15. King Yuya

16. King Horemheb

17. King Thutmose I

18. King Ramesses VII

19. King Ramesses IX

20. King Seti II

New discoveries in Egypt April 23, 2019: 

The mission of the Ministry of Antiquities and the University of Milan, Italy, discovered a rock tomb dating back to the Greco-Roman period in the Aga Khan cemetery in western Aswan.

May 4, 2019: The mission of the Ministry of Antiquities revealed a cemetery dating back to the era of the ancient state in the south-eastern region of the pyramids of Giza.

May 13, 2019: The mission of the Ministry of Antiquities in Tal al-Kidwa - North Sinai revealed the remains of military towers of brick and brick dating back to the age of the twenty-sixth.

May 28, 2019: The excavation school organized by the ministry in the area of ​​Tona mountain revealed the remains of a residential complex of the Ptolemaic era.

June 10, 2019: The mission of the Ministry of Antiquities in the two wells in the province of the lake of the remains of a military fortress and a residential building of the era of Ramses II.

New discoveries in Egypt June 28, 2019: 

The mission of the Ministry of Antiquities revealed a rocky cemetery in Rabwat area south of the Pyramid of Lahoun in Fayoum.

These new discoveries shall add more to our collection of antiquities, but never to add more to the ancient Egyptians civilization ..because it has got the top already..

To get more about the glory of Egypt and its civilization, just book with us to join a professional tour guide to get the history as easy as a cold drink. 

Why I Should Go to Egyptto visit best Tourist PlacesAttractions

Actually, there are many reasons can make it a must to come to Egypt 

1. Egypt one of the earliest mankind living area in peaceful life looking for their food and water which developed to be villages and town then a great civilization 

2. Egypt has taught the world how to become farmers and grow plants, how to build a dam to save water 

3. Has taught the world how to build a temple or a pyramid can stay for thousands of years.

4. has taught the world that there is a god has created the people and the universe.

5. has created the arts and painting from natural colors and mixtures of others sources. 

6. writing and reading was known in Egypt since 5 thousand of years.

7. Egypt has known the first organized army with wings and heart with modern weapons compared with her neighbors 

8. It has known the war plans and became the first ancient empire by the 18th dynasty about 1500 b.c.

9. Egypt got a very unique location in the middle of the ancient world (Asia- Europe-Africa).

Why I Should Go to Egypt:

it has been the main stop station for most of the world leaders and their armies, it is the door to African from Asia and the opposite way from Asia to Africa. 

The landscape of Egypt has everything Seas in north and east Deserts in west and east with huge mountains.

Valley of the Nile around the greatest river.

Soft white sands for safari and healing around the Sahara Desert 

climate is fascinating during winter could be warmer than all of Europe 

Hot by summer but on beaches is wonderful 

Egypt got the blessing of the God when the holy family visited it 2000 years ago by Jesus, virgin Mary and Joseph the carpenter.

It got its blessing as well when it was mentioned in the holy bible and the holy Koran. 

Why I Should Go to Egypt, Egypt has a lot to talk about of sightseen and ancient temples and tombs plus beaches and the weather but the friendly of the people and their warm welcoming is still unique could be the best in the world. 

You may come and see all of that, we always offer cheap prices to encourage people to come to Egypt to know more about History of Ancient Egypt. go ahead and get the chance to have your dreaming tour in Egypt.

high Dam in Aswan city 

best tourist place you love when visiting important project was achieved in Egypt and more.

it locates in the city of Aswan it is considered the most important project was achieved in Egypt in the 20th century it was built between 1960 and 1971 during the time of President Nasser. 

The Dam has got behind it the biggest lake in Egypt which is known by nasser lake OR the high Dam Lake it is the biggest one in Egypt and the second one in Africa after Victoria Lake

the reasons of building the high Dam actually are Many ,one of them that Egypt was in need to save the water of the Flood in a bigger area second it was in need to have a big station for electricity and and to save the village and Islands from being sunk under the water of the flood when it comes very high these reasons were sure are enough to give them a reason to build it but building the high Dam was not an easy Step. 

Egypt needed for support from many different countries but actually the Russian people were the first one who supported Egypt for building it for more than 10 years they were giving all what we need the cost of the dam was roughly about 120 million usa collars ,a lot of machines and more than 30000 workers and a lot of Technique and engineering the main engineers were Russian together with the Egyptian people

It keeps behind it a 6000 sq.m lake which enabled the Egyptians to have more than one harvest a year. 

Many new factories were built later depended on the power created out of the electricity station in its massive body which was built in it this dam takes the shape of a Pyramid and this pyramid shaped Dam is considered the gretest in Africa even they say that this dam is equal to 17 times like the volume of the great Giza pyramid ,with a length of 3.5 k.m

A huge amount of rocks and sands were dropped in it to be solid, just one water exit through the turbines station 

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