Why Change? | Free Workshop | 28 Nov 2020

Free Virtual Workshop (LGBTQ+ Wellbeing)

144 reviews
Nov 28 - 28, 2020
Group size: 1 - 75
Why Change? | Free Workshop | 28 Nov 2020
Free Virtual Workshop (LGBTQ+ Wellbeing)

144 reviews

Nov 28 - 28, 2020
Group size: 1 - 75

About this trip

Date : Saturday 28th November

Time : 10:00 - 13:00 BST

Location : Virtual

Audience : LGBTQ+

Cost : FREE  (Donations accepted)

ABOUT THIS WORKSHOP : Join us as we explore song-writing as powerful self-enquiry tool for processing major life events.

'Why Change?' : A series of self-care workshops for effective change management. 

Self-care tools and techniques to harness change for personal growth.

Join this workshop to…

- Identify what might be triggering your anxiety

- Understand and deal with stress responses

- Improve your general mental well-being

- Discover how to integrate more peace into your life

- Learn new tools for managing change and processing emotions

- Acquire fresh perspectives and new information about yourself

About this series

In the wake of major life events, the mind and body need time to catch up - to process, adjust and integrate what has shifted. As humans, we need to make sense of what has happened. We need to understand ‘change’ fully. Only then can we harness it for our own personal growth.

This online workshop will support you with this process. 

About Workshop One : 28th Nov 2020

During this three-hour workshop, you will take part in various creative and interactive workshops to help you uncover new information, process what comes up and to discover brand new perspectives. 

As human beings, music plays a fundamental role in our identity, culture, heritage and spiritual beliefs. It is a powerful medium that can affect us all deeply. Everyone has the ability to respond to music, and use this connection to facilitate positive changes in emotional wellbeing.

The tools we’ll use:

One of the main tools we will use is song-writing. This is a powerful written practice and skill for effective and compassionate self-reflection and enquiry. We'll be incorporating other tried and tested practices such as journaling, group sharing, self-enquiry, breathwork and meditation. These will be interspersed with key teachings and coaching techniques.

About our approach.

We offer a safe space to get curious, open up and discuss with others, aspects of your life you’re finding challenging or want to improve. Naturally it is a completely confidential space, where individuals can openly share their feelings and thoughts with the option of anonymity. 

Your safety comes first.

Your safety is our main priority. For this reason, we may need to ask participants for some personal medical information, before we can confirm your place on the workshop. These are standard questions, there to protect your safety and everyone else involved. This information will only be shared on a need to know basis and will be GDPR compliant. We will also be undertaking other necessary safety measures, during and post-retreat.

We would highly recommend individuals with concerns relating to pre-existing mental health conditions, substance misuse and related disorders to seek immediate professional help. 

About the team.

We personally design, organise and facilitate each of our retreats and workshops; partnering internationally with leading industry professionals in each sector. Throughout the duration of the retreat, you’ll work in close collaboration with each of the team members in respect of their given workshop. 

This workshop has been designed by Create Space and myGwork

Founder of Create Space - Michael Edward Stephens 

Experience Coordinator  - Maylis Djikalou

Co-Facilitator  - Omer Nakar

Co-Facilitator  - Saul James

Guest Speaker  - Coco (Talk to Coco)


Omer is a qualified NHS music therapist, and an award-winning singer-songwriter. In his work, he uses his years of training and experience to bring a positive change into the lives of people through creativity.


Saul is a classically trained composer and creator of The Breathe Key, a webspace that teaches mindful breathing. As a mentor and through his diversity work at the BBC, he has many years of experience in helping people overcome barriers to self-discovery.

COCO (Talk to Coco)

Coco, from Talk to Coco is a non-binary activist and writer.  Mental health and lgbtq advocacy is the key root of all their work,; working with universities, dance collectives and also one-to-one - giving support, advice and mentoring.  

For more information on Create Space, please visit our website.

Need more information?

About dates, schedule or book your place on the two-day virtual retreat?  Get in touch.

For details on other retreats and workshops please visit our website.


This workshop is free of charge however donations do support future workshops. You can donate to our nonprofit just giving page here.

What’s included

  • Workshops
    All group workshops and activities.
  • Tools and Workbooks
    Pre-reading, workbooks and continual development resources.
  • Admin Support
    Should you require any help completing the pre-assessment and questionaires
  • Additional Support
    We will provide additional support in the form of signposting to relevant services only.
  • Confidentiality
    All participants will be asked to conform to our agreed privacy terms and conditions. Places on the full retreat experience will be limited to 14 participants.
  • Medical Insurance
    Suitable and relevant medical insurance to be provided by participant.


Why Change?
Virtual Workshop Itinerary.

Saturday 28th November

10:00 - 13:00 UKT

·  Team introductions.

·  Body Scan.

·  Unit 1 - Workshop.

·  Conversation with Guest speaker. 

·  Unit 2 - Workshop. 

·  Breakout group sessions. 

·  Unit 3 - Workshop. 

·  Group share.

·  Breathwork.

·  Closing. 

Ahead of the session, a recommended reading list, tool-kit and pre-worksheet will be provided.

At the end of the day, participants will be provided some 'homework', to help with process and reflection.

Your Organizer

Create Space Workshops
144 reviews
We Create Space is the self-empowerment platform for Queer Leaders and Change-Makers. We're a non-profit social enterprise helping LGBTQ+ individuals define their purpose in life and reach their unique growth potential whilst continuing to support their communities.


Really enjoyed sharing and creating a vision of the World that can truly transform the world into heaven on earth. Strongly recommend fully participating to fully benefit from the richness of this workshop.
By Gatonga T for I See You, I See Me | Free Workshop | 17 Apr 2021 on 20 Apr, 2021
Excellent workshop with an amazing array of like-minded people.
By Gatonga T for Give Me Strength | Free Workshop | 3 Apr 2021 on 20 Apr, 2021
This was my second experience with create space. I love this platform Which brings together people from the LGBTQ community allowing them to feel safe, open and free to explore much needed aspects of Self. As well as the communities we are apart of. I highly recommend others to give these workshops a go. I feel very fortunate I did and that I have found out about create Space. Thanks guys
By Darren P for I See You, I See Me | Free Workshop | 17 Apr 2021 on 19 Apr, 2021
Such an emotional and unique workshop. Definitely felt connected to those who attended. Thank you so much to the facilitators as always!
By Adam J for I See You, I See Me | Free Workshop | 17 Apr 2021 on 19 Apr, 2021
Breath-taking is what it is to be so inspired by a group of talented diverse individuals that leaves an echo of inspiration of hope. Family is where you feel the most appreciation and love, this workshop session felt as a family reunion. Not only did I feel safe, but everyone respected each other distinct views regardless of ethnicity or location. There were so many things that I could had done with my time on a Saturday morning but through the mediation, stories, various voices I learned to find my own inner-self. I learned not to be afraid to be just me and to be comfortable within my own skin and identity. We let so many people define who we are; instead of us going on that spiritual journey to discover our "best" self. These workshops are worth every second, a powerful uplifting sensational revealing of healing, hope, and the betterment of one's self.
By Eric M for Give Me Strength | Free Workshop | 3 Apr 2021 on 15 Apr, 2021
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I took part in a weekend Who Am I? retreat and highly recommend it. The group size is intimate so never feels too daunting and you're able to build connections well. Maylis was a fantastic organiser - felt there was great communication from pre-booking right through to afterwards. Michael is a fantastic host, he leads the retreat with from a place of kindness, vulnerability and openness I find really commendable. Whether you're new to self exploration or a seasoned pro - I think this is worth doing.
By Jamie M on 01 Sep, 2020
I attended the Who Am I retreat in early June to explore my identify as a gay man. I found the retreat a life-enriching experience. The communication before the retreat was excellent and I particularly enjoyed the pre-retreat call. It was an intense two days - and virtual because of lockdown - but the conversations were enriching and inspiring and I thought that the structure and content was very well designed. Recommended!
By Freddie B on 30 Jun, 2020