Wim Hof Retreat

      5 reviews
      Sep 2 - 9, 2023
      Group size: 12 - 16
      Wim Hof Retreat

      5 reviews

      Sep 2 - 9, 2023
      Group size: 12 - 16

      About this trip

      The world famous Wim Hof (a.k.a. The Ice Man) Method is based on three pillars: cold therapy, breathing and commitment. Mastering these pillars and learning how to combine them, will result in a multitude of benefits, such as increased energy and focus, enhanced mental and physical performance, sleeping soundly, and a creative mind. In a playful, yet highly focused way, you will train your nervous system while boosting your energy flow. All together adding to a happier, healthier and stronger natural state of being. An important point of focus will be the implementation into daily life. 

      During the week you will:

      • strengthen the mind-body connection

      •improve your immune system

      •learn how to generate heat using your body, mind and breath

      •break loose from mental conditioning and negative thoughts

      •take control of your mental and physical state

      •increase your comfort zone

      • break free from fear and anxiety

      This retreat has been designed for women who are:

      •eager to test their personal limits

      •wanting to deepen their understanding of themselves and their connection to breathing patterns, emotions, communication, and the natural world

      •a desire to unlock energy, break free from chronic fight or flight responses, reduce anxiety levels and clear out repressed or held emotions

      •excited about immersing in the beauty of this stunning landscape in a unique and expansive way while exploring limits in a safe, held environment

      Our Retreat Center

      We will be at Eird Retreat Center. Eird is an exclusive waterfront retreat on Iceland's southern coast near Hella. It is uniquely located on a peninsula by lake Gislholtsvatn and provides extra privacy with connection to nature and an opportunity to practice mindfulness. The food will be some of the cleanest, most honest, most delicious food you have tasted. You will leave the week being nourished mind, body and soul. 


      For this retreat we do not provide a detailed itinerary.We permit ourselves the space to adjust and change the program as the week progresses to meet the needs and state of the group. This way we can give you the very best quality, attention and experience possible.

      Meet Our Instructor: Hayley Dorian

      Hayley is a Wim Hof Method Instructor and founder of Wild Sea Women, a group for women to come together, breathe, meditate and take a dip in the sea, living in the North East of England, UK.

      On most days, you will find Hayley out in nature, mainly the North Sea, where she enjoys wild swimming (often with her dog Cleo) and surfing. She believes that being out in nature is the gateway to a beautiful, stress free life.

      When Hayley brought the Wim Hof Method into her life, she not only noticed vast improvements with her health and energy levels, but also her mind too. She finds herself stepping further and further outside of her comfort zone and doing things which she once thought of as impossible.

      Hayley loves sharing her passion with others and feels that she has truly found her mission in life since discovering the WHM, which is to guide others into realizing that everything we ever need is already within us – the place where all potentials await to be tapped into.

      As well as being trained in Soma Breath and Oxygen Advantage, Hayley is also a Kundalini Yoga Instructor.

      What’s included

      • All meals
      • transportation
        private transfer to and from airport
      • lodging
        double occupancy at the exclusive Erid Retreat Center
      • Daily yoga
      • Wim Hof instructions
        you will have daily wimhof sessions by a certified wim hof instructor
      • Flights
      • travel insurance

      Your Organizer

      5 reviews
      AFAR was born from the two things I am most passionate about; travel and connecting with other like-minded women. My goal is to change the perception which surrounds living a life alcohol free; that it is boring. TRAVEL and CHALLENGE will change you. When you return home your surroundings will be the same but something inside you will have changed. My hope is to be a part of that change with you.


      This trip that Margaret organized was perfect in every way. There were plenty of activities and also downtime. I was disappointed when I couldn't make the electric bike tour due to feeling ill that day. But without missing a beat, Margaret had arrangements made to transport me back to the gorgeous villa we were stating at, and even brought me back home-made olive oil from the store they visited. I will be going on more trip with AFAR, including Switzerland & Azores, because I know I can rely on safe, well-planned travel adventures that will leave with me long lasting memories. How wonderful it is to just pay for the adventure retreat, pay for my flight, and NOT have to do anything else other than show up! Thanks Margaret for all you do!
      By Mary K for Florence Adventure on 23 Mar, 2023
      This was my 1st trip and I can't say enough!! From the villa, to the tours, to the run, and more importantly the women who came and shared and laughed! I really haven't laughed that much in a long time.... Thank you Margaret for planning these trips. I'm sure they are special to each and every that join. I will see you in Geneva and May and then Crete again in September. (I do want to do the cliff jumping this time if a t all possible. :-)
      By Kim O for Crete Adventure on 12 Oct, 2022
      This is my third trip with Recovery Run Adventures and I cant say enough about how fantastic it was. From the accommodations, the food, the excursions it was all just perfect. Margaret is a very gracious host and makes sure that everyone is comfortable and happy with the trip experience. It was wonderful and I cant wait for the next trip!
      By Sandy B for Crete Adventure on 12 Oct, 2022
      I can not say enough about how special and amazing my trip to Florence was with Recovery Run Adventures. The activities, meals and accommodations were planned perfectly. We were also allowed enough free time to adventure out on our own. Margaret is a fantastic trip planner and I can not wait to go on the next adventure!
      By Sandy B for Florence Adventure on 20 Apr, 2022
      This was a wonderful trip! The accommodations, activities, food and guides were all superb!
      By Jina M for Florence Adventure on 13 Apr, 2022