With Horses Through Bulgaria - A Transformational Adventure

Travel and Transformation
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Sep 27 - Oct 11, 2021
Group size: 6 - 9
With Horses Through Bulgaria - A Transformational Adventure

Travel and Transformation
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Sep 27 - Oct 11, 2021
Group size: 6 - 9

About this trip

Bulgaria On Horseback 2021:
September 27th - October 10th 

(You can either join for 1 or 2 weeks!)

Our journeys consist of four pillars: Horses, Nature, Community, and Inner Transformation Work.

We ride horses through the beautiful nature of Bulgaria and combine this outer adventure with inner transformation workshops.

You can take a look at the photos on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.153313046870157...
They say more than words can describe.


Each week we will ride a new trail through the wilderness. We already know some of the camp spots and will stay there because of their beauty. Other camp spots are chosen together with the group. 

The 'outer' adventure and the group dynamics are a beautiful growing ground for inner transformation because they are able to bring certain things to our presence. If they are beautiful, we open and give ourselves to them. They also have the chance to reflect what we are carrying inside what might be also challenging for us. Here lays the potential for self-transformation as well. Through the workshops, we offer a space of presence and awareness that will be on the one side facilitated and on the other side created together by the group. By shining presence and awareness on what is alive for us, old patterns can come to awareness. 

This space is also there for delicate states in which you may also receive your difficult emotions so that they can integrate.

And of course, we will have a lot of fun, too.

We will play with the horses, cook over the fire (for this we will have a cook), enjoy the campfire at night, visit the horses in the morning when they are still laying in the field in the peaceful morning atmosphere.

You can feel the comfort in the safety of our horses. They are both experienced in wilderness and trail rides and also safe to let children ride on them.

The workshops we offer are often in the evening or if the group prefers also during the day. They are not mandatory, only if you like. They vary in a wide range, from meditation, movement or dance-oriented methods, yoga practices, shamanic or tantric exercises to horse connection workshops.

- 1 week:      850 € /  750 € *   (Sept 27th - Oct 3rd, or Oct 4th - Oct 10th)
- 2 weeks:  1490 € / 1350 € *   (Sept 27th - Oct 10th)
*If you book until August 31st, you get the discount.


- If you have any questions regarding the trip, feel free to send me a message.

You can also call me at 004917683552300. With every participant, I prefer to have a call before booking, to make sure that all questions can get answered.

- We have set prices with a possibility to get a discount if you book earlier.

- We suggest booking in advance because space is limited (max. 8 participants).

If you are ready for this adventure, it can be a life changing experience! 

Contact me to find out more!

Let's enjoy the rest of this summer, it will still be warm in Bulgaria!

With Love

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Early Booking

If you book until August 31st 2021, you will get a 140€ discount. 

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