Women at the Well: Honoring Our Sacred Waters

Yelapa, Jalisco, Mexico

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Apr 12 - 16, 2019
Group size: 6 - 15
Women at the Well: Honoring Our Sacred Waters
Yelapa, Jalisco, Mexico

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Apr 12 - 16, 2019
Group size: 6 - 15

About this trip

Join us for an extraordinary 5 day, 4 night, dive into the waters of Yelapa, Mexico. 

You will be guided through a journey of dance, yoga, meditation and ritual to tap into the well-spring of feminine power. This retreat is designed to rejuvenate the body, build sacred reciprocity with the earth to nourish intuition and experience the vitality of our connection  to women. 

* CATALYTIC SISTERHOOD: Come together with like-minded women where you will be met as yourself and melt into a supportive community that aims to catalyze you and the group as powerful women healers.

* EMBODIMENT PRACTICES:  Dance, Kundalini Yoga, Vocal Attunement, and Meditation ground us into our bodies allowing us to become more receptive, intuitive and alive.

* SACRED RECIPROCITY: Engage with the nature with practices to enter a new paradigm of collaboration. We will visit local waterfalls and dive into the beautiful ocean bay. We will eat local, seasonal foods to nourish our bodies and have an opportunity to do a water fast to go deeper into our bodies and the voice of water.

* WATER WORK: Join us in the water to magnify and clarify the healing power of your own body. You will release old patterns and step into the world with a renewed sense of hope and belonging.

* EMOTIONAL RESILIENCE: Using tools from the potent “Free to Feel” method and workshops we will utilize the power of emotions to align us with our pleasure and purpose and create art from our inner fuel.


You feel the call of creation within you.  You are on the precipice of birthing your greatest masterpiece.  You feel more connected every time you are near water and/or nature.  You know that something big is coming and you need support birthing it.

It is time sister.  Time for women healers and leaders to come together and listen and learn from each other's wisdom and the wisdom of water to join together as the feminine to rebirth the earth.


We wanted to make this retreat was accessible and fair financially. The price includes meals, accommodation and all programming. There are 3 pricing options:

- Water Steward price of $1275 for a private room

- Water Sister  $1100 for a shared a room with a fellow water sister

- Water Patreon is $1595 (includes a private room, private watsu session and massage session)

About Yelapa

Yelapa means "where two waters meet the ocean". In this biodiverse and tropical climate, the experience of nature is powerful.  

For Suzanne, one of your facilitators, the time she spent here radically changed her life. Yelapa, situated a boat ride away from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, was the site of magic, where new visions became possible and then manifested into reality. It was the place she learned how to speak and listen to nature, honor the water and be inspired by the visions of the world to come. 

There are no cars, and has the feeling of a place that doesn't rush at the clip of the modern world. The small town is only accessible by boat. The bay is where dolphins give birth to their young. 

The place feels both wild, quaint, rustic and stunning, with 2 waterfalls, 2 beaches and the rich hum  of the natural world creating serenity for the soul.  

Yelapa inspires radical creativity as does the home of our retreat, Casa Isabel. With rooms that overlook the bay, these rooms welcome warm breezes, with handcrafted stone work embracing the corners of this hilltop retreat. The space itself was created by a woman, Isabel, who was passionate about maintaining a relationship with the community as well as supporting other women. This retreat is an ode to what women can do when we believe in our vision. This retreat is a continuation of that history. http://yelapacasaisabel.com/

What’s included

  • Lodging
    Single Room or Shared
  • Meals
    Healthy, Catered and Allergies Sensitive
  • Movement classes
    Free to Feel, Kundalini Yoga
  • Dance
    In Nature, Under Waterfalls
  • Flight > Puerto Vallarta
  • Boat ride > Yelapa
    Departs from Puerto De los Muertos in PV
  • Airport shuttle or taxi
    to Puerto Vallarta

Available Packages

Water Sister
4 left

This is for women who want to share rooms.  There are rooms that can hold up 2-4 people comfortably.  Please let us know the name of the sister (s) who you would like to room with.  PLEASE NOTE: Only apply for this option if you have another sister you want to room with, otherwise, you can submit requests directly to the coordinator for our waitlist. 

Because Casa Isabel is so unique and has so much variety in the style of rooms, we may only be able to accommodate requests to hold multiple women in a room based on a first come first serve basis. 

Not all rooms have the same size and kind of bed. Choose this option if you have a friend and see the unknown as an adventure. How watery of you! 

Deposit: $440
Water Stewards
7 left

You have heard the call to join us and you are ready to dive in! 

This work will profoundly change the way you see the world, yourself and water.  

All rooms are private unless you have another women in mind you would like to room with. 

Deposit: $510
Water Patron
7 left

Your cup runneth over and you are about to become a fountain. 

Amplify your abundant impact by donating for the benefit of others to more fully support our work with the water. 


This package is perfect for you if you have your financial needs met, and you want to support our continued research and service to sharing this work around the world. 

You will have a private room, unless you request otherwise. 

Included is a complimentary 60 minute Watsu session (water massage)  with Anne Koller AND  Therapeutic Massage with Suzanne Astar 75 min. Massages with Suzanne can be scheduled for Yelapa or in San Francisco before or after the retreat. 

Deposit: $640


Sample Flow
Typical Day

Morning: Meditation



                  Journal/Solo time

Afternoon: Outdoor Water Excursion


                     Dance or Private Bodywork session

Evening: Solo Exploration

                  Group Process


                  Candelight Water Ritual     


Your Organizer

Suzanne Astar is a Body Intuitive, passionate about the practice of "Being Moved". She uses bodywork, rebirthing movement and ritual to listen and learn from the elements. She is devoted to protecting water and learning how we can be self-rejuvenating as a template for how the earth can thrive.