Women's Psychedelic Wellness Retreat: Finding Your Purpose & Passion

      Steamboat Springs CO

      Monica Ramunda & Heather Lee
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      9 reviews
      Sep 18 - 22, 2024
      Group size: 6 - 13
      Women's Psychedelic Wellness Retreat: Finding Your Purpose & Passion
      Steamboat Springs CO

      Monica Ramunda & Heather Lee
      • Email address verified
      9 reviews

      Sep 18 - 22, 2024
      Group size: 6 - 13

      About this trip

       Women's Psychedelic Wellness Retreat: Finding Your Passion, Path, and Purpose

       The autumn full moon  is a perfect time to reflect on our goals and intentions, gain clarity on our direction in life, and plant seeds of intention for the upcoming year.  It is a time for reflection, slowing down, looking inward, and looking ahead for renewal with the change of seasons. This retreat will focus on honoring our beautiful fall in Colorado, having personal support with like-minded women, preparing ourselves for the winter months, and deepening our connection to nature and the cycles of the moon.  Join us as we honor the lunar cycle and celebrate our intentions while calling on the power of manifesting with the moon. 

      Reach out with Questions at 303-495-1188

      We're back in Steamboat again this year!!  Our last year's retreat sold out, sign up now! 

      This retreat is perfect for the woman who wants to have a safe and soulful, introductory psychedelic plant medicine experience but also wants to immerse herself in a spa-like setting with luxurious accommodations. So often we, as women, are always giving to others. We invite you to treat yourself with love, channel your inner goddess and give yourself this gift of time!  Steamboat Springs is the perfect location to immerse yourself in nature and the beauty of the autumn colors. Enjoy 4 nights and 5 days in breathtaking Steamboat and experience the transformative power of psychedelics.  This retreat is All-inclusive. 

       Are you a woman at a transitional point in your life? Have you wondered what the next phase of your journey holds for you and are unsure of what your next steps are? Do you have ideas and dreams that are waiting to be materialized and need that extra direction, clarity, and support to make them happen?  Then this retreat is for you. Plant medicine has been used ceremonially for centuries by people seeking access to their inner wisdom. With the guidance of psychedelic medicine, we will support you in your journey inward to find your passion, path, and purpose. Join us to learn how to tap into your innate inner wisdom and powerful intuition. 

      Payments can be broken up into 3 or 4 payments over the next three months

      Bring a Friend and You Both Take an Additional $150 off with Code: SISTERLOVE

      Repeat retreat members take an additional $175 off with Code: RETURNLOVE

      Marshall Fire Victims take an additional $250 off with Code: FEELTHELOVE

      * Discounts cannot be combined. One per trip

      Psychedelic medicine can be a powerful tool to help you find meaning and direction at any stage of your life.  We all have times we experience anxiety, depression, loss of motivation, and a loss of direction. We are here to support you in seeing these challenges as opportunities to cultivate resilience and activate a mental reset. Psilocybin fosters neuroplasticity which helps you change your mind to change your moods and master your mind and mindset. 

      Heather and Monica are experienced mind/body wellness and psychedelic medicine guides and bring years of wisdom and training to their retreats, as well as compassion, acceptance, and support to this sacred healing circle. Come join us with like-minded women seeking meaning, camaraderie, and the transformational power of psychedelics. Immerse yourself in nature in Steamboat Springs surrounded by the beauty of the fall mountains. Linger in our private on-site sauna. Take time to learn about yourself, assisted by psychedelic medicine and guided by your personal wellness coaches.  Enjoy a happy hour glass of wine or sparkling mocktail while taking in the beautiful Colorado sunset and the full moon rising. 

       Discount $100.00 off until July 31ST, 2023

      Payments can be broken up into 3 payments over the next three months

      Prices shown are all-inclusive per person

      "A single seed planted, eventually becomes a garden in time – when things get tough, tend to the garden in your mind.”
      Jennifer Sodini

      Benefits of Psychedelic Medicine

      The benefits of psychedelics include: 

      1. Increasing neuroplasticity
      2. Increased openness and increased ability to create change
      3. Decrease in depressive symptoms and anxiety
      4. Access to intuition and inner wisdom
      5. Help with cognitive aging and flexible thinking. Neuroprotective
      6. Personal growth and wellness
      7. Help with a myriad of mental health disorders including trauma, OCD, substance abuse, resistant depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and PTSD 

      Psychedelic medicine is steeped in tradition and ceremony and used by people all around the world for hundreds of years. When consumed these medicines open our hearts and souls to a deeper perspective of ourselves, our lives, nature, and meaning. It is an honor to work with psychedelic medicine and ceremony to help bring awakening, insight, and inner wisdom to those who journey.

      Psychedelic medicine's therapeutic benefits are gaining great support from the medical and mental health community. The Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research is leading much of the research and continually demonstrating these medicines' safety and effectiveness. Ketamine and psilocybin are some of the safest drugs available, safer than alcohol, cigarettes, and almost anything in your medicine cabinet.

      What does the Retreat Include?

      This all-inclusive retreat includes:
      1. )4-night lodging and 5 days in Steamboat Springs luxe home

      2.) Healthy, beautiful meals and snacks and private dinner parties every night 

      3. )3 Course gourmet Chef prepared dinner at the home

      4.) A deep psychedelic experience with your trained psychedelic wellness guides Heather and Monica ( a plant-based psychedelic experience)

      5.) Pre and Post group Integration Sessions

      6.) Two post-integration group sessions AFTER the retreat 

      7.)Exclusive Integration workbook and Activities exclusive to Psychedelic Soul Sisters

      8.)Beautiful goodies bags with Spa items for self-care and nurturing

      9.) Somatic-based therapies such as art, yoga, dance, sound healing, and forest bathing

      10.)Opportunities for journaling, immersion in nature, relaxation, and self-reflection

      11.) Enjoy the on-site private sauna and hot tub

      What is NOT included

      1.) 1:1 Therapy or private time with the group leaders Heather or Monica ( while we offer individual therapy via private practice, this is NOT a therapy retreat).  This is a GROUP retreat and all activities are in group settings.  This can be arranged privately with the group leaders if interested in more intensive work. 

      2) Transportation to and from the retreat location ( accommodations can be made for transportation, please reach out).

      Packing List

      This is a guide to help you get the most out of your retreat experience: 

      1. Headphones 

      2. Comfortable, loose clothes such as yoga pants, and sweats 

      3. Warm clothing such as gloves, scarfs, and a coat for our unexpected Colorado weather

      4. Spotify or Pandora for listening to psychedelic soundtracks

      5. Walking shoes or sneakers

      6. Bathing suit

      7. Optional yoga mat ( we will provide some yoga mats)

      8. Special item for intention setting such as a photo, crystal, or figurine

      9. Flip Flops if you are going to the hot springs

      Terms and Conditions

      Important Information and Considerations:

      *Interested women must have an interview prior to registering for this event.

      *Transportation is not provided for this retreat

      *All participants assume their own risk and will acknowledge their state of health, psych history, and use of medications as part of their application

      *Guests selected for this retreat will pay a non-refundable $900 deposit (Refunded if the host  cancels the event)

      *Guests are asked to be considerate of the discreet nature of this event and the participants involved.

      *This is a persona growth and wellness retreat NOT a therapy retreat



      Kindly note that reservations canceled by guests are non-refundable. As our retreats have limited rooms and slots due to their intimate boutique nature, we are unable to provide refunds. Travel insurance is mandatory for all participants, and we recommend Wetravel (this site) for its affordable coverage. You can conveniently purchase travel insurance when making your reservation or opt for a different provider of your choice. Please be aware that cancellations will not be eligible for any refunds.

      We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance with a "Cancel for any reason" policy to cover these circumstances.



      Any damages to the rooms and the hotel property will be promptly assessed and charged to the credit card of record.


      Smoking is not permitted 

      *To schedule an interview and receive an application please e-mail

      heather@stresspecialist.com or rockymtncounseling@gmail.com

      Meet Heather Lee, LCSW

      Heather is one of the US’s first Certified Psychedelic Assisted Therapists. Heather has been a women's  wellness coach/ psychospiritual therapist and woman’s retreat leader for over thirty years. She is the Founder and Director of Medicine Woman Retreats and uses her depth of understanding and expertise in the soul and science of psychedelics to create magical and meaningful women's retreats internationally

      Heather is passionate about plant medicine as a powerful path for connecting with inner wisdom and greater mind/body/spirit wellness. Her own cancer journey has deepened her personal connection to psilocybin as a medicine for the soul. She has experienced firsthand the ability of psychedelic medicine to illuminate the connection between thoughts, emotions, and physical dis-ease.

      Meet Monica Ramunda, MA, LPC

      Monica Ramunda, MA LPC, LCMHC has been in the mental health field for over 30 years and in private practice for the last 23 years., working with individuals, families, and teens/children.  She is the owner and founder of Rocky Mountain Counseling Services and Lighthouse Counseling Services. She is a trained  Ketamine Assisted Therapist with Fluence and one of the first Certified Psychedelic Assisted Therapists through IPI. 

       Monica's passions include transforming people’s lives with the assistance of psychedelics. She is a lifelong learner, hoping to inspire other women to find their passion and happiness during their 40s and beyond.  Monica Ramunda finds inspiration from nature, animals, and travel. She is inspired by Grandma Moses ( who shares her same birthday), who began painting at age 78 and was voted “Young Woman of the Year” at age 88. She hopes to follow in her footsteps. 

      Monica was a tour guide in South America for over a year, leading tours in Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. Monica had the honor of leading guests to sacred sites such as the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu, the Amazon rainforest, and famous Lake Titicaca, and the Sacred Valley of the Incas. She experienced the beautiful traditions of the indigenous people of Peru, witnessed their ceremonies, and experienced the time-honored traditions of the native indigenous tribes. Monica has a particular love of Peru and the Quechua people and culture. She is now bringing her background as a tour guide and experience witnessing native traditions and rituals to her retreats. Monica’s passion for travel and love of native traditions, as well as her therapy background, helping people gain insight and breakthroughs in their lives, have come together in her retreats, with the assistance of psychedelics. 

      What’s included

      • All meals for the trip
        Welcome dinner Thursday, 3 meals and snacks Friday and Saturday, and breakfast brunch Sunday. Wine included with dinner. Water, and snacks prvoided throughout the day. Vegerarian and Gluten free meals
      • Private Chef Meal
        Enjoy a 3 course meal in our beautiful dining room
      • Integration Sessions
        Pre and Post integration session 60 minute online sessions each . Initial interview to screen and answer questions, additional session before the retreat.
      • Yoga
        A body centered Yoga session to help integrate the benefits of the psychedelic medicine and heal the body and as well as the mind.
      • Journaling, Ecotherapy
        Nature immersion and ecotherapy. Guided prompts for journaling. These activities encourage intuitive and somatic expression for healing.
      • Strawberry Hot Springs
        Soak in the natural hot springs in Steamboat
      • Massage at the Springs
        Please visit their website to book directly see above
      • Vegan, gluten free meals
        Additional add on for Vegan, Dairy free meals there is a $50 add on fee
      • Therapy, Private session
        This is a personal growth and development retreat. Therapy is not a part of the retreat

      Available Packages

      Shared Room
      Available until September 16, 2024only 1 left

      This room is perfect for women coming with a group of friends to the retreat or women interested in making friends!!! . This 5-bedroom suite offers comfortable long twin beds & two ensuite bathrooms. Our most affordable room to date and a great value. Mud masks and popcorn included. Questions: 303-494-1188

      USE CODES:

      $150.00 OFF WITH CODE: SISTERLOVE if bringing a friend

      $175.00 OFF WITH CODE: RETURNLOVE for return clients


      * Can not be combined. One per trip

      Deposit: $900
      Shared Double Suite
      Available until September 1, 2024Sold Out

      Beautiful private suites for two people with two beds, shared bathroom. Situated on the top floor or on the garden floor with access to the private sauna, gardens, and patio.

      Deposit: $900
      Private King Suites
      Available until September 1, 2024Sold Out

      Enjoy a large king suite.. All our master suites are wonderful big rooms that afford you privacy, comfort, and a great night's sleep.

      USE CODES:

      $150.00 OFF WITH CODE: SISTERLOVE  if bringing a friend

      $175.00 OFF WITH CODE: RETURNLOVE for return clients



      Deposit: $900
      Master suite with fireplace and deck
      Available until September 1, 2024Sold Out

      You deserve the royal treatment. This is the most luxurious room in the house. Enjoy this oversized master suite which includes a fireplace, a private deck and a large ensuite bathroom

      USE CODES:

      $150.00 OFF WITH CODE: SISTERLOVE if bringing a friend

      $175.00 OFF WITH CODE: RETURNLOVE for return clients



      Deposit: $900
      Interns Room Share
      Sold Out

      Available options


      Day Wednesday Arrival
      Welcome Dinner and Celebration

       We will check into our weekend retreat home and settle in. At 6 pm, we will meet for dinner and discussion of our intentions for the weekend. 

      Your Organizer

      Monica Ramunda & Heather Lee
      9 reviews
      Monica Ramunda, MA LPC, LCMHC has been in the mental health field for over 30 years and in private practice for the last 23 years. She is the owner and founder of Rocky Mountain Counseling. She is one of the first Certified Psychedelic Assisted Therapists in the US.  Monica Ramunda’s passions include transforming people’s lives with the assistance of psychedelics and is a lifelong learner, hoping to inspire others.


      This retreat was all I had hoped for and more. Heather and Monica are amazing, it was great being with a small group with all-females, and the location was very calming and serene. Journey prep and follow up were great and the experience itself was very powerful and eye-opening. The medicine opens your eyes to a world and a perspective that otherwise you wouldn’t have. It’s life-changing.
      By Merry Beth E for Mountain Rest and Reset Retreat: Women's Psychedelic Wellness on Nov 15, 2023
      Thank you for a fantastic experience! Amazing accommodations, met amazing people, ate amazing food. Such a remarkable weekend.
      By Jacque W for Mountain Rest and Reset Retreat: Women's Psychedelic Wellness on Nov 10, 2023
      Thank you Jacque for your review. It was such a pleasure to have you on our retreat. Warmly, Monica and Heather
      By Monica Ramunda & Heather Lee on Nov 10, 2023
      We had a wonderful experience, the hospitality was well planned and we were always made to feel comfortable. I enjoyed the comradery of our group. Our hosts/facilitators were very warm and made us feel safe. the exercises of integration were especially comforting. I personally experienced profound awakenings. If I have one critique to offer, I would have liked to have more one on one during my journey. I often felt ungrounded and that might be a part of the process, but I feel I may have been able to face and look at more, if I had someone in the room with me more constantly. I longed for connection, but felt very disconnected, which created a bit of fear and longing for it to be over. the overall experience was profound, I look forward to the continued enlightenment and healing in store for me. with Gratitude~ Brenda
      By Brenda I for Women's Psychedelic Wellness Retreat: Finding Your Purpose & Passion on Oct 11, 2023
      Thank you so much for your review and we are so glad you had a good experience. It is a balancing act in a group setting to have 1:1 devoted time, as we are in a group setting. Sometimes a private 1:1 journey is a better format for clients who need the extra support and want a sitter exclusively working with them which both Heather and I offer. Thank you again!
      By Monica Ramunda & Heather Lee on Oct 12, 2023
      This retreat was one of the most powerful events in my life. I was able to have an experience I was always curious about and felt completely safe and supported the whole time. Monica, Heather and their interns are all such kind, loving and awesome people. I made connections with some wonderful women, enjoyed the beautiful resort and its amenities, and had plenty of downtime to explore the local area. The food was excellent and the activities were both enjoyable and enlightening. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to explore themselves more deeply and unlock some true magic within.
      By Jocelyn M for Women's Psychedelic Wellness Retreat: Finding Your Purpose & Passion on Oct 05, 2023
      Thank you, Jocelyn, it was such a pleasure having you on our retreat! Thank you for your kind review.
      By Monica Ramunda & Heather Lee on Oct 05, 2023
      I would highly recommend for anyone interested in exploring this kind of plant medicine. I have been interested for years, but wasn’t sure where and with whom. The setting was perfect and Monica and Heather did a great job making us feel safe and supported before, during and after the journey. Extremely positive experience and I’d do it again!
      By Lisa B for Women's Full Moon Magic, Psychedelic Wellness Retreat on Aug 10, 2023
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