Women's Rainforest Immersion October 2022 - ($3,600)

Kapawi Ecolodge

Pachamama Alliance
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6 reviews
Oct 2 - 11, 2022
Group size: 8 - 15
Women's Rainforest Immersion October 2022 - ($3,600)
Kapawi Ecolodge

Pachamama Alliance
  • Facebook verified
6 reviews

Oct 2 - 11, 2022
Group size: 8 - 15

About this trip

Join us for a very special women’s journey to the heart of our planet, the Ecuadorian rainforest. We travel here at the invitation of the indigenous Achuar people, in support of their goals to protect their ancient culture and keep their forests intact for future generations.

Our visit will focus on the groundbreaking Ikiama Nukuri program (Achuar for “Women Keepers of the Forest,” a project of the Pachamama Alliance formerly known as Jungle Mamas). This pro-

gram has not only greatly improved community health and birthing practices, but has also become a platform for women of an entire culture to find their voice. We’ll hear directly from women whose lives have benefited from Ikiama Nukuri, and talk with their local health promoters to understand the challenges faced in expanding this program in a highly patriarchal culture.

We’ll have the rare opportunity to participate in these women’s daily life, learning about

their unique culture through hands-on village activities, from visiting their sacred gardens,

to making pottery and creating beautiful baskets.

This journey will immerse you in the spiritual dimension of life, and offer new perspectives through exploring the sacred traditions and cosmological vision of the Achuar people, whose lives are shaped by their dreams and their intimate connection with the natural world.

Your Guides

 Each Journey is skillfully curated by trained leaders and expert guides on the ground.

  • Our Journey Leaders are volunteers who have experience as a Journey participant and have gone through an extensive leadership training to effectively hold a safe and dynamic space for you on your Journey.
  • Our Ecuadorian guides have been guiding for decades and are dedicated to supporting the rainforest and Indigenous people. Their knowledge, understanding, trust, and relationships are an invaluable part of the Journeys experience.

What’s included

  • All meals
    Starting with dinner on the first day of your journey and ending with breakfast on the last day of your journey.
  • Transportation
    In-country transportation including charted buses and planes.
  • Lodging
    Mostly communal lodging while in the rainforest.
  • Equipment
    You will be provided a pair of rubber boots, bedding, mosquito netting and other equipment in the rainforest.
  • Guides
    Experienced Ecuadorian & Indigenous Guides for translation,
  • International Flights
    International flights to and from Quito
  • Taxi
    Taxi ride to and from Quito airport
  • Extra Lodging
    Early or Late arrival lodging
  • Personal Spending
    Gratuity for your local indigenous and Ecuadorian guides, bus driver, shamanic experiences, souvenirs and other personal purchases.


Day 1
Women's Rainforest Immersion

 Group meets at 5 pm at the historic Quito hotel, Cultura Manor, for a welcome and orientation followed by a group dinner together. Accommodations at Cultura Manor. 

Your Organizer

Pachamama Alliance
6 reviews
Pachamama Alliance, empowered by our partnership with Indigenous people, is dedicated to bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet.


We had an extraordinary experience! Truly the trip of a lifetime. It was remarkable to get to visit the remote villages of the Indigenous people and actually participate in their sacred ceremonies! The Rain Forest was magnificent! Our two guides, Estephania and Juan Fernando, were exceptional! We loved our travel group. The accommodations were very comfortable and the food was delicious. Well worth the price!!
By Avi E for Rainforest Immersion April 2022 - ($3,895) on 17 May, 2022
A trip of a lifetime and for a life as well. It was so well planned with exceptional guides I can’t imagine how it could have been better. Even my fellow travelers were outstanding.
By Brad S for Rainforest Immersion April 2022 - ($3,895) on 10 May, 2022
An adventure in the Amazon. A Journey of mind and spirit. Awakening to a higher consciousness through an experience of the heart. Connecting with the living wisdom of the forest through being welcomed by the communities of the Sapara and the Achuar.
By Mark F for Rainforest Immersion December 2021 on 29 Dec, 2021
The trip was amazing! The opportunity to share in the Sapara and Achuar communities even for a moment was such an honor. The guides took amazing care of us. We were well fed, staying healthy was paramount. These communities are living and working to save the Amazon, their way of life, and in turn all of humanity as they fully recognize our interconnectedness. It is a trip that truly emphasized that our presence made a positive impact and we were made to feel welcome everywhere we went. Being able to partake in cleansing ceremonies and to sit still and quiet in the jungle, such a rare experience. I completely recommend this journey if there is a calling to be a part of something bigger than yourself!
By Marie C for Rainforest Immersion December 2021 on 29 Dec, 2021
It was life changing. One of the best journeys I've ever taken, and I've taken many. Amazing place, amazing people, amazing food, amazing trip. I would recommend to anyone with an adventurous spirit, an open heart and an open mind. Truly magnificent!
By Fonda O for Rainforest Immersion December 2021 on 28 Dec, 2021
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