Women’s Retreat & Renewal Isla Mujeres ~ “The Island of Women

Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo, Mexico

21 reviews
Oct 19 - 24, 2019
Group size: 1 - 25
Women’s Retreat & Renewal Isla Mujeres ~ “The Island of Women
Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo, Mexico

21 reviews

Deposit: $500
Oct 19 - 24, 2019
Group size: 1 - 25

About this trip

Join me for 6 days of Decadent R & R ~ Sun, Sand & Yoga! ( And amazing sunsets & happy hours ) Bring your best friend, your mom, your sister, your cousin or come with yourself! 


About The Location - Casa Coco


We dreamed for over a decade of creating a beautiful Caribbean sanctuary where guests could unwind, refresh, and immerse in comfort, tranquility and timeless style. A place where stress dissolves in the beautiful blue sea, sunsets take your breath away, and the daily grind returns to a welcome fragrance in the morning air.  

Welcome to Coco B Isla & Coco B Yoga & Wellness, a sanctuary on Isla Mujeres, the Isle of Women. The island is home of Ixchell, the Mayan Goddess of fertility & Healing, and one of the Caribbean's most wonderful islands celebrating the Mexican and Mayan cultures afloat on the crystal blue Caribbean waters. 

Coco B Isla is dedicated to offering a beautiful luxury yoga & wellness sanctuary where like minded guests will practice, relax, connect, and delight in the splendor of the sanctuary, the island, and beautiful region.

In that mission they have created a full service destination dedicated to offering a luxury all-inclusive yoga and vacation experience. 



About The Food

Nutritious Gourmet Meals 

Your stay at Casa B Coco includes daily breakfast, three lunches, and three dinners, all consciously prepared with attention to nutrition and featuring local ingredients.  While some meals will be vegetarian, others will include fish, chicken, and occasionally red meat.  

*Fresh juices and coffee are included with breakfast.  * One snack daily will be served.

Special Meal Requests

Upon request, Coco B Isla will do its best to provide for special meal needs (such as lactose intolerance, food allergies, …etc.) These requests are required to be communicated at least 2 weeks in advance. Please communicate your request to the organizer of your program and keep in mind that a huge variety of non-allergic products are not as easily available in Mexico (as for example in the U.S.)


About The Island


Isla Mujeres is a small island, located conveniently off the shores of Cancun.  Just a short ferry ride away, Isla Mujeres feels much quieter and more relaxed then the hustle and bustle of the mainland.  Isla Mujeres is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, incredible snorkeling, and an abundance of Caribbean color and culture.


Show Me More!

Here is a link to Coco B Wellness' YouTube Channel!  


What’s included

  • Gourmet Meals
    GOURMET Meals & Wines with Dinner at Coco B~
  • Luxury Accommodation
    Luxury Accommodations in Private Villa ~ Single, Double & Triple
  • Use of Kayaks
  • Use of Paddle Boards
  • Fresh Water Pool
  • Daily Yoga
    Yoga Each Morning & 3 Afternoon Gentle/Yoga Nidra Sessions
  • Transfers
    Private Transfers from Cancun Airport ~ RT Van & Private Boat
  • Punta Sur
    Sunrise Excursion to Punta Sur, home of Ixchel ~ Goddess of Isla
  • Snorkel Excursion
    Half Day Snorkel Excursion with lunch included out in town
  • Golf Cart Rental
    Golf Cart Rental to tour Isla on our free day ~ 4 persons sharing
  • Beach
    Private Beach with calm, beautiful waters
  • Taxes and Gratuities
    All associated Taxes & Gratuities for Staff at Coco B
  • Airfare
  • Insurance
  • Alcohol
    *Wine at dinner is included

Available Packages

Triple Occupancy ~Payment Plan Available
only 1 left
Deposit: $500
Double Occupancy~Payment Plan Available
only 1 left
Deposit: $500
Deposit: $500

Triple Occupancy ~Payment Plan Available
Past Trip


Kristin Cork
Meet Your Host : Kristin Cork, founder of Be.Yoga

Kristin Clark Cork, E-RYT 500 

After taking my first yoga class in 1995, I realized yoga would be forever a part of my life. I knew from that day I wanted to share with others the profound effect it had on me. Five years later, I taught my first yoga class. I hope to have the privilege to teach my entire life.

I have been incredibly fortunate to study with my teachers for the last 25 years, each experience with them ads more layers of love into my yoga practices and teachings. There are 3 styles of yoga that I thread through my teachings. Erich Schiffman's book Moving Into Stillness ended up in my luggage somewhat randomly when I was moving to California although I did not know of him or his teachings. 1 year later I landed in his class and I remembered his book which had been packed away since my move. Clearly it was not a coincidence that his book found me! His philosophies and teachings have been monumental in my approach to life on and off the mat. Erich's teachings of being on line all the time takes you out of habit mind and into "life live now". His Freedom Style approach to yoga empowers the inner teacher who is you, me, each of us. This resonates with me as almost every person I meet longs to cultivate a more meaningful relationship with themselves and others. It's about really listening inwardly for guidance, finding the space between each breath, the pause between each thought and slipping into it whether practicing, meditating, driving, anything at all! Taking our inner wisdom and acting upon it. Attuning ourselves to our needs of the moment, day, week, month, being connected for the benefit of all beings.

My trainings with Ganga White, Tracey Rich & Shiva Rea in the vinyasa flow lineage translate for me as meditation within movement. It’s where our physical form meets our emotional and intellectual bodies. Being connected to the breath throughout the practice helps keep us present. It guides us to the subtle micro adjustments our body may need - posing and reposing... analysis in action where we find yin and yang meeting. Flowing is something I take from my practice off the mat and into the world… staying fluid, inhaling life's inspiration, exhaling the debris. Where the breath is stuck, so is life.

My studies with Tias Little over the last 18 years have shaped my inquiry of things when they are slowed down. As I dare to go slowly, to look thru the lens of anatomy and energetics, to inquire what's stored where in the body and how to move thru our many layers with more ease and steadiness is profound. I am grateful for his grounding, introspective approach.

Last but not least my yin practice deepened while living in the high mountains of Colorado and I integrate its physical stillness and profound intuitive inquisition into every practice.

Meditation of movement and action in stillness are the woven fabric of my practices and my teachings within my classes, my retreats and my yoga teacher training courses. 

In conjunction to my yoga offerings, It was natural for me to pursue my Nutritional degree, as I was always looking inwards through the lens of yoga towards what was healing, energizing and balancing and not! The way in which we ingest life to me is exactly the same.. what we eat or drink either helps nourish us or deplete us. The stimulus of life thru our senses is so important to understand to balance in this very busy world.  I love helping others return or stay in balance with realistic, foundational lifestyle choices. Food is medicine. I am often found in my kitchen cooking for friends and family enjoying the healing energies of food and companionship, sacred pause indeed.

Over the last several years I have celebrated my strong desire to offer others a way to immerse themselves into the practices of yoga more deeply. I specialize in private instruction and lead several retreats each year as well as 100 and 200 hr immersions and yoga teacher trainings. The journey is an ever lasting one for all involved, connecting to oneself is crucial to be able to fully connect with others in life and with what we do.  Every time I enter the sacred space of my mat, I feel so grateful knowing the shift that can occur in just a few short moments of conscious reflection.

I believe it's our collective efforts that make all the difference ~ Jai Ganesh!! 


Feel free to contact me with questions, insights or inspirations ~ Warmly and with love, Kristin ~ kristin@beyogainavon.com

Be.Yoga was Voted in Top 10 Yoga Studios in CT by Expertise in 2017 and 2018.

Be.Yoga was Voted by Natural Nutmeg Magazine in Top 10 Yoga Studios in CT in 2017 and 2018.

Be.Yoga was Voted by Avon Awards Best in Avon in 2018. 

Be.Yoga was Voted Top Yoga Studio in the Valley 2016 and 2017.

Kristin was featured in Hartford Magazine's Player's Section for Retreat & Renewal, February 2017.

Jill Gleeson wrote an article for Women's Day that featured Kristin leading a Yoga Retreat in the Galapagos 2017.


Your Organizer

Coco B Wellness Isla·Mujeres
21 reviews
Our mission: Deliver inspirational whole health integrative wellness in a fun, relaxing, beautiful, and restorative environment. We thank you for joining us in building and sharing our amazing life and pursuit with others... BREATHE · NOURISH · FLOW


A wonderful opportunity to deepen my yoga practice in a gorgeous setting with a gifted and talented yoga teacher, Nina Yau. Nina knows her yoga and breaks down every movement into precise segments to make the poses accessible to everyone she teaches. Even better, she taught a variety of yoga styles, including a traditional Hatha sequence and mixed movement art of Budokon yoga. Coco B Wellness resort provided the perfect backdrop for our yoga retreat. We practiced on a rooftop Palupa with a view of the ocean and Isla Mujeres' natural beauty. The staff was very helpful, especially when it came to shielding our rooftop Palupa from ocean breezes. Kitchen staff prepared sumptuous food and every meal they served was spot-on. I couldn't have given myself a better birthday present as I enter my fifth decade of life!
We were beautifully greeted every step along the way. This facility is magnificent. Boutique in feeling, clean and contemporary in look and a staff to serve with kindness and desire. We were a small retreat yet we were treated as if the place was ours, we were home.
I had imagined the perfect yoga retreat – challenging yet accessible classes, a master teacher who gives great hands-on assists, a sense of community among attendees, fresh fruit & seafood, a tropical island, and chill boutique lodging. Nina’s retreat was this and more. Challenging yet accessible classes by a master teacher: Nina is a master teacher. Her classes will challenge your strength, flexibility, and balance. But, she doesn’t just call difficult poses, she gives you the steps and building blocks to get there. For example, she offered building blocks to getting to Crow which no teacher had shared with me before. These helped me get closer to the pose, but also helped more advanced practitioners build additional strength to accomplish the pose with more grace. She also pushes you to further deepen your practice and transitions between poses. For instance, instead of launching yourself into Half Moon using momentum, Nina guides the class through an intentional transition from Warrior II, to Triangle, to slowly lifting into Half Moon. A variety of yoga styles: Nina is a teacher who has dedicated extensive time and rigor to her own learning. At our retreat, we practiced traditional hatha, vinyasa flow, slow flow, yin flow, yin (which targets fascia, tendons, and tissues through long holds), yoga nidra (a deep relaxation meditation sometimes known as yogic sleep), zazen (seated meditation), and budokon (a moderately paced style with martial arts and animal locomotion influences). Nina teaches each of these styles with ease, deep knowledge, and great hands-on assists. Beyond asana: Nina told us at the opening of the retreat that “this is not just a yoga retreat; it is also a wellness retreat” – and she Thoughtfully planned & well communicated: Nina is intentional about building a full experience. Everything from the location, to the accommodations, to the meals, to the daily schedule, to the sequencing of classes was curated, arranged and communicated with clarity and great care. A positive community between attendees: Nina fosters an environment of joy, inclusion, fun, and loving kindness. I didn’t know any of the attendees going into the retreat, but we developed into fast friends. This is in large part thanks to Nina. She designed the retreat intentionally with some group meals, an opening circle to help people get to know each other in a meaningful way, and by selecting a semi-private boutique hotel with space for the group to relax and mingle. Prior to attending this retreat, I had occasionally taken Nina’s classes. I admired her intentional cohesive classes and her joyful energy. Nina is a teacher who does not distance herself from her students. Coming out of this retreat, I am honored to call her not just my teacher but also my friend.
My retreat yogi students and I had a fabulous experience as Casa Coco! Lisa, Jeffrey, and the Coco culinary team and staff were attentive and so welcoming. Anything we needed, we had taken care of. All of the restaurant recommendations on the island were absolutely delicious and fantastic. Wonderful spa and massage services anywhere on the property with flexible times. The food was incredibly fresh and beautiful. Definitely would come back again. Thank you Coco B team!!!
I wish I was more of a poet to do justice to my experience here. Thank you Peter and Mitchel! I am profoundly grateful! I love all the yoga we did and I learned so much. Casa Coco is a gem! So clean, and tidy, and the staff are really very professional! The decor is welcoming. The food was delich! Sylvia, Lisa, Roberto, Kevin, and Emma are so thoughtful! When we came into our rooms and liked them immediately, we truly felt at home. Also, there's the rooftop purpose-build yoga spaces... 2 spacious palapas. (Thanks Mitch for teaching me that word!) Doing yoga in the open weather twice a day was a treat I quickly came to cherish. The roof's ribbing was available to suspend aerial yoga swings. The tranquility... I've been back home 2 days and I miss Casa coco, my classmates, and my wonderful teachers. This is a boutique operation of the highest quality. I sincerely encourage everyone to give it a chance.
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