WorldTowning Voyages

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Nov 30 - Dec 12, 2019
Group size: 16 - 20
WorldTowning Voyages

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Deposit: $1450
Nov 30 - Dec 12, 2019
Group size: 16 - 20

About this trip

WorldTowning Voyages: Morocco

As many of you know, we visited Morocco for seven weeks last year, and we fell madly in love with everything about it. Now, you too, can explore this colorful culture, its warm and friendly people, and its exotic sights, sounds and tastes.

Join the WorldTowning community for 11 days in the mesmerizing Kingdom of Morocco. Explore with us, using a purposefully designed itinerary that maximizes exposure to the best parts of the culture: food, art, architecture, hiking, nature, history, and our favorite pastime, meeting the locals.

This is not a trip that moves from tourist destination to tourist destination, and it is not an RV trip (sorry, maybe next time). Instead, we will connect to the heart and soul of the Moroccan culture through its people. Explore the fine art of tagine cooking and mint tea pouring. Learn about life in an Amazigh village of 200 people that is tucked away in the high Atlas Mountains. Marvel at the intricacies of stunning architecture, and expand your knowledge of Islam. Hike and squeeze your way through the tiny cracks of Dades Gorge, and laugh at spitting camels—all while engaging deeply with the locals who share their history and all its details with great passion.

Does this sound dreamy? It is all that and more.

Morocco is the first destination of WorldTowning Voyages, the newest extension of WorldTowning. In partnership with local non-profit organizations and tour operators, WorldTowning Voyages introduces you to cultural and educational activities, facilitates visits to local homes and presents opportunities for you to give back through volunteer experiences in local communities. It is a WorldTowning dream for us to be able to share the world with you in-person for our first of many WorldTowning Voyage adventures!

For more details scroll down for the daily itinerary at the bottom of this page. And for an even greater understanding of what to expect in Morocco, check out our videos from our time there at the link below.

Watch our Morocco videos


*Participation Guidelines

If you want to explore a land considered mysterious, make new friends, and push yourself out of your comfort zone, this is for you. If you care about connecting deeply with a new culture and its people in a way you cannot do in a traditional vacation, this is for you. If you approach the world with a glass is half full attitude, this is for you.


*Participation Guidelines

This is a trip of a lifetime for many, but not for all. If you have watched our videos, you get a very clear understanding of what the trip will be like—minus the RV. We feel it is important to be very honest about what the trip entails. We want everyone who attends to have an awesome experience. Because of that, we want you to have as much information up front to make a decision about whether it is right for you.

As with any group trip, travelers have many different types of personalities. People’s level of enjoyment during a trip will be affected by those around them. While not everyone needs to be similar in personality, there are some things we ask of our trip participants. Please thoughtfully consider that this trip might not be for you if you are in conflict with any of the statements below.

WorldTowning Voyage Morocco trip participants must possess the following characteristics:

A humanitarian nature

WorldTowning is a humanitarian company. Humanitarianism is an active belief in the value of human life, whereby humans practice benevolence and provide assistance to other humans, in order to better humanity in the areas of morality, altruism, and logic and reason. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind, including that which is based on race, color, religion, sexual preference, gender identity, national origin, physical or mental ability, or any other basis of discrimination. Our company operates from a place of kindness to all—and we ask that all who join us do the same. 

Religious openness without any discrimination toward Muslims or people of the Islamic faith

We have found the people of Morocco to be some of the most welcoming, kind and giving people in all of our travels. The media and other entities may project a bias against those of the Islamic faith. We will not stand for a negative bias toward or discrimination against people of any religion on our WorldTowning Voyages.

Flexibility and the ability to adapt to changing plans

We have worked very hard to secure locations, create detailed arrangements and ensure contracts are in place. However, plans do change on trips of this nature, due to weather, unforeseen differences in culture, and other factors beyond our control. As a result, we may have to change a plan at the last minute. It is not ideal, but we are realistic in understanding that it does happen. We take these experiences in stride and as an opportunity to stretch ourselves. We require high levels of adaptability for just these cases during our WorldTowning Voyage trips. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that this is our first group trip. We are very excited and have worked incredibly hard, but we are realistic in that there may be a bump or two along the road. Through it all, our goal will be to make this the best trip of your life!

Acceptance for different cultures

If this is your first time to Africa, particularly to Morocco or a Muslim country, you will experience a very different culture. This is the "normal" way of living for people of this region. It is not a wrong way of life nor is it abnormal, even though it might be foreign to you. Some crave familiarity—in food, culture, religion, communication, etc. This trip is for people who are able and willing to go outside their comfort zones when it comes to day-to-day life.

A willingness to “get a little dirty”

Morocco is dusty, especially the desert areas. On occasion we will be hiking, sand dune sliding and sleeping in a clamping Berber tent—among other adventures. Expect some sand, a bit of dirt and a little grime. Some conditions might surprise you, but it's all part of the adventure. Bring a bottle of hand sanitizer and baby wipes, and you'll be fine. If you are not ready to channel your inner kid and the thought of a little bit of mud upsets you,  then this trip might not be for you.

An openness to new foods

Outside of one planned Thai dinner and one Chinese dinner, we will eat solely local Moroccan food. There will be no access to Starbucks or McDonalds, but we will devour copious amounts of Moroccan whiskey (aka mint tea) and tagine of every variety. We ate very well for the seven weeks we were in Morocco, and the food is one of the highlights of this trip. It does call for people willing to try the new and exotic (to many of us) vegetarian and meat-lover foods that make up Moroccan cuisine . 

Alcohol independence - an ability to forego alcohol for a time

Although a predominantly Muslim country, Morocco is not dry. However, alcohol is not readily available. Most restaurants will not offer you an alcoholic drink with your meal. Those accustomed to regular alcohol use or desiring to drink every day should consider this trip carefully. 

A desire for cultural awakening instead of a tropical vacation or nightlife experience

Although Morocco has sandy beaches, this will not be the focus of our first group trip to Morocco—maybe on our next one. As much as Will and I love to cut a rug, nightlife will not be part of this trip, as well.  When we are up late, it will be the result of a dinner experience or tour. 

Cold-weather adaptability

While December is one of the colder months in Morocco, it is still warmer than many other places across the globe. This means that, although it will be warm in the desert during the day, it can get quite cool at night. If you are seeking a hot mid-winter get away, you will not get it on this trip.

Ability to ride in a vehicle for long periods of time

We have created a tour that we believe highlights the best parts of Morocco. As a result, this will mean some longish driving times, which we will break up with meals and restroom breaks. You can rest, chat, play games and read, while the driver delivers us safely to our destination. 


We need a minimum of 16 people for this trip to take place. Please do not book flights or make any other related financial investments into the trip until we notify you that it is official. If 16 people do not sign up for the trip, you will be fully refunded the amount of money paid to WorldTowning for your spot. We will notify you on or before May 8th that the requirement for the minimum number of participants has been met.

If more than 20 people are interested in the trip, we will open up a second week. Those who may have been waitlisted for the first trip, will get first refusal for registration for the second trip.


The 50% down payment is non-refundable, as we must forward payments for locations, transportation and tours in advance (unless our trip minimum is not met). However, should you need to cancel, we will offer your spot to the first person on the waitlist. If we are able to fill your spot, we will refund your down payment, minus processing fees. 

Final payment is due 90 days before the start of the trip, on September 1, 2019. This is non-negotiable. If you do not pay the balance for your trip, your place will be given to another individual and your down-payment will be forfeited.

Arriving late or leaving a trip in progress will not result in a refund, and no refunds will be made for any unused portion of the trip.

The itinerary is subject to change, if we find an experience that we believe would make the trip even better. 


We've outlined a few of the most common FAQ's here. Once you register and make a deposit for the trip a complete welcome email, welcome package (including a more extensive FAQ) and regular communications will arrive in your mail box within several weeks.

Who is welcome on this trip?

We've outlined above who this trip is for and who is it not for. Understand that WorldTowning does not discriminate based on religion, gender, race or sexuality. We are welcoming and inviting of all, and request that, if you join us, you demonstrate inclusiveness, do not discriminate and welcome all religions, genders, races and sexual orientations.

When will we first meet?

We will all meet for the first time on November 30th in the hotel lobby during our wine and cheese meet and greet. However, if your flight arrives late, we will see you at the opening breakfast on December 1st.

Do I need medical insurance? (Note: This is a WorldTowning Voyages trip requirement.)

Yes. You never can predict what can to wrong on a trip, and we want to make sure our guests are covered if medical care is needed. Most insurance will cover you outside of your home country while traveling, but we will need verification of this.

How will we get from the airport to the hotel upon arrival?  

We will pre-arrange transportation to pick you up at the airport. If several of you are arriving within a couple of hours of each other, we may ask you to have a coffee and wait for one another.

Can you drink alcohol in Morocco?

In some areas, yes. In other areas, no. Please see our Participation Guidelines.

What is your target age group for the trip?

This trip is open to singles, couples and families of all ages. Our only requirement is that you have an open mind and heart, and are excited to travel with a group of people wanting to dig deeper into the Moroccan culture. If you have limited mobility, you might not be able to join all of the adventures, but you are still welcome to join us—even if it means sitting out an activity or two. I, for one, always enjoy an afternoon siesta and a pot of mint tea. Plus, this can give you yet another opportunity to engage with the locals.

Is this a mission or does it have a religious affiliation?

No. WorldTowning is not affiliated with any religious group. As a part of our commitment to ethical travel, we will be donating 5% of the profits to the education of the youth of Morocco. For more information see Ethical and Sustainable travel below.

Can children attend this trip? Are they free?

Children can attend, and, in fact, we encourage it. Children under 2 years old are free, but they will need to share a bed.

How many people will be on the trip? Will you open it up to more?

The maximum size is 20 (plus the four of us). We keep the groups small for a more intimate and friendly learning experience.

If we exceed 20 registrations, we will open a second week of adventure immediately following or preceding the first trip.

What happens if I get sick from food, water, etc.? 

This can happen both when at home and while traveling. We will do our best to keep you comfortable in every way possible. Be sure to bring any products that you use from home for when you are ill.

Do I need a visa?  

No, in most situations. Visas are not required for visits lasting fewer than 90 days. You must have a valid passport, however, with at least one blank page. In some cases, a visa may be required depending on your passport country.

Is Morocco safe?

One of the first concerns people have when it comes to Morocco is the question of safety. Morocco is not unlike other countries around the world; there are issues with pickpocketing and petty theft in the big cities. However, murder and violent assault are very rare. Morocco employs a vast network of police officers who work both in uniform and undercover, especially in major cities. They are vigilant when it comes to the safety of visitors. 

Another issue that concerns women when traveling is the question of aggressive men. Occasionally a woman may be the subject of cat-calling or other verbal expressions. When traveling with a group, it is very uncommon for women to have these experiences. I (Jessica) spent seven weeks in Morocco, and neither Avalon or I ever felt uncomfortable.

Are vaccines required?

No, but before you travel overseas, it is always good to view the list of recommended vaccines for Morocco. However, we do highly recommend that anyone visiting has at least a Hep A vaccine.

What should I pack?

Don't pack too much! Functional, lightweight clothing that can be worn a few days at a time, and then easily washed and hung dry is best. The temperature can be warm in the day and become quite cool in the evening, depending on where we are in the country. A more complete packing list will be included in the welcoming emails and welcoming package.

Will vegetarian and vegan options be available?

There are options for vegetarians in Morocco, however if you follow a vegan diet, gluten diet or another sort of restricted diet it may not be possible to find exceptions and alternatives during your time in Morocco. If you are considering this trip, but have dietary limitations please reach out ahead of booking to discuss what options are available. In all cases, we will do our best to work with you, but we believe it is important to be frank that some options may be more challenging or not even possible.

Can my pet join me?

Due to cultural and religious reasons, support animals are not allowed in the majority of buildings, hotels, and other areas of Morocco. For this reason, we are not able to accept or accommodate travelers with support animals.

How will we travel from location to location?

The bus we will be using seats 27 people comfortably with air conditioning and heating. There is no WIFI onboard but you won't miss it while enjoying the views of the Moroccan countryside out your window!


WorldTowning is a slow travel-adventure company committed to helping those seeking a broader global experience to embrace a lifestyle of respect, learning, growth and giving through concentrated exposure to and immersion in the world’s many diverse and varied cultures. We do this by equipping travelers with necessary education, tools and consultation, so they can take the next steps in their long-term travel journeys. We are more than a travel company, however. At WorldTowning, we are in the business of cultural bridge-building, personal-development fueling, heart and mind expanding, and dream living. Our WorldTowning Voyages program is an extension of our core WorldTowning offerings, wherein small groups of travelers embark on shared experiences and adventures to live the world as locals on the globe’s roads less traveled. 

WorldTowning: Living and Changing the World, One Hometown at a Time


Last year we volunteered at the Medina Children's Library in Fez and fell in love with what it is doing. As part of our mission to give back and a have positive impact when we travel, please note that we will donate 5% of our profits to this organization. In addition, we will offer an opportunity for you to volunteer at the library one afternoon during our time in Fez if you so choose. 

WorldTowning Volunteering at Medina Children's Library 

WorldTowning Promotional video for MCL

We encourage you to learn more about this school and consider how you, personally, can support ethical and sustainable travel.

What’s included

  • Meals
    Breakfast, lunch, dinner from Dec 1-Dec 11
  • Accommodations
    Dec 1- Dec 11
  • Ground Transportation
    December 1-11th
  • Activities/tours
    In each location
  • Drinks
    Does not include alcohol
  • Live Q & A
    A pre-trip learning session (video, live), discussing the culture and history of Morocco, helpful words and phrases, and tips on cultural “do’s and don’ts.
  • Welcome Party
    Wine and cheese greeting party
  • Swag
    Small bag of local treasures and WorldTowning swag
  • Snacks
    Welcome snack basket
  • Bottled Water
    Each guest will receive one water per day, additional water will need to be purchased
  • Arrival Transportation
    A member of our team will be at the Marrakech airport to pick up arrivals on November 30th
  • Arrival day meals
    These meals are on your own. However there will be cheese and wine in the evening.
  • Trip insurance
    Please purchase in advance for your party
  • Departure day meals
    These meals are on your own
  • Tips for guides
    No need to tip WorldTowning
  • Alcohol
  • Souvenirs
  • Departure transportation
  • Flights

Available Packages

Double Occupancy Room
Available until Jun 30, 2019only 2 left

Since we will be staying in 5 different accommodations during our 11-day trip, the sleeping arrangements may vary. You may be sleeping in a double occupancy room laid out with 2 twin beds or with 1 double bed. If you need twin beds, please notify us ahead of time. 

As we are traveling in December, it’s important to keep in mind the places where we are staying do not have central heating. Most will have space heaters or room heaters available, but you should be prepared by packing clothes for sleeping that are appropriate and warm.

Deposit: $1450
Single Occupancy Room
Available until Jun 30, 2019only 2 left

Since we will be staying in 5 different accommodations during our 11-day trip, sleeping arrangements may vary. You may be sleeping in a single room with a twin bed or a double bed depending on the facilities. 

If you are a solo traveler and would like us to partner you with a roommate, so you can take advantage of double occupancy room rate, please let us know.

As we are traveling in December, it’s important to keep in mind the places where we are staying do not have central heating. Most will have space heaters or room heaters available, but you should be prepared by packing clothes for sleeping that are appropriate and warm.

Deposit: $1700
Triple Occupancy Room
Available until Jun 30, 2019only 1 left

Since we will be staying in 5 different accommodations during our 11-day trip, the sleeping arrangements may vary. You may be sleeping in a triple occupancy room with 3 twin beds, 1 double bed and 1 twin, or 2 double beds. If you specifically need one of the above room configurations, please let us know ahead of time. We will do our best to accommodate the request. 

As we are traveling in December, it’s important to keep in mind the places where we are staying do not have central heating. Most will have space heaters or room heaters available, but you should be prepared by packing clothes for sleeping that are appropriate and warm.

Deposit: $1425
Quad Occupancy Room
Available until May 06, 2019only 1 left

Since we will be staying in 5 different accommodations during our 11-day trip, the sleeping arrangements may vary. You may be sleeping in a quad occupancy room with 4 twin beds, 1 double bed and 2 twins, or 2 double beds. Or, we might put you in 2 double rooms. If you specifically need one of the above room configurations, please let us know ahead of time. We will do our best to accommodate the request. 

As we are traveling in December, it’s important to keep in mind the places where we are staying do not have central heating. Most will have space heaters or room heaters available, but you should be prepared by packing clothes for sleeping that are appropriate and warm.

Deposit: $1425
Deposit: $1450

Double Occupancy Room
Past Trip



Arrive November 30th. Make yourself comfortable in the hotel. Please note: If you would like to arrive earlier and explore on your own prior to November 30, that is fine. Our trip officially begins November 30 in the evening.

Join us for a meet and greet in the lobby from 7-9 p.m. Appetizers and cocktails will be served, and Will and Jessica will be on hand to answer any unanswered questions and meet everyone.

Get a good night’s sleep because tomorrow we rock and roll!

Your Organizer

7 reviews
We are a adventure loving family traveling the world full-time since 2014. We are also the founders of WorldTowning: a company committed to getting you traveling, providing help with all the logistics associated with full time travel. What drives our lifestyle choice is a desire to expand our view of the world, enhance our knowledge of a region and establish lasting community ties – anywhere around the globe. WorldTowning Voyages is our effort to take all of you along with us on these adventures.


WorldTowning’s preparation for the trip was right on point. We had such a great time. Enjoyed every minute with fun, lively group of people. Trying local food was wonderful, variety kept everything interesting. Loved the desert tents and camel riding. Shopping was so such an exciting adventure, I bought a large rug, colorful light, slippers, oils and more. Be sure to pack an extra bag for all the treasures you’ll want to bring back. I would absolutely recommend this trip for anyone who loves adventure.
By Iris Trask for WorldTowning Voyages on Dec 24, 2019
I just returned from the trip of a lifetime with WorldTowning Voyages (WTV). From our introduction to Morocco welcome baskets to the carefully chosen local tour guides, accommodations, and meals; they were committed to making sure we had an incredible time. WTV interspersed culture, history, and adventure into their activities. Jessica, Will, Avalon, and Largo provided a unique and immersive experience for all ages. I look forward to traveling with them again!
By Gina Duncan for WorldTowning Voyages on Dec 20, 2019
An ambitious maiden voyage with a broad variety of unique and interesting experiences. The most energetic will not be left wanting more to do. Those who prefer a lighter schedule will have a hard time deciding which of the fabulous activities to refrain from. The hired guides were knowledgeable, caring, and provided an excellent and in depth education on the food, culture, art and history of the area. Jessica and Will are truly in their element, coordinating the days events and making sure everyone is well taken care of. Our daughter made instant friends with Avalon and Largo. We could not have asked for a better team be in charge of the kids club. We had a fun group of friendly and adventurous participants and I wouldn’t expect Jessica and Will to attract anything less! We had a wonderful time and look forward to more tours with WorldTowning Voyages in the future.
By Jodi Burick for WorldTowning Voyages on Dec 16, 2019
My trip to Morocco with WorldTowning was incredible! I was leery at first of “group traveling” but my fears quickly disappeared. With the lead of our hosts, a delightful sense of community was built as were lasting friendships. The organization and excellent communication made a heavily touring schedule extremely enjoyable. From the iconic souks in the medinas to the top of the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara desert, the Moroccan experience provided by WorldTowning was perfect. I would give WorldTowning the highest of ratings and will be watching for an opportunity to travel with them again! Thanks for the fantastic memories, WorldTowning ❤️
By Kelly McMahon for WorldTowning Voyages on Dec 16, 2019
It was more than what I imagined. Worldtowning’s itinerary allowed us to experience so much..... food was amazing, shopping was tons of fun, opportunities to learn hands on with local Moroccans, guided tours, explore different cities, and they have found the best riads to stay in overnight. WorldTowning is the way to go if you want to fulfill your bucket list dream to travel to Morocco. No way I would have seen as much with out Worldtowning ..... plus you’ll have so much fun with your group. “We were strangers on day 1 and family at the end!” It was so much fun that I will be a future Worldtowning Voyager again in the future. ~~Laney
By Laney Lane for WorldTowning Voyages on Dec 16, 2019
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