Wreck Diving in North Carolina

Morehead City, NC, USA

Blue Planet Scuba
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38 reviews
Sep 13 - 15, 2019
Group size: 8 - 16
Wreck Diving in North Carolina
Morehead City, NC, USA

Blue Planet Scuba
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38 reviews

Deposit: $200
Sep 13 - 15, 2019
Group size: 8 - 16

About this trip

Join Blue Planet for a long weekend of world-class wreck diving off the coast of North Carolina. Swirling schools of silvery fish and docile sand tiger sharks await you. We’ll be diving from Morehead City, which is conveniently located and has access to wrecks famous for sand tiger sightings.

North Carolina

Scuba diving in North Carolina is truly an incredible experience. Fed by the warm, clear waters of the Gulfstream, it offers incredible visibility and comfortable temperatures making NC Diving top rated by scuba enthusiasts and dive publications. North Carolina is referred to as the “Graveyard of the Atlantic” – more than 2,000 ships have sunk in these waters since people began keeping records in 1526, and Olympus Dive Center knows the best wrecks to dive off the coast of North Carolina!

The Diving

Minimum dive certification/experience:  As most dive sites are between 90-120 feet, Advanced Open Water Diver and Enriched Air/Nitrox are required. Deep Diver certification preferred (we can do it on the trip).

  • A minimum of 25 logged dives. 
  • At least 2 dives in the ocean to 70 feet or greater.
  • At least 2 logged boat ocean dives.
  • At least 2 dives in the last 12 months.
  • Minimum age for Full Day Dive Trip is 15 years of age.
  • For divers who are close to but do not meet all of the requirements, in some cases the NC shop will allow you to hire one of their Divemaster Dive Guides.  

Wreck Diving: Some of the most impressive wrecks are the World War II casualties - vessels fallen prey to Hitler's U-boat fleet as they traversed the offshore waters, including tankers, cargo ships, British fishing trawlers and even German submarines. You can also find a World War I gunboat, a late 18th-century schooner, an early 20th-century luxury liner as well as a number of vessels sunk purposefully as artificial reefs. 


Sharks: North Carolina is fortunate to be a breeding ground for the Atlantic sand tiger shark. An impressive looking but a docile shark, sand tiger encounters are common occurrences in offshore waters. Often present in large numbers, the sharks range in size from four to over eight feet long! Sand tigers typically swim with their mouths open, smiling for photos, and proudly displaying three rows of ferocious teeth.

Marine Life: The wrecks are the homes to an abundant variety of marine life.  Rays the size of small cars, Loggerhead turtles nestled into the corner of a wreck taking 40 winks, octopus, eels and massive schools of fish! Wrecks provide vital habitat for numerous species of fish, coral, and invertebrate marine life. 

Macro: Who loves looking for the little stuff? We do! The wrecks contain loads of little critters and a keen eye will find you numerous small treasures including Seaweed Blennies, Sea Spiders, Nudibranchs, juvenile tropicals and that is just to get you started. Bring your Macro lenses and/or magnifying glass and prepare to be delighted with the intricate beauty of these little critters.  

Travel & Lodging

We’re happy to set up carpools. We’ll be heading down Thursday, September 12 and returning on Monday, September 16. Accommodations are not included in the price of the trip, but you have several choices:

  • Hampton Inn, 252-240-2300 (Olympus Dive Center Rate: $92/night + tax)
  • Beaufort Hotel,  252-728-3000 (call for Olympus Dive Center Rate)
  • Olympus Dive Center’s The Dive Lodge ($30/night + tax)

Cancellation Policy

Upon cancellation of a reservation for any reason, the refund of the deposit and payments made or due will be contingent upon Blue Planet reselling the participant's reservation. Any refund may also be subject to a cancellation fee and payment of any non-refundable fees imposed by the tour company, dive operator or any other contractor associated with the trip. 

Dive accident insurance is required for all divers on this trip. We strongly recommend travel insurance to protect your vacation investment. Contact us if you need more information. 

What’s included

  • 6 dives
    3 days x 2-tank boat dives with experienced Blue Planet instructors or divemasters leading the dives
  • Tanks
    Air or Nitrox, aluminum or steel, 80 or 100 cf
  • Scuba equipment
    Only weights included; rental gear available
  • Tips
    Tips for the boat's excellent crew
  • Transportation
    Travel to and in NC
  • Lodging
    Different options available
  • Meals
    There's a cooler on the boat if you'd like to bring lunch or snacks.


Arrival in Morehead City

Arrive in Morehead City and check in at the dive shop. We'll get together for dinner and relax!

Your Organizer

Blue Planet Scuba
38 reviews
Blue Planet is a different kind of scuba diving organization — aimed at providing the best education and experiences to divers in the Washington, DC area and beyond, while harnessing the excitement and adventure of scuba diving to help protect our fragile oceans.


We had a great time! Well organized, fabulous people, amazing food and accommodation that exceeded all expectations!
I couldn’t believe that gorgeous island was for real! The diving was wonderful, the water so warm I didn’t need a wetsuit all week, and trip mates and organizers made it as special as it was both above and below water. I was astonished by how good the food was every single meal. The staff from hotel to dive shop could not have provided better service. The scenery: breathtaking!
The trip was fantastic! A great group of divers, an amazing leader, Andrea, from Blue Planet, the fold at CRF were wonderful - we learned a lot and had four beautiful and productive dives.
Trip was great, and coral restoration education and experience was fantastic. Andrea is the best leader and organizer. Unfortunately, weather prevented us from diving 2 out of 3 days, and our room was small for 2 single people, had little annoyances like nowhere to plug in cell phones near the bed and only processed carbs for breakfast, and had lots of little things not working that made the accommodations less than satisfactory.
The diving was great! Sharks, wrecks, and schools and schools of fish! We also saw eels and octopuses! Josh and Heather were very approachable and easy going organizers who made space for everyone to opt-in to the group dinners but definitely gave no pressure. They addressed any problems immediately and with grace, and generally added to the experience. While the staff were all very kind and friendly, the NC dive shop (Olympus) offers very little in terms of included amenities and services. You do everything yourself: analyze and record your own EAN, put your tanks on the boat, set up your equipment, and the dives are self-guided. Lunch and refreshments are not provided on board (but there is plenty of space to put your own in the coolers and minifridge, plus a toaster oven and microwave). This was all fine and communicated ahead of time, but is quite different from my experiences elsewhere, so worth noting, especially since the prices were higher than I am used to. Most sites were about 2 hours offshore, so I assume much of the cost can be attributed to fuel. Two of the three days, we did both dives on the same site. The first day, the other Olympus Dive Shop boat was anchored on the stern of the huge wreck and our boat was anchored on the bow. It seems to me that we could have at least switched locations of the two boats during our hour plus surface interval to get a somewhat different dive in for the second tank, but instead we did the exact same dive twice (which albeit was a great dive). Only two people from our group stayed in the dive lodge, which I highly recommend for those with a tolerance for hostel living. It was very well located, an easy walk to most of the restaurants and (crucially) to the dive shop. Lots of space in the fridge and a chill living room area, plus the bathrooms were clean. I could see it getting a little crowded if at capacity, but we only had 6-9 people staying there any given night. Definitely a good budget option! Plus you get to meet some other divers, hear their stories, and get their advice on the sites. All in all, a great trip! I would definitely recommend it to experienced divers who like sharks, wrecks, and fish galore!
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