Writing Retreat Tuscany 2024

The Writing Room Retreats
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Jul 7 - 14, 2024
Group size: 1 - 20
Writing Retreat Tuscany 2024

The Writing Room Retreats
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Jul 7 - 14, 2024
Group size: 1 - 20

About this trip



We understand writers, and the quiet magic that is sometimes needed to allow words to flow. After decades of supporting writers, we know that to write a story buried in your heart, you often need to remove yourself from ordinary life. All types of writers are welcome into these immersions into the world of story and creativity.

Join Sarah Bullen and The Writing Room in Tuscany again in 2024 to write. This ancient land with its characteristic landscapes and incredible light will envelope you. In fact, the energy – and spectacular land – of these master writers continues to inspire countless authors today. So take a deep breath and soak up your stunning surroundings: the rolling hills of Tuscany, the sweeping vineyard outside your window.

Warm sun on your shoulders, filtered through the branches of an ancient oak tree. A pencil and paper in hand and your eyes dancing across the scene before you: a sweeping vineyard, silvery olive groves and the rolling hills of Tuscany reaching out to infinity – dotted with villages, towers and castles.

Here you are in Italy, immersing yourself in your words, a chance to get quiet and to be mentored agent and writing coach Sarah Bullen.  This is an unforgettable writing journey to get your book or writing project, on track. You’ll travel the journey of memory, dive deep into the craft of writing, have heaps of fun, enjoy unforgettable experiences in Italy and join an eclectic and creative community of fellow writers.

Who should attend?

​Both advanced and novice writers are welcome.

This is a structured writing workshop for writers of all levels who want to tell their story or write their book. We also welcome scriptwriters, academic writers and poets. 

It is right for you, if you need an adventure, plus the gift of time and space in a Tuscany summer setting. You don’t need to be a writer or to have a grand project in progress. You may be halfway through a novel, or on your second one. 
You can be working on a memoir, poetry, workbook, online course, photography-based book, life story or just a creative writing project.

This is for writers who just need dedicated time away from your ordinary life to totally immerse in a creative environment to write, write and write. The time is both a deep-dive into your own book, and a task-based programme to get your word count up, or finish your book ready for submission. 

The course is a daily combination of technical writing techniques, working through your blocks, finding ways to access your memories and plan your story. 


* Medieval villages nearby
* morning cappuccino in the warm air with fresh-baked torta
* strolls through the vineyard
* winding alleyways in medieval villages
* vines laden with ripe, red grapes
* geraniums spilling from window boxes
* dinners under the Tuscan stars

Some book things we will cover:

* The basics of planning a compelling story * The key elements of structure

* The business side of books and screenplays

* Short Form Writing Masterclass – LinkedIn, Twitter, Substack and magazine * Researching and the art of the interview

* Creating realistic characters

* Beginnings, starts and hooks

* Self editing and editing styles 

* Handling point of view 

* Working with dialogue 

* Working through personal blocks 

* Adding depth and layers, tone and voice  

* Sourcing tips and techniques 

* Understanding what an author brand is and how to build one

* How to launch your brand and publicity ideas


We are so thrilled in 2024 to be staying in the Tuscan Maremma region at a beautifully restored farmhouse and country hotel on a 102-hectare organic estate and spa.  All the rooms of the farmhouse are furnished in the classic Tuscan style and are dedicated to those who want to enjoy a genuine stay in the Maremma countryside. 
The rooms are arranged on the farm, around the restaurant area, facing the old farmyard, on the ground floor or first floor of the manor house. 

On the same property nestles a boutique country hotel. We have access to all the facilities which include a swimming pool as well as a wellness centre with an an indoor heated pool with hydromassage features, a a sauna, and a Turkish bath. 

The sprawling wine estate extends over green Tuscan valleys with olive groves and vineyards. We chose this for our 2025 trip to bring the best of Tuscany - good shopping, a rural location but a luxury experience. 

DATES & PRICES: 8 Days/7 Nights

Beautiful Traditional Farmhouse en-suite is €4,250   (single occupancy)
Luxury suite is €4,500   (single occupancy)

* Deposit required €750 plus payment plan

Arrival and departure airport: Rome Airport FCO or Pisa International Airport (also named Galileo Galilei Airport)

Tuscany Writing Retreat Includes:

  • 7 nights accommodation in this special farmhouse and boutique hotel in Tuscany, Italy
  • Private group transfer to/from either Rome FCO Airport or Pisa
  • Private transport service to/from all excursions included in the itinerary
  • All meals are included - expect local Tuscan featuring traditional dishes, along with locally grown produce, wine and olive oil
  • Daily group and individual writing lessons 

Not included:   Airfare,  alcoholic drinks, buses, trains or boat transportation outside of that which is specifically listed in the trip package, gratuities for villa staff and drivers


Day 1  

Arrival and Welcome Dinner  

From Rome or Pisa Airport you’ll journey to your accommodation in the heart of Tuscany. After a warm welcome and check in, we’ll gather together and get acquainted, before a retreat opening and writing introduction. Then it’s time for a traditional aperitivo, followed by a welcome dinner where we set our writing intentions for our time together.  

Day 2
Kick off your writing.
Every morning we enjoy quiet writing time, then we gather together for a structured writing class. Today we will split you into novels and non-fiction writers as we cover the basics of plot and narrative structure for each genre. After lunch under the vines, you’ll enjoy quiet and focused writing time, a perhaps a siesta.
Then, later in the afternoon, you’ll gather with your fellow writers for a connect session, along with focused writing and feedback. Afterwards you might enjoy a walk to explore the land and take in the spectacular views. This evening you’ll enjoy aperitivo and dinner served up. 

Day 3
Unleash your creativity
This morning we once again enjoy breakfast and quiet writing time before gathering together for another content-packed creative writing class.. Today you’ll look at characters, along with how to structure your plot and setting. You’ll also have the opportunity for a one-on-one session for specific advice on your writing.
This afternoon we have a fun exploration of opening your creativity and senses. This evening we’ll enjoy aperitivo, storytelling under the stars and dinner.

Day 4
Explore the past
 This morning we once again enjoy breakfast and quiet writing time. Then it’s off to the nearby village for a fascinating walking tour of this historic, medieval town. Afterwards you’ll enjoy time on your own to explore and shop. 
This afternoon you’ll gather for focused writing time. This evening you’ll enjoy a light aperi-cena (aperitivo and dinner together).

Day 5 
Spa Day and Rest
 As usual, our morning begins with gentle movement or quiet writing time, followed by a focused writing session. This afternoon is our spa day enjoy soaking in the hot, mineral pools, perhaps a Turkish bath and massage at the hotel spa. 
After lunch, you’ll have time to rest and relax for before our evening a group session. This evening we gather together to share our day’s writing over a friendly aperitivo – with some poetry and feedback – followed by dinner. 

Day 6
Write, Write, Write.
 This morning, after breakfast and your quiet writing time, you’ll be joining Sarah for our final writing session where we do more advanced plotting, different scenes all books need and the cast of your book. Today is a writing push.
After lunch  – your writing continues, as you finalize your writing project! This evening we share our writing journey and our goals going forward. We talk about how to take the next steps, including the publishing journey ahead.
Then it’s time for a special celebratory dinner where you’ll share writing, poetry and life together.

Day 7
Write, Write, Write.

Day 8
Closing and farewell
Last Breakfast then departures for Rome or Pisa.

Meet Sarah Bullen … Your Host

Writing coach and literary agent Sarah Bullen has been working with writers to share their stories and get published. Founder of The Writing Room she runs international writing retreats, online mentorships, publishing bootcamps and courses for writers at all levels of their writing journey – from beginners to multi-published authors, spanning novelists to poets, memoir to non-fiction. Her retreats have been reviewed as one of the ‘Top Writing Retreats to Attend’ by Susan Shain and are featured on the Queen of Retreats. as an endorsed retreat to trust.
Sarah frames and unpacks your writing (technical, structural and content).

In the words of one of their reviewers, “Sharing this time with them is truly a holiday and retreat of a lifetime and a perfect way to immerse yourself in your writing project and shift your life.”

Joining her is Liz Casanova, who brings a wealth of experience in event coordination, creative retreats, and international travel to our team.  

Liz is responsible for the logistical planning, coordination, and overall experience of our retreats. Her attention to detail, warm personality, and dedication to creating a welcoming environment ensure that participants feel supported and inspired throughout their journey.

She is passionate about living with joy and natural health. 


“This retreat topped all of my expectations. It gracefully operates between professionalism, deep connection with the land and creativity, and a load of fun. I felt I was given practical tools to write while also given a beautiful space to meet my muse. It was a magical seven days in Tuscany I will carry with me forever. I will tell you what my husband said when I was contemplating the trip. “Just go!” You won’t regret it.” ~ Ayla TK, Israel

“I did the Italy retreat and it changed my life. There were so many incredible moments that inspired my writing and enlightened my soul. I HIGHLY recommend this retreat. Kate and Sarah are amazing and thoughtful in everything they do. I plan to go to another one of their retreats soon!” ~ Michelle Ruiz, USA

“This is my second workshop with Sarah and Kate, I never could have written my book without them. They have found the formula to help you get motivated, structure your material, and take your project to completion. And they are also a lot of fun!” ~ Beverley Pimsleur, New York

“Recalibrated and Rejuvenated in Tuscany. This was something that took three years to manifest and was worth the wait in every way! Our group of ladies were empowered and encouraged, spoilt and embraced as we were guided by phenomenal hosts, Definitely a highly recommended retreat for anyone who wants to find the courage to tell their story.” ~ Debbie Botha, South Africa

“This retreat was exactly what I needed to find my writing voice and get going on my book. Sarah gave me clarity on structure and content. The space gave me clarity on my dreams being attainable. What more would any retreat attendee want? The setting was exquisite. The staff warm, friendly and personable. The region rich and delicious. There is no better place to launch my new journey with my book and life.” ~ Julia Halpin, USA

“This is the second retreat I have attended with this team and they deliver a rare combination of internal enlightenment and practical skills, that bring out the best in any would be writer.” ~ Jane Bond, Thailand 2022

“What fantastic writing coaches! This retreat provided the opportunity to take our writing to the next level regardless of whether we were at the beginning or in the final stages of writing our book! I enjoyed how each activity, e.g., winery, shopping, pasta making came with a history lesson.” ~ Rita Cameron Wedding, USA 2022

“If you are interested in learning how to write your book in a gorgeous setting, this is the place to go. Any retreat that includes Sarah and Kate will be amazing, full of useful information, lots of encouragement, and always heart and soul. I learned so much, I can’t wait to work on my project. I was previously feeling stuck. Now I feel inspired and have direction.” ~ Becky Strom, USA 2022

“…I was supported and held by the professional and talented partnership that is Sarah and Kate. They are an extraordinary team with heart, backbone and intellect and lots of experience with publishing. If you are considering a writing retreat don’t think twice! Do it.”
- Gabi Lowe, author Get Me to 21  2018

“The course structure finally let me realize my book can be achieved with structure and the framework Sarah worked out with me. It taught me how to get from idea to a book.”
- Julian Cowburn 2018

“I have so much clarity and belief in myself. It was just a magical experience in a tiny village with writing support and clear direction and feedback. I made friends for life.”
- Di Atherton 2016

“This was mind-blowing. I was overwhelmed by the amazing people, the teachers, the food, the swimming, the guest speakers, the support and love. It allowed me to see my life in a new perspective. The time was very well structured and we were pushed to write and develop our books with guidance.”
- Grace 2016

“The venue was magnificent and the facilitators world-class. This was more than a retreat it was a nurturing, relaxed and supportive writing journey that will take you out of your head and into your book.”
- Ana Forsmann 2017

“If you want to write, you definitely can’t go wrong with Kate and Sarah. I was so happy there was clear course content and it took us down the path of planning and writing. Finally I am getting out of my head and writing my book.”
- Patricia Harper 2019

“What a marvellous group to spend a creative week with … The openness, the impulsive hilarity, the quirky direction all conversations flowed into… made for a memorable experience. The novel writing workshop was helmed by Sarah Bullen – a master class of structure, plot, content, hooks… and a spinal tap into imagination and spontaneous crafting. Kate Emmerson drove the ship with the very lightness of ‘being’ – a carefully crafted schedule designed to remind ourselves of who we are, what we’re capable of… and what a gift it is, to be able to ‘be.’ Soul work and clattering keyboards – a glorious combination.”
- Nick Lorenz 2019

“The Writing Retreat was one of those very special and life changing events in my life. It was exceptionally inspiring. This retreat not only taught me the facts and structure of writing a book but it also gave me the encouragement, motivation and belief in my self to do it. Kate and Sarah were awesome hosts. Sarah, who shared her talent and writing experience with us and Kate who was so inspiring and motivating, were the perfect combination of talented people to provide learning and guidance, not only to write but to deal with general life challenges.I would recommend this retreat to anyone looking for inspiration in their lives to write a memoir and to find the motivation to want to achieve everything they have wanted to in life.”
- Venetia Howes 2019

“Everything worked – I wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you for treating us as individuals so that we could each go through our own journeys at our own paces.” 
- Anne Wanless 2019

“It was good to be away from home in a new setting. There’s something about a foreign country that makes you push your own boundaries + step out of your comfort zone, and do things you otherwise wouldn’t. Learnt a lot even though this is my second book.”
- Jennifer Cole 2018


I know have a much clearer idea of what I need to do to write a book that will be considered by publishers. Sarah’s approach is reasonable and practical. Kate’s sessions allowed me to stay in touch with my heart. Free time and day trips created an enjoyable balance between working hard and loving the journey.”
- Tracy Gibbs 2017

Meet Sarah Bullen … Your Host

Writing coach and literary agent Sarah Bullen has been working with writers to share their stories and get published. Founder of The Writing Room she runs international writing retreats, online mentorships, publishing bootcamps and courses for writers at all levels of their writing journey – from beginners to multi-published authors, spanning novelists to poets, memoir to non-fiction. Her retreats have been reviewed as one of the ‘Top Writing Retreats to Attend’ by Susan Shain and are featured on the Queen of Retreats. as an endorsed retreat to trust.
Sarah frames and unpacks your writing (technical, structural and content).

In the words of one of their reviewers, “Sharing this time with them is truly a holiday and retreat of a lifetime and a perfect way to immerse yourself in your writing project and shift your life.”


Please carefully read the following terms and conditions to confirm your spot in the 2024 retreat. By making a reservation and attending the retreat, you agree to comply with the terms and conditions set forth by The Writing Room Retreats Pty Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "Organizer").

1. Booking and Payment

  • To secure your spot in The Writing Room Retreat, a non-refundable deposit* is required at the time of booking.
  • The second payment* (as per your booking) is due 60 days thereafter or as per your actual payment agreement on the booking site.
  • The remaining balance* must be paid 90 days before the event.
  • Payment can be made through the accepted methods provided by the Organizers.

*Payment is in accordance with your agreed accommodation package.
For bookings made less than 60 days before the retreat, full payment is required at the time of booking. The final balance of payments is to be made via bank transfer to an international account.
Failure to make the required deposit, second installment, or final balance by the due dates grants the Organizers the right to cancel the reservation and retain any deposit or payments already received.
Organizer reserves the right to offer discretionary discounts on a case-by-case basis, which will not affect the status of any guests who have paid the full price, and no discount will become due to them.
2. Cancellation and Refunds

  • In the event of a Participant's cancellation, the non-refundable deposit will not be returned.
  • Refunds for the remaining balance are subject to the following conditions:
    • Cancellation more than 120 days before the retreat start date: 100% refund of the remaining balance.
    • Cancellation between 120 to 60 days before the retreat start date: 50% refund of the remaining balance.
    • Cancellation less than 60 days before the retreat start date: No refund will be provided.
  • The Organizers reserve the right to cancel the retreat in case of any unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, a full refund of all payments made will be provided to the Participants.
  • The Organizers reserve the right to change bookings and shall inform the customer as soon as possible. Alternative arrangements/new retreat dates will be offered, but they do not accept responsibility for any costs incurred, including airfare.

3. Retreat Itinerary

  • The Organizers will provide a detailed itinerary of the retreat, including workshops, activities, and excursions. However, the itinerary may be subject to change at the discretion of the organizers due to unforeseen circumstances or events beyond their control, including but not limited to the number of Participants, schedule of activities, and any other terms under any circumstances whatsoever.
  • Participants are free to attend all scheduled workshops and activities of their choice.

4. Accommodation and Meals

  • Accommodation options and amenities will be clearly specified in the retreat information.
  • Meals provided during the retreat will be outlined in the itinerary.
  • Participants with dietary restrictions or preferences must inform the organizers in advance.
  • The Organizers reserve the right to alter any facility, accommodation, or activity outlined in all correspondence.
  • In the event that a Participant decides to downgrade their accommodation after monies have been paid, the customer will not be entitled to any refund. If the customer wishes to upgrade in a new facility, full costs are liable.

5. Travel Arrangements

  • Participants are responsible for arranging their own travel to and from the town of arrival; final transport to the hotel is specified by the Organizers.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that they have all the relevant travel documentation and Schengen Visas (if required) and arrive at the airport on time. This includes any and all paperwork required for your country to be compliant with the country’s Immigration requirements.
  • The Organizers accept no responsibility, costs, or liability for delay or cancellation of any flights, trains, buses, ferry, or other forms of transport.
  • It is highly recommended that Participants purchase travel insurance to cover any unexpected cancellations or events during their travel.

6. Health, Safety and Responsibility  

  • Participants are responsible for their own health and safety at all times during (and travel to) the retreat.
  • The Organizers will not be liable for any failures beyond its control, including but not limited to natural disasters, war, 'acts of God,' closure of airports, civil strife, pandemics, accidents, or failure to perform by third parties, including suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Participants must ensure they have the necessary health insurance and medical clearance to attend the retreat and must disclose any medical conditions and medications to the Organizers.
  • The Organizers accept no liability for loss, damage, injury, or illnesses incurred during the Participants stay or while traveling to and from the Retreat, during the Retreat, or during any unofficial activities.

7. Code of Conduct

  • Participants are expected to behave respectfully towards each other, the retreat organizers, the retreat location's staff and property, and in compliance with the laws of the country where the retreat is taking place.
  • Any behavior deemed inappropriate, offensive, or disruptive will not be tolerated, and the organizers reserve the right to ask the offending Participant to leave the retreat with no refund.

8. Intellectual Property

  • Participants retain the rights to their own work created during the retreat.
  • The Organizers retain the rights to their intellectual property of their processes, creative input and activities during the event and ask that these are not recorded or shared.
  • Participants may be asked to grant the organizers and fellow Participants a non-exclusive license to use excerpts of their work for promotional purposes related to the retreat, including photographs and images of the retreat.

9. Privacy

  • The Organizers will handle all personal information provided by Participants in accordance with applicable privacy laws and their privacy policy.

10. Governing Law

  • These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of South Africa. The parties consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in all matters regarding them.

By booking your spot and attending the Writing Room Retreat, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the above terms and conditions.

Important Addendum
We strongly recommend that all customers have adequate travel, cancellation and medical insurance for the duration of the trip for the event of any potential emergencies or cancellations that might occur.
Not sure where to start? www.travelinsurance.com will compare different companies, or ask a trusted travel agent in your country for a recommendation.

Available Packages

Traditional Farmhouse Room

This room is single occupancy and we will chat about a sharing rate depending on if both guests are attending the writing retreat. Room is en-suite. The rooms are located in a central position, a short distance from the bar and restaurant, and boast period Tuscan-style furnishings, in line with the characteristic atmosphere of our farmhouse.

The economy rooms are equipped with the following services: safe, heating, hairdryer, telephone, wake-up service, ceiling fan, free WiFi connection, courtesy bathroom products.

Deposit: €750

Your Organizer

The Writing Room Retreats
We understand writers, and the quiet magic that is sometimes needed to allow words to flow. After decades of supporting writers, we know that to write a story buried in your heart, you often need to remove yourself from ordinary life. The Writing Room has been running writing courses and writing mentorship for the past 17 years. We provide a structured system to help writers who want to become authors. Our support systems will help you write your book. We also have more advanced workshops on editing, and getting your book published.