Xel-Há All Inclusive

Xelhá, Q.R., México

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Mar 24 - 25, 2021
Group size: 1 - 25
Xel-Há All Inclusive
Xelhá, Q.R., México

Cancun Travels
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Mar 24 - 25, 2021
Group size: 1 - 25

About this trip

Enjoy all about this park with no limits, pass for a day of fun and snorkel


Xel-Haa All inclusive
Entry to Xel-Haa

You could say that Xel Há is a park that is characterized by having a great majority of aquatic and underwater activities, such as snorkeling and scuba diving. Although you will also be able to find other types of activities for the whole family, but let's say that its specialization is water activities.

The park is divided into different areas organized by theme. This is how all the activities that you can find in Xel Há are divided:

As you can tell, Xel Há is a park that is more geared towards water activities.

What I recommend is that you see the map of the park before arriving to get an idea of the distribution of the areas, when you get to the park you can download it to your cell phone through the application.

Likewise, throughout the park you will find large maps to help you find your way around. Physical maps are no longer available due to environmental concerns.

Note: I recommend that if you plan to purchase an optional extra activity, do it in advance, because if you want to buy it the same day you may run out of spaces for it.

Xel Há activities for children

I included this section separately because I know that many people travel with children and are interested in a park that has activities for them.

Xel Há is totally suitable for children of all ages. You will have several options of activities for them to enjoy and you don't have to worry about their well being.

Many of the same activities I mentioned above are viable for the little ones, from swimming in the beaches and natural pools, to sliding down slides, enjoying snorkeling or swimming in subway rivers.

In addition, something very interesting is that Xel Há has a specific area called "Children's World". As its name says, it is a special area for children (under 12 years old) to enjoy to the fullest.

It includes a splash pad, play area with slides, slide, climbing ropes, up and down, crocodile tunnel, hanging games, etc.

In addition, it is an area that has all the security (surveillance, cameras, etc.) so that parents have peace of mind. It even has a special area for parents to relax while the kids are having fun and being taken care of by park staff.

Food and restaurants in Xel Há

Talking specifically about Xel Há, inside the park you will have several options of different types of food, for all tastes (there are also special meals for kids for example).

Inside Xel Há you will be able to find 4 international food restaurants. They are the following:

Xula Vista Restaurant

La Cocina del Pueblo Restaurant

La Terraza Restaurant

Jardín Corona Restaurant

It is important to mention that the restaurants operate as a "buffet", that is, you can eat whatever you want. However, there is also the option to order a la carte.

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, only the first two restaurants are operating because they have the most ventilation. The other two will open as soon as the epidemiological traffic light of Quintana Roo allows it.

It is also important to mention that in the restaurants the tables are separated, there is always air flow and the buffet food is served directly by a staff person wearing gloves (so that not everyone touches the trays or plates).

Now, how does this work? How much does it cost to eat at Xel Há? What is included and what is not? I will explain in this section and in the next one that talks specifically about prices.

Unlike parks like Xcaret, the good news is that in Xel Há with the purchase of the simplest and cheapest entrance ticket all the food and drinks you want during your stay in the park are already included.

That is to say, if you want to eat or drink something (even alcoholic beverages) everything is included in the price you pay. This is a great advantage, because you won't have to worry about paying anything extra.

It is also important to mention that besides the restaurants, there are 4 bars available throughout the park where you can stop to rest and have drinks and cocktails.

Everything you want to eat and drink is included, that is, if you want to eat 10 times a day, you can do it without any problem. You can enter any restaurant and/or bar and order as many times as you want.

Xel Há tickets and prices

Let's talk now about Xel Há tickets and their prices, what kind of tickets are available, how to buy them, where, which one is best, etc. I will explain everything in detail below.

Let's go step by step, in order to visit Xel Há there are different types of tickets and ways to buy them.

Types of tickets to Xel Há

This is the cheapest and simplest ticket for the park. It includes:

Unlimited snorkeling in the cove with free use of equipment and free snorkel.

Ride in a tire on the river.

El Faro lookout with 360° views.

Continental breakfast.

Snacks and buffet lunch.

Unlimited drinks.

Adventure World: rope games, zip lines and 5 meter high jumps.

Tour through trails in the middle of the jungle.

Cenotes, caves and grottos.

The Meliponario and the nursery.

Special games for the little ones in the Children's World.

Life jackets, floating tires and bicycles.

Use of lockers, restrooms, showers, dressing rooms and a towel.

Free parking.

Transportation to and from the park is NOT included. 

You will have to book it with a company such as Cancun Airport Transportation. On average the extra cost is $24 USD.

For your information, the official prices as of January 2021 are as follows:

Xel Há Total Adults Xel Há Total Kids

$2,684MXN | $136 USD

To know the current prices and buy your tickets for Xel Há Total click here

Note: In any type of ticket you will be able to add the Photopass service that includes the service of getting all the official pictures you want to take in the park. The extra cost is $1,297 pesos.

Where to buy tickets for Xel Há?

A common question is where exactly you should buy your tickets for Xel Há, as you will find many options to do so and it can be confusing to identify the one that suits you best.

Xel Há park is one of the most popular attractions to do in Cancun and the Riviera Maya area, so many places can offer you tickets.

Basically we can group in three places where you can buy your tickets for Xel Há:

The main way to buy your tickets for Xel Há is directly through their official website. It is the safest option possible, you will be able to buy directly there and without any intermediary.

On the page you will be able to see in detail everything included in each ticket, photos and extra information that will be very useful. We recommend use a Cancun Airport Transportation service, for more ocmfort.

For example, you will also be able to add the services I was talking about, such as official park transportation from your hotel or extra activities. You will be able to see all this in detail and see exactly how much you are going to pay, to avoid surprises.

Something interesting to mention about buying tickets from the park's official website is that there are usually many special promotions that you won't find anywhere else.  But I will talk about this specifically below, just to make it clear.

It is important to mention that reservations cancelled more than 2 days prior to arrival date are subject to a 10% administrative fee; from 2 to 0 days prior to arrival date, or in case of non-arrival, they will not be refundable.

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