Xunantunich & Cave tubing

St Leonard's Tours, San Ignacio, Belize

Xunantunich & Cave tubing
St Leonard's Tours, San Ignacio, Belize

About this trip

For those looking  for an exciting day full of activities, this tour takes you from your  hotel/resort in San Ignacio Town  to the top of  the El Castillo, to floating in one of Xibalba’s gateways at Nohoch Che'en caves aka ''Jaguar paw''. 

You will be Exploring & climbing Xunantunich’s structures, admiring beautiful setting of the countryside before you get pampered with an authentic Belizean lunch. After getting fueled up get ready to enjoy a relaxing time in a very unique cave system in Belize.

Enjoy a unique aqua adventure through caves as you frolic downstream through a stunning turquoise river. Your cave-tubing adventure will start with a 20-minute hike as you ford across Caves Branch River. Along the way, you will witness many of the sites and sounds of the lowland broad-leaf tropical forest. Once in the water, be prepared to see the many exotic cave formations that are part of this unique experience. (your guide do the work for you: pulling your tubes while you relax and enjoy the cave system and once out of the caves you will be happy to sunbathe in the warm tropical sun)

Things to bring: footwear for hiking, comfortable wet shoes for hiking, a change of clothes is a must, sunscreen, bug spray, good humour and energy to last the day.

What’s included

  • Authentic Belizean lunch
  • Entrance Fees
  • guided tours
    Our friendly and knowledgeable guide you on ancient paths to a wonderful experience of Xunantunich, and Nohoch Che'en Caves aka ''Jaguar Paw''
  • Equipment
    cave tubing Equipment: helmets with headlights, vests & cave tubing tubes
  • San Ignacio town hotels
    complimentary pickups & drop offs to hotels/resorts & AirBnBs in San Ignacio town
  • OUTSIDE San Ignacio town
    please confirm name of your hotel/resort to verify if you are within area of complimentary pickups. A minimal EXTRA FEE is confirmed as per your location outside San Ignacio Town

Available Packages

2 - 3 persons
11 left

MINIMUM of 2 persons

SINGLE TRAVELLERS: please contact us at stleonardsbze@gmail.com 


Deposit: $45
Groups of 4 - 7 persons
7 left

This price is VALID for Groups of  3 - 6 persons

Deposit: $40
groups of 8 - 11 persons
16 left

 This price is VALID for Groups of 9 - 16 persons 

Deposit: $40
groups of 12 - 16 persons
16 left
Deposit: $40

Your Organizer

St Leonard's Tours
St Leonard's Tours offers great private and personalized tours: Horse Riding, Archeological sites, Cave exploration, Cave Tubing and more. We have an adventure for all. Start with our horse riding tours and let our beautiful Appaloosa Horses take you on a safe & enjoyable adventure to Xunantunich, riding the countryside or simply just relax and enjoy a riding class; then take off on a thrilling adventure through jungle tours that will lead you to cave exploration or to enjoy a relaxing cool afternoon enjoying cave tubing...