Yazmin Stevens

      Crossfit Wanderlust, Bali

      Wanderlust Fitness Retreats
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      19 reviews
      Sep 4 - 11, 2022
      Group size: 1 - 20
      Yazmin Stevens
      Crossfit Wanderlust, Bali

      Wanderlust Fitness Retreats
      • Facebook verified
      19 reviews

      Sep 4 - 11, 2022
      Group size: 1 - 20

      About this trip

      Spend a full 8 days and 7 nights training with Yazmin Stevens working on your Olympic Lifting Training in the glorious Bali, and get pushed further than you thought you could go.

      Training out of the massive Wanderlust Fitness Village in Canggu, Bali – a world class fitness wonderland – we’ve packaged an exclusive 5 star beachfront hotel, along with some epic adventures, together with exclusive meals at some of the best restaurants on the island.

      What’s included

      • 5 star hotel
        Beachfront Luxury Hotel
      • Transport
        Collection and Drop-offs from the airport, and all internal transfers between the gym, activities the hotel
      • Training every day
        Together with Yazmin, focussing primarily on Olympic Lifting but allowing plenty of time for general crossfit, recovery and some yoga too
      • Nusa Penida Day Tour
        Tour the most beautiful coastline of Nusa Penida by boat with the group
      • 2x Yoga Session
        A sunrise yoga class midweek to help with recovery
      • 1x Surf Lesson
        Get you out in the Canggu surf for constantly varied fitness
      • Welcome Dinner
        Gourmet welcome dinner at a fantastic Canggu restaurant
      • Farewell Dinner
        Celebrate the end of a huge week together
      • Breakfast daily
      • Amo Spa
        A Massage and Indulgent and restorative session at Amo in the Steam, Sauna and Ice Baths
      • Lunches and Dinners
        We leave these for you to choose which of the amazing cafes and restaurants in the region you want to try. Dining is inexpensive ($10/meal).
      • Flights
        You'll need to make your own way to and from Bali (Denpasar Airport)
      • Travel Insurance
        Essential to purchase before leaving

      Available Packages

      Triple Share

      Description of the Triple share room

      - 3 Queen beds in a two-story suite.

      - Dorm-style, open plan accommodation. Two Queen beds downstairs and one upstairs.

      - 2 bathrooms, one on each level.

      Deposit: $500
      Single Room

      Description of the features of the Single Room

      - Private luxurious room

      - king size bed

      - bathroom with tub

      Deposit: $500
      Couple's Package

      This package is for a Couple sharing a room. 

      The cost of this package covers two people.

      - Private luxurious room

      - king size bed

      - bathroom with tub

      Deposit: $1,000


      5 Star Luxury Hotel
      Right On the Canggu Beachfront

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      Wanderlust Fitness Retreats
      19 reviews
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      we enjoyed our time, but we had high expectations and were let down in some areas. Meet a great bunch of people that was definitely a highlight, would have loved some more fitness and some more activities
      By Glen M for Wanderlust July 2023 Training Camp on Jul 15, 2023
      What a week! We loved the week of training at Wanderlust and could not have fit anything more in if we tried! The group classes, weightlifting and our private group sessions were so great. The facility and staff were always in great condition, clean and welcoming.
      By Lauren S for CrossFit Play in Bali on Jun 27, 2023
      We had a great time, met awesome people and the food and accommodation was amazing. Thank you for a great experience
      By Tonga S for Wanderlust June 2023 Training Camp on Jun 13, 2023
      I had an amazing week! Met some awesome people and loved the Wanderlust Fitness Village! Some feedback: - Class sizes are really big, would be nice to have the coach responsible for the group run a separate CrossFit class for the retreat group. Especially on the first day as lots of people didn’t have CrossFit experience so coming into that space with a massive group was intimidating (feedback I heard from others after the class). It’s also really hard to hear the coach, maybe a microphone would be good if you have such a big group - Have more than just 1 skill session and make it applicable for all levels (I.e. if you have toes to bar then how you can improve on volume) so that skilled athletes don’t have to go through the basics all over again. For the weightlifting, I think it was fine as it is always good to refresh technique from the beginning but people were saying they were bored during the toes to bar skill class - Spread out CrossFit activities with other recreational activities throughout the week. It felt like Mon-Wed was CrossFit then Thurs - Sun wasn’t (feedback I heard from others). It felt like three days of being a tight-knit group and then after that everyone just did their own thing. - Brunch took up too much time of the day by the time we got there, everyone ordered, ate, etc. Etc. We would get back to the hotel at 1 and only have a couple of hours in the afternoon. There is also breakfast included at the hotel so I would switch it up by putting brunches and dinners in the schedule (although Dan was super good at organizing and booking dinner spots for us!) just felt like I spent a lot of time in restaurants instead of walking around the city exploring etc - Surfing was awesome. Great company with entertaining surf instructors! One highlight of my week - Yoga was also amazing! - It would be nice to have stayed in the actual fitness village and looking back at the costs I wonder if I should have done that instead and bought an unlimited pass, plus it would have saved travel time and I would’ve probably used the facilities more. In hindsight, I would’ve done that instead of the retreat to save money but I did enjoy the aspect of being in a group and meeting everyone. Maybe they can organize a retreat where the group stays in the hotel rooms in the village?! Just a thought! - It would’ve been nice for Dave to meet the group and introduce himself, thank everyone in person for joining the retreat, and maybe even work out with us! - The WhatsApp group could be started a little bit earlier or we could be given a date when it will be created, I was getting nervous the closer it got being like I haven’t heard from them yet and I know nothing haha - Professional photographer at one of the events maybe? - All in all, I was super happy with the retreat and enjoyed meeting everyone and had a lot of fun. It is a beautiful “village” and a super cool experience!
      By Suzanne G for Wanderlust March 2023 Training Camp on Mar 30, 2023
      The trip overall was a little bit of a disappointment. I’m going to explain why. On instagram the last trips looked amazing, the hosts (Dave and Nicole) looked really fun, the activities looked well organised and the workouts looked great. The reality was not so much. The first 3 days of training was good because there was a morning workout at 7am and then a lesson in the afternoon. But unfortunately you don’t get any other options other than the schedule that is made for us. For example: the yoga teacher was not really my vibe but there was nothing else I could do the second time the yoga was planned. It would have been better if there was an option to do weightlifting. We were really unprepared for the hike to Mount Batur, no one of the organisation mentioned to anyone how tough the hike to mount batur was going to be. This was a huge fail because the hike was too difficult for some people and she knew their conditions. A warning should have been made. We sadly only had one host (Nicole) and at the beginning it was all good and she gave us some good tips for restaurants and places to go to so that was really kind and good from her. But as the week went on she was not that involved anymore in the group as you would like for a host. For example when one girl got injured from the surfing lesson she did not take her to the doctor immediately to get stitches but another girl from the group took her to the doctor. Feel like this should be part of the job of the host because she knows where to go. And she took a meeting with other people when she was having lunch with us, felt a little bit dissapointed. It would have been better if beforehand they would let you know that the breakfast is not the included one at the hotel but you go to a different spot every day which you have to pay extra for. It would be way better if you go to the hotel right after the 7am workout, eat the free breakfast at the hotel and then get the option to go to a lunch spot with the group or on your own. The group of people which we had made the trip very fun and great. Also the driver Johnny is the best driver ever and a good laugh, the music he played was a real vibe!!!
      By Mylène v for Wanderlust November 2022 Training Camp on Dec 03, 2022
      Hi Mylène, thank you for the detailed review. Just to address some of your feedback: we normally arrange for 1 host for every 15 guests, which was a good fit for your group size (13). We do a schedule of activities given we try and pack a lot of adventure and fitness into the week, but guests are free to not participate in some activities if they elect to. Regarding the surf accident, the host offered immediate support which the guest declined and went to brunch. Only after brunch did she decide to have the cut looked at. Thats great feedback around the breakfast & brunch options - we try to juggle giving guests access to the great hotel buffet as well as sharing experiences at some of the famous cafes in the area, it's a balancing act and can always improve. We're glad you liked Jhonny - he's the best driver ever. Again, thanks for the feedback, and we'd love to see you back here another time - reach out to us directly for a discount. thank you
      By Wanderlust Fitness Retreats on Dec 07, 2022
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      I recently spent a week on the Wanderlust retreats with Sonny Webster and I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. It was so well organised, the location was amazing, everyone was welcoming and accommodating at all times and I met some exceptional individuals. Thank you to everyone who made it happen. Amy
      By Amy M on 01 Jun, 2019
      Just returned from the most amazing 2 weeks in Bali! One week was spent at the Sonny Webster retreat with Wanderlust! What a blast we had. Organisation was A+, the team went above and beyond making sure every need was met! The accommodation was mind blowing, the restaurants we went to were sensational and above all else Sonny was just a wealth of knowledge!!! In the first session I got two nuggets and every session after. I pb’d several lifts which I wanted. I highly recommend these retreats. Bali is an amazing place to visit and with a guide like this even better. Thanks ?
      By Meagan S on 30 May, 2019
      Only been back a few days from the Sonny Webster retreat with wanderlust and I immediately want to go back ! Everything from start to finish was truly fantastic. Even though I came with a friend I absolutely would have no hesitation in going on my own . Everyone makes you feel so welcome. Seriously considering if I can squeeze another one in before the year is out !
      By Claire B on 30 May, 2019