Yoga & Acroyoga Safari Retreat - March 2022

Namaste Yoga Safari Namibia
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7 reviews
Mar 27 - Apr 3, 2022
Group size: 4 - 10
Yoga & Acroyoga Safari Retreat - March 2022

Namaste Yoga Safari Namibia
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7 reviews

Mar 27 - Apr 3, 2022
Group size: 4 - 10

About this trip

Explore and discover some of the most spectacular locations in Namibia with Anna and Marcel, whilst also focusing on your yoga practice in the beautiful natural surroundings.  

Days will be filled with adventure at the Skeleton Coast, wildlife game viewing at Etosha National Park, and wellness at a Private Game Reserve. The retreat is open to complete beginners and an intro to acro in a fun and playful way. 

Most days start with a morning yoga practice out in nature, the beach or desert. After a healthy breakfast to kick start your adventurous filled days, time will be spent on an excursion with professional guides specific to the area, a chance to really get to see the country and what makes it so unique. After lunch take some time to relax and enjoy the “holiday” part of this adventure or head off for another activity. As the days draw to a close, you will find yourself back in nature for an afternoon yoga practice. There is nothing quite like experiencing the sounds of nature, wide open spaces and breathtaking views to inspire relaxation and to find inner peace.

ABOUT Namibia

A country that will feed your Soul...

Bordering the Atlantic Ocean, Angola, Zambia, Botswana and South Africa, it has something exciting to do for everyone. Whether you love animals, birds, nature, the ocean, the desert or extreme sports, its got it all.  

Travelling through Namibia awakens your emotions and senses – colors become brighter, smells more intense and you taste more appreciative. Your sixth sense finds its mystical home and above all, you feel re-connected with your soul!

Namibia, nicknamed the Gem of Africa, got its name from the Namib Desert, the oldest desert in the world and one of the highest sand dunes in the world. Namibia boasts remarkable natural attractions such as the Namib Desert, Etosha National Park, Fish River Canyon Park and the Kalahari Desert. Its majestic landscape and natural environment offers a unique flora and fauna population with an abundant variety of wildlife.

Namibia’s greatest Wildlife sanctuary, the Etosha National Park is situated in the Northern part of the country. This game park is unlike any other and photographs of animals in front of the pan make this very unique and a special place to visit. It boasts an impressive offer of over 114 species of mammals and 340 species of birds. Etosha has exceptional wildlife including black Rhino, Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Wildebeest, Giraffe, Hyena, Zebra, Springbok, Kudu, Gemsbok and Eland. Etosha is incredible and if the game viewing itself is not impressive enough, the Etosha Pan definitely is, as it is even visible from space. Let that be an indicator as to it’s sheer size. It is believed to have formed millions of years ago for the first time. As long as 16,000 years ago, the Kunene River flowed from Angola into Namibia and all the way down to Etosha, where a huge lake formed for a long time. But due to earth movements the river changed course and resulted in it ending in the Atlantic Ocean instead. As the lake slowly dried up this left the salt pan behind.The Etosha Pan covers a quarter of the entire area of the Etosha National Park and is known to be 130km long and up to 50km’s wide in certain parts, which makes this the largest salt pan in Africa. Numerous waterholes are found throughout the park and these provide the much-needed water to the animals, especially during the dry season. As the area is mostly sparse, the animals have adapted to drink during the heat of the day when predators are mostly inactive, making it safe for them to venture out into the open and congregate at waterholes.

Swakopmund is a coastal city in Namibia, west of the capital, Windhoek. Its sandy beaches face the Atlantic Ocean. Established by German colonists in 1892, with German Colonial Architecture, palm trees, good restaurants and gift shops, it has a laid back feel to it. A small part of the population is still German-speaking. For the more adventurous, there are a variety of extreme sports from skydiving, quad biking, fat wheel biking, ocean safaris, dune boarding and surfing.
The Skeleton Coast is an area that spans from the border with South Africa in the south to the border with Angola in the north. This section runs along the coastline and is for the most part open, vast and undiscovered, especially as you depart from the coastal town of Swakopmund and head north through the Skeleton Coast Park. The area got its name from the whale and seal bones found on shore from the past whaling industry, although in more recent years, received the name from sailors who feared sailing the coast due to the epic winds and unpredictable changing sandbanks that resulted in a number of shipwrecks, of which some of the oldest can still be seen today. Although it may sound like an area with an eerie past, it is indeed an area diverse and full of animal life. The coast itself is inhabited by millions of Cape Fur Seals, of which the largest colony, call Cape Cross their breeding ground. Desert adapted flora and fauna are found all along the Skeleton Coast. Fog rolls in from the coast caused by the icy Benguela Current in the Atlantic Ocean. When this meets the warm desert air, this creates precious water for the plants and animals that miraculously survive in this unforgiving environment. Welwitschias and Lithops flourish and more than a hundred species of lichen can be found on the gravel plains and mountain slopes. These composite organisms are ever changing in color as they absorb the moisture in the air from the fog making its way inland. A diverse array of bird life can be enjoyed in the area including many species of raptors as well as many smaller, more common species and along the coast the sea birds such as flamingos and pelicans. Over 247 species have been recorded in the Skeleton Coast National Park.

The famous rolling sand dunes of the Namib Desert surround the marvel known as Sossusvlei, which is situated in the Namib Naukluft National Park, one of the largest conservation areas in Africa. A visit to Namibia is not complete without experiencing this incredible white salt pan and the red dunes that make it so popular. After all, these monstrous dunes are some of the largest that can be found in the world, reaching heights of 400 meters. In some ways the beauty of this area is eerie as you can almost hear whispers on the wind that softly kisses the crescents of the dunes. What makes it so overwhelming is the knowledge that the sheer size of the dunes were created by wind over millions of years. Ever changing and growing, the dunes remain one of the most amazing phenomenon’s you will ever get to see.

“The area is simply breathtaking and no words or photographs can really do it justice. At sunrise and sunset the light highlights the dunes and brings to life the multitude of colors which give it depth and dimension”

Sossusvlei means “dead-end marsh”, which is fitting as this is where the dunes meet, roughly 60km east of the Atlantic Ocean, and prevent the Tsauchab River from flowing any further. The Namib Desert has long last seen rain to allow the river to run this far south and for this reason the pan is almost always dry. If very heavy rains are received then the pan can become flooded and understandably this then offers a completely different spectacle for visitors to travel far and wide to come and capture. Once flooded it can remain this way for up to a year before the water disappears again. Despite the fact that this area is dry and gets extremely hot during the peak in summer months, there is a large amount of animal life, bird life and plant life that still thrives here. Incredibly adapted to withstand the harsh environment they call home.

ABOUT Anna Karides

Anna Karides is a leading Yoga and AcroYoga teacher based in the UK and has been teaching for over a decade. She has international teaching and training experience and has been featured in leading publications from Vogue to The Guardian and named OM Magazine's Yoga teacher of the month. Anna has been teaching in London’s leading yoga studios (Bodyism, Triyoga, Indaba) and is a proud Lululemon Athletica legacy ambassador. Her classes are challenging and reflect her passion for backbends, arm balances and inversions but can also have a therapeutic focus. 


INSTAGRAM: @annakaridesyoga 

ABOUT Marcel Vosloo

I have been leading yoga retreats for over 4 years in Namibia where I also grew up and worked as a travel consultant. If you want to see and experience the best that Namibia has to offer, where days are filled with adventure and mindful yoga flows in nature, stay in carefully handpicked lodges close to all the National Parks and encounter wildlife up close and personal, then you have come to the right place. 

Our retreats are taught by local and international yoga teachers and we welcome all levels from beginners to advance. Morning sessions are a combination of vinyasa flows, meditation and breathing techniques to energize you for the day, where afternoon session are more relaxed as the sun sets and animals come out to play.  All our retreats are personalised and groups are small for the perfect group experience. We’ve had beginners to advanced to yoga teachers joining our retreats and even a few repeat guests coming for a second and third time. You really don’t have to worry about anything as we’ve got you covered from day 1, so pack your bag and join us for one of our yoga retreats. Leave with gratitude, love for yourself and all living beings. 

"It's about you and connecting with yourself and nature, being mindful and having an adventure of a life time".


INSTAGRAM: @namaste_yoga_safari

What’s included

  • 1
    Yoga teacher + host
  • 7
    Nights accommodation at 3 different venues
  • Breakfast and Dinners
    at Etosha and Gocheganas
  • Breakfast
    in Swakopmund at Desert Breeze Lodge
  • 2
    Game drives to Etosha National Park
  • All
    Park Fees
  • 1
    Welcoming Gift
  • Road Transport
    for the whole retreat
  • 2
    Airport transfers
  • Professional guides
    for all activities and game drives
  • Passenger
    liability insurance
  • Insurance
    Travel Insurance
  • Flights
    International and local
  • Gratuity
  • Laundry
  • Dinners
    in Swakopmund
  • All
    drinks, bottled water and alcoholic beverages
  • Optional activities
    at all 3 locations
  • Scenic Flight
    to Sossusvlei
  • All lunches

Available Packages

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Day 1
Welcome to Namibia

Sunday, 7 March

On arrival at Windhoek International Airport or Walvis Bay Airport, you will be met and the Namibian Yoga Safari Adventure will begin. Our first destination is Swakopmund, a coastal holiday town where the Ocean meets the Desert. It has a laid back feel to it with palm trees, good restaurants and gift shops. For the more adventurous, there are a  variety of extreme sports, from skydiving, quad biking, fat wheel biking, ocean safaris, dune boarding and surfing.

We will be staying in luxury and style at Desert Breeze Lodge for the first 3 nights, overlooking the dunes of the Namib Desert. A short drive from central Swakopmund, its spectacular location provides peace and tranquility away from the bustling town, and the privilege of savoring the ancient Namib Desert. Surrounded by the colorful and unique architecture contrasting, but yet fitting in with the desert landscape, it will sooth any soul. The luxury bungalows with their creative atmosphere and the friendly staff will make your stay one to remember. Once at Desert Breeze Lodge, settle into your luxurious accommodation, then meet for a beautiful sunset yoga session overlooking the spectacular Namib Desert. 

Breakfasts will be at Desert Breeze, lunches and dinners at various cafes’s and restaurants.

Your Organizer

Namaste Yoga Safari Namibia
7 reviews
Namaste Yoga Safari is a wellness travel company specialising in yoga holidays in Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Malawi offering several unique ways to enjoy the soul of Africa and explore its diverse wonders. Whether you are in search of adventure, wildlife or transformation, all of our yoga retreats combine mindfulness, renewal, relaxation and self-reflection. You will not only leave with gratitude and love for yourself and all living beings, but as a friend for life.”


An absolutely epic trip led by a really special human! This was a much-needed adventure and mental break, and it truly exceeded my expectations. I loved the combo of wildlife, adventure and yoga, and Marcel took such amazing care of us. The group was awesome too; we instantly connected, which made the journey even more fun. Marcel, thank you SO much for showing us your beautiful country! I feel lucky to have experienced Namibia alongside you, and to have left with so many amazing photos, memories & new friends xoxo
By Jena D for 11 Day Namibia Highlights - Sept/Oct 2021 on 28 Oct, 2021
Jena, I can't express how grateful I am to have met you and all the other girls, each one of you made this trip so special and memories will surely last a life time. Miss you loads already I can't wait to visit you some time soon and you can show me around New York;) Much love from Nam x
By Namaste Yoga Safari Namibia on 01 Nov, 2021
The most perfect trip to all of Namibia’s highlights! Marcel was the most amazing guide, and made sure our trip was the best it could be every step of the way. Having the chance to do yoga every day was a nice way to carve out time to reflect on the long, exciting days we had. Definitely will be signing up for another trip with Marcel soon!!
By Meriel S for 11 Day Namibia Highlights - Sept/Oct 2021 on 14 Oct, 2021
Meriel, I really can't wait to meet up with you again, whether or not it is on another yoga retreat. Your good energy and your constant big smile is so infectious, truly a beautiful soul and loads of fun to hang out with. This is really a trip close to my heart and these amazing memories will be treasured forever. Send my love to Jimmmmmy boy x Marcel
By Namaste Yoga Safari Namibia on 15 Oct, 2021
Absolutely phenomenal trip and worth every penny. It was the perfect balance of yoga, wildlife, adventure, and relaxation, and I left feeling like I truly saw Namibia. It was a great group of people, and Marcel is wonderful and so welcoming and knowledgeable about the country. 100% highly recommend!
By Lauren V for 11 Day Namibia Highlights - Sept/Oct 2021 on 11 Oct, 2021
Awwwww thank you Lauren, this means so much to me and I am SO HAPPY that you had such a wonderful time. Hope that our paths cross somewhere again in the near future...who knows, maybe even Iceland;) Much love to you and a BIG hug X
By Namaste Yoga Safari Namibia on 12 Oct, 2021
What a wonderful 11 days. The trip was packed with touristic gems: safari, boat trip, walking the dunes, eating under the night sky, spa and of course yoga. The trip was so well organized and wonderfully balanced. This is thanks to Marcel who makes you immediately feel at home and goes out of her way to make this trip unforgettable. She is a wonderful host and person. I highly recommend this trip!
By Karin S for 11 Day Namibia Highlights - Sept/Oct 2021 on 05 Oct, 2021
Karli, thank you so much and my heart is absolutely full after meeting you all and sharing this experience with you. Sending you much love and hope to see you soon xxx
By Namaste Yoga Safari Namibia on 05 Oct, 2021
This is a real gift to give yourself! Namibia with its wildlife, beautiful landscape is simply stunning! The yoga was perfectly balanced and just what you needed to recharge and renew your batteries. It truly has been an amazing experience. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect. Thank you, Marcel for an amazing experience!!!
By Annette W for 11 Day Namibia Highlights - Sept/Oct 2021 on 04 Oct, 2021
Annette, even though Namibia was so nice to us, without all of you lovely ladies it would not have been the same. I am so grateful for all of you and can not wait till we connect again some time in the future. Much love to you xxx
By Namaste Yoga Safari Namibia on 05 Oct, 2021
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