Yoga and Detox/Wellness Retreat

Olympia, WA, USA

Jun 28 - 30, 2019
Group size: 10 - 15
Yoga and Detox/Wellness Retreat
Olympia, WA, USA

Jun 28 - 30, 2019
Group size: 10 - 15

About this trip

You will detox from electronics, coffee, alcohol, flour, dairy, processed foods, driving, and over stimulation.  There is the option for having animal protein and grains if you need less of a detox. You will spend the weekend doing yoga, walking, resting, getting healing sessions of acupuncture and sound healing, and eating an organic vegan/healthy diet.

 You will have nutrient dense juice in the morning, for example; apple, cucumber, greens, ginger, and lemon. and a half an hour later you will have a protein smoothie with a banana, avocado, blueberries almond milk and protein powder.   Later you will enjoy a delicious vegan lunch then enjoy a nap or walk, some yoga, and later on a delicious vegan dinner.  

We will be offering educational sessions on with a Nutrition Expert on The Basic of Detoxing, Juicing 101, Cleansing Your Kitchen, and How to Ease out of Your Detox and/or Go Deeper.  

Our yoga sessions will be very relaxing and nourishing with a focus on Yin and Restorative Yoga.

We have two healing sessions of Sound Healing with Robin Landsong and Group Acupuncture with a short lecture on how acupuncture works.  Massage will also be available in the spa at the Inn all weekend (preregistration is required).

You have the option of staying an extra night at the Inn for a wonderful rate.

You will leave feeling refreshed, energized, present, and joyful. 

Yoga and Detox/Wellness Retreat

Swantown Inn In Olympia, WA

 1431 11th Ave SE, Olympia, WA 98501 

What’s included

  • All meals
    Friday, dinner; Saturday, breakfast smoothies and organic juice, lunch, and dinner; Sunday, lunch smoothies and juice, lunch to-go.
  • 4 Yoga Sessions
    Enjoy 4 yoga sessions: yin (deep stretching yoga), chakra balancing yoga, restorative yoga, and yoga with a focus on detoxing the organs. These are all gentle yoga sessions for all levels.
  • Sound Healing
    Robin Landsong will join us with a healing session of singing medicine and sound healing with her singing bowls.
  • Health Coaching Session
    20-30 minute consultation with our Detox and Nutrition Specialist, John Farinelli, one week before the retreat.
  • Juicing Lecture
    Learn the benefits of juicing, what type of juicer to use, what to do with the pulp, try 5 great recipes, how to go into and ease out of a juice cleanse safely, and more.
  • Methods of Detox Lecture
    Learn simple techniques to detox the body: sauna, skin brushing, enemas, juicing, massage, tongue scraping, activated charcoal, herbs, and more. You will learn how to do all of these safely.
  • Cleansing your Kitchen
    Learn how to purchase and keep your food so that you are getting the most nutrition from it. You will learn the best types of sugars, flours, and coffee.
  • Life/Vision Collage
    You will make a vision board with what we want to bring into our lives for the rest of 2019.
  • Detox Binder
    You will receive a binder with juicing recipes, reflection questions, simple yoga sequences to do at home, recipes to continue your detox, and more.
  • Group Acupuncture
    You wil have an acupuncturist talk about how acupuncture helps detoxing and other ailments. Then you will receive an acupuncture treatment on your yoga mat.
  • Discounts
    Attendees will receive discounts at Oly Float for infrared sauna and floating.
  • Easing Out of the Detox
    You will learn how to ease out of the detox or/and go into a juice and protein smoothie cleanse.

Available options


Retreat Schedule
June 28-30, 2019


4:00-5:00          Check-in, read through your binder, settle into your room, explore the Inn 

5:00-6:15 pm     Flow Yoga with a focus on detoxing the mind and body.  This class feels great for all levels
6:30-7:30           Dinner and Intro.  Round robin; why do you want to detox?  Lecture on benefits of detoxing, what to expect, and go over schedule for the weekend.  We will finish by answering questions.
8:00-9:00          Sound Healing 


7:00-8:00am  Yoga with a focus on cleansing the liver
8:00-8:30        Protein smoothies
8:30-9:30        Juicing then lecture on benefits of juicing and smoothies with tips and tricks for the best recipes for high nutrition, low sugar, and great taste.
9:30-11:00        Group Acupuncture and relaxation
11:00-12:30       Free Time: walk/sauna/ nap/ relax
12:30-1:30         Lunch
1:30-3:30          Life/year vision with art
3:30-4:00         Free Time: walk, nap, continue with your art.
4:00-5:00        Methods of detox: drinking enough good water, skin brushing, enemas, healthy bowel movements, clean diet, sauna, herbs, protein, lowering stress, light exercise, yoga, tongue scraping, and massage.
5:00-6:00         Yoga with a focus on detoxing the mind/body.
6:30-7:30          Dinner
8:00- 9:30         Special Guest 


 7:00-8:00am   Yoga with a focus on cleansing the chakras
8:00-8:30am    Smoothies and tea
8:30-9:30          Walk to Peace Love and Raw
9:30-10:00        Taste test different yummy foods, then get lunch to-go
10:00-10:30      Walk back
11:00-12:00       Lecture on how to cultivate eating habits that will make you feel great! 
12:00-12:30       Closing Circle 

Who’s Going

Your Organizer

Blissful Life
Vanessa Charles is a 200-hour registered yoga teacher, with over 1000 hours of teaching in yoga studios, state offices, Universities, and gyms. She has a Bachelor of Arts with a focus in Sustainable Living, and has been organizing yoga and detox retreats since 2007. She has coordinated over ten yoga and detox retreats- San Juan Islands, Gig Harbor, Hood Canal, and in Olympia. She also coordinates Wellness retreats in Hawaii,the Caribbean, and Colorado. f