Yoga and Safari Healing Retreat

West Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Marissa Lipovsky
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May 29 - Jun 6, 2020
Group size: 1 - 6
Yoga and Safari Healing Retreat
West Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Marissa Lipovsky
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Deposit: $1500
May 29 - Jun 6, 2020
Group size: 1 - 6

About this trip

Renew your spirit in Tanzania's great plains. Experience a week of healing yoga, meditation, safari, and cultural immersion. Your week at Africa Amini Life Maasai lodge will leave you feeling grounded in your body, free in your mind, and light in your soul. Commit to practicing yoga 1-2 times per day, daily meditation and group healing sessions amongst the most beautiful landscape East Africa has to offer. Learn from the Maasai their herbal healing traditions, and join a 3 day safari to the stunning National Parks in Northern Tanzania (Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro Crater). Enjoy meals created from fresh, local and (when possible) organic foods, cultivated from the fertile land of the Kilimanjaro region. We will close out our retreat by taking our personal work "off the mat" to engage mindfully with the community in which we are staying.  

We will honor this land where humanity began through ceremony, song, and dance. We will honor our teachers, our ancestors, and all of those who have come before us. We will travel mindfully and tread lightly on this beautiful soil, seeking to learn with all aspects of ourselves. 

If you are looking to reset, renew, and restore in one of the most beautiful and healing places on Earth, join us for this incredible adventure. This is not necessarily a fitness retreat, it is a sacred journey of healing; healing from heartbreak, trauma, loss, or just healing from the struggles of modern life. This journey is open to all levels, from beginning practitioners through advanced. This journey is open to all souls! Every person, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, body type, religion, is welcome here. May there never be requirements for health and healing to take place. If you are financially unable to commit to this trip, please reach out, as there may be funding available from outside sources. 

*A portion of the proceeds from this trip go to benefit Amani Light , a non profit organization bringing yoga and mindfulness practices to youth in Tanzania, and offering Tanzania yoga retreats to at-risk youth from America. 

Additional Travel

9 days in East Africa is a splendid amount of time to spend, however, if you would like to extend your journey to include a few days of personalized healing with an herbalist, more countries or a few more stops, we can help you plan and offer advice. Please let us know if you would like to add more days onto your trip for a visit to Zanzibar, a climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro (both in Tanzania), a visit to other local towns or tribes in Moshi or Arusha, trekking to see the Mountain Gorillas (in Rwanda) or just a few more days at Amini Maasai Lodge. Just let us know and we will help to make it happen. 

Practice of Healing

The act of healing necessitates our entire self to be present in each moment, noticing the things that arise; the good and the bad. Traveling in East Africa is in itself an incredibly soulful adventure, but adding on the intentional aspect of healing from some of our deep wounds, and working towards transformation can be very difficult at times. The asana of yoga will not prove to be the biggest challenge on this trip. Going on safari is a beautiful experience, but the drives can be long and not incredibly comfortable on unpaved roads, and often in hot weather. Seeing the divine each day in the earth, the animals, ourselves, however, will simply melt this away if you let it. 

Healing also happens when we detach from some of our typical habits. This said, we will encourage very light cell phone use for the duration of your trip. Obviously photography will be a part of the trip, but please be able to refrain from posting pictures (and awaiting your "likes"), engaging in excess online communication, etc. 

Payment Policies / Terms and Conditions

A deposit of a percentage of the retreat price is required to hold your reservation and is not refundable unless we are able to re-sell your spot at the retreat. The balance is due and must be received 60 days prior to the first day of the retreat.

Marissa reserves the right to cancel this retreat (for full refund) if either a) the minimum group size (5 participants) is not met at least 45 days prior to its start date or b) circumstances beyond its control make travel to the destination infeasible (e.g., weather or political disturbances).  Neither of these things are expected to happen, Tanzania is a very safe and stable destination, however it's best to have this clause written just in case. 

Cancellation Policy: 

If you must cancel (please don't) 

- up to 61 days prior to departure, you can be refunded 80% of your payments (deposit and payment 1) 

- up to 45 days prior, you can be refunded 50% of your payments (deposit and payment 1) 

- after 45 days prior to your departure, no refund will be given 

Unfortunately, refunds for participants' travel-related expenses are not possible in either case; it is strongly recommended that you purchase travel insurance!

What’s included

  • 8 Nights Lodging
    2 night stay in Moshi 5 night stay at the beautiful eco lodge, Africa Amini Life Maasai Lodge. and 2 night stay at safari lodges in Manyara and Ngorongoro Crater camps.
  • All Meals
    Enjoy 3 gourmet meals per day, prepared by Tanzanian chefs. Coffee, tea, and snacks available throughout the day.
  • 3 Day Safari
    Experience the breathtaking wonders of a game drive through Lake Manyara National Park, and Ngorongoro Crater. Witness the beauty of wildlife, and this earth in its most raw form.
  • Herbal Healing Session
    Join a local Maasai healer on your journey to health. You will learn what and how to use traditional medicines.
  • 1 Day Walking Safari
    Experience Maasai land on foot with a local guide. Perhaps you will catch herds of zebra, giraffe or elephants. Seek out natural healing remedies from the plants in the surroundings.
  • Airport Transfer
    Cost is included in price of retreat.
  • Travel Insurance
    Recommended to purchase your own trip insurance
  • Airfare to KIA Airport
    Airfare to Kilimajnaro Airport (JRO) is not included. Please reach out if you would like assistance booking flights.
  • Visa to Tanzania
    Visa can be purchased ahead of time. Cost is $100 USD
  • Tips/Gratuity
    On Safari, guides, cooks, etc are usually given gratuity for the days that they work.
  • Vaccinations/Malaria
    Please research the CDC website for additional recommended vaccinations. Speak to your medical professional about malaria prophylaxis.

Available Packages

Double Room
Available until Apr 01, 20204 left

Shared Maasai hut, two double beds, shared bathroom inside room.

On safari, room will be shared as well with two double beds, shared bathroom inside room

Double rooms must be booked together, i.c. both guests must sign up for double room at the same time. 

Deposit: $1500
Single Room
Available until Apr 01, 20205 left

Enjoy your own private space with a queen size bed and private bath. A room with a view! When Kilimanjaro is not covered by the clouds, its beauty is visible from the room at Africa Amini Maasai Lodge. You will also be given single accommodation on safari.  

Deposit: $1500

Available options

Personal Coaching Session
Private Yoga Session
2 Day (or more) Personal Healing
Visit to Hadzabe tribe


Day 1
Arrive and Settle

Landing in Africa is quite an experience. Take time to settle into the earth and the spirit of the land. 

 Guests will arrive to AMEG Lodge in Moshi and get a chance to explore the grounds before meeting other guests and practicing our first round of yoga and meditation.  You can expect to begin to feel settled and experience full body awareness through our first practice. Shed your layers of stress, travel, and expectation as you relax into awareness of your breath and body.  

Your Organizer

Marissa Lipovsky
Marissa Lipovsky is a yoga teacher, mother, and traveler who has just returned to Tanzania to live with her husband and family. Marissa has a fond love of East Africa, and loves teaching yoga and mindfulness, as each of these things has helped her heal in a ways she never thought possible. Her training is in trauma informed body movement, alignment based vinyasa yoga (200 Hour RYT from Yoga Works), and yoga for children (100 Hour RYT). Marissa also has extensive knowledge of Tanzania and East Africa, and is a conversational Swahili speaker, which comes in handy. Come experience these wonderful practices, see this wonderful land, and meet these wonderful people! You can see more of her story on Instagram @amanilight_tz or on her foundation website at: