Yoga + Ayurveda = Sacred Time & Sacred Space

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India

Danae Robinett
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4 reviews
Sep 21 - Oct 1, 2017
Group size: 9 - 18
Yoga + Ayurveda = Sacred Time & Sacred Space
Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India

Danae Robinett
  • Twitter verified
4 reviews

Deposit: $500
Sep 21 - Oct 1, 2017
Group size: 9 - 18

About this trip

Thank you for your interest in Yoga + Ayurveda = Sacred Time & Sacred Space

September 21--October 1, 2017

Our retreat takes place in Rishikesh, a yoga students playground during Navaratri, the 9 day festival dedicated to Ma Durga.

Devotion is real in India. And the food is so delicious. India is truly EPIC.

India invites you to step toward your essential nature, where you are at peace with yourself and the world around you…

Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime???

India is a feast for the senses with all the colors, flavors, smells and sounds.


Experience all that India has to offer...

Face the majestic Ganga each morning while we chant, breathe & meditate

EAT, be well fed & well nourished

Explore sacred sites, caves & temples

Kunjapuri Temple Sunrise for panoramic views of the Himalayas

Shop Shop Shop for spices or statues, pashmina or jewelry

Seva Project, we will visit a local school to meet children & offering donations

Visit Haridwar 

Witness the Ganga Aarti

White-water raft the Ganga and take a sacred float

And more...

What’s included

 • Opening Ceremony 

 • Daily breakfast and dinner 

 • All ground transportation, entrance fees & fees to guides 

 • Daily Yoga & Meditation classes

 • Ganga Aarti with Hawan Parmarth Niketan  

 • Abhyanga Massage + Shirodhara + Steam Bath (1 of each) 

 • Guided tours to various temples

 • 2 Dance Classes 

 • White-rafting the Ganga 

 • Henna Party (ladies only)

 • Design a Mala Party

 • Closing Ceremony

 • Retreat present from Danae


Not included

• Airfare to/from India book your flight to Delhi (DEL)

• Roundtrip land transfer from Delhi to Rishikesh (this is not included so as to give a     choice to the student, whether to fly a short plane ride from Delhi to Dehradun or ride by car overnight from Delhi to Rishikesh).**

Shopping, Additional Ayurvedic treatments, Incidentals & Tips

• Additional meals not previously mentioned above

**All within India travel arrangements are handled by Pankaj Porwal of Sagar Tours and Travels.**

Before You Go

Are you passport ready?

Apply for one now 

If you already have a passport, verify you have at least 6 months remaining at the time of travel to India.

You will need to apply for a visa to visit India.

I have used Travisa in the past, 

***Please reach out, prior to booking your flight to Delhi, so we can best strategize your arrival into Rishikesh.***  

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Deposit: $500

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Danae Robinett
4 reviews
Namaskaram!! I am a certified yoga teacher specializing in essential oil education. The practice of yoga found me in 1999 igniting a spark of curiosity and bliss that continues to inspire me today. I help people feel better in their bodies incorporating yoga, Ayurveda and dōTERRA essential oils. People turn to me when their current approach to health is not achieving the desired results. I support my clients in designing Lifestyle Ritual Maps to address all aspects of health--physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and even financial. A nurturer by nature my classes are welcoming to all levels--this practice is for everyONE! What we learn on our mats automatically translates into the other areas of our lives resulting in transformational effects. I am a world traveler, curious explorer and love languages. The ocean is my sanctuary space. I believe daily hugs are requisite, so is dark chocolate. I am honored to be your guide on this journey! Peace + Love + Hugs, Danae


This was a great retreat: fabulous venue, lovely people and lots of self-care activities that we normally de-prioritise in our busy schedules. Loved it. The food was beautiful although the portions were way too small for plant based food type of dishes - you normally need bigger portions to feel satiated as opposed to meat.

 The Mayan Magic Yoga Retreat at Villa Sumaya in Guatemala was absolutely wonderful. The 2 flights, 3+ hour drive to get to the shore of Lake Tititlan and the boat trip (30 minutes) to get to the center was part of the sense of really retreating, of getting away.
 Our well appointed room with its outdoor patio area overlooking the lake ( soft murmur of water against the shore), the volcanoes in the distance, lush vegetation and great weather combined to make this retreat special. 
 Danae crafted a morning mix of chanting and meditation on the dock overlooking the lake, yoga and pranayama in the Tiger Temple; followed by a delicious and quality vegetarian breakfast to begin the day. 
 We had activities (Mayan Fire Ceremony, a Mayan Cacao ritual – each moving and meaningful), as well as mind blowing massage/treatments from world class practitioners. Danae included a fun shopping expedition and dinner out, plus lots of free time for rest and reflection.
 The staff were smiling and friendly and extended themselves for our comfort. Great food, excellent companions, plenty to do and plenty of time for rest-the best retreat ever. We look forward to Iceland in April 2017. Danae Robinet knows how to throw a rich and satisfying retreat.
Karen and I just got back from an eight day retreat with Danae in Guatemala. I still see and feel and hear this magical resort in my mind. 
 I want to say these words about the retreat before they fade in the hustle and noise of SF Bay Area life. 
 1. The setting was jaw-droppingly beautiful. The word Magic simply does not do it justice. 
 2. Yoga was presented with care and respect for the daily situation of the participants. 
 3. Food and coffee and tea was tasty and abundant. 
 4. Shopping in local villages was exotic and fun. 
 5. Danae treated us to several lunches and events. 
 6. Plenty of free time in this warm exotic location recognized the fact that the purpose of the retreat was not simply to do yoga surrounded by palm trees. 
 So important to note that Karen and I felt well taken care of - before departure from SFO to return. So characteristic of Danae's retreats! 
 This was an all-inclusive retreat. 
 Transportation and tips and management of events were well managed. Our connecting flight from San Salvador to Guatemala City was delayed. Danae rescheduled our retreat driver pick up at the airport thousands of miles away in Guatemala before we even got on a plane leaving SFO! As usual, she asked for confirmation on landing upon our return. 
 When are we going back?
Wonderful accommodations, great food and fabulous yoga with my favorite teacher, Danae. Yoga classes were typically playful and encouraging. Fellow yogis were kind and welcoming. In addition, celebrated my birthday on the retreat surrounded by smiles and laughter. Highly recommended. 
 I believe Danae has a retreat to Guatemala at the end of November. This event is being advertised through Wet ravel.