Yoga Dance Pilates and Meditation Luxury Retreat

Bantayan, Central Visayas, Philippines

Monica Sharon
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Aug 10 - 24, 2017
Group size: 15 - 20
Yoga Dance Pilates and Meditation Luxury Retreat
Bantayan, Central Visayas, Philippines

Monica Sharon
  • Email address verified

Aug 10 - 24, 2017
Group size: 15 - 20

About this trip

Join us on a journey through yoga, meditation and movement while getting to know your body and mind. Our next edition of Body and Mind Retreats will take you to one of the best kept secrets of the world: Bantayan Island. 


With every detail carefully planned ahead, all you will need to bring is your swimsuit! 


Enjoy the liveliness of Cebu City nightlife, accompanied by a luxury hotel, daily workshops you can choose from on an exotic island, fresh seafood caught daily just for you, natural caves, warm turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean and an experience you will never forget.

What’s included

Included in the price of the entire retreat:


-1 night stay in a luxury hotel, Cebu City center

-Transport by coach bus with 1 stop for food (5 hours)​

-Ferry ride to Bantayan Island (1 hour)

-Transportation to resort from the ferry (10 minutes)

-11 nights stay at Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort in either a shared or private room, with their own bathrooms

-A daily regimen of workshops and classes in meditation, yoga and movement where you make your own schedule

-All meals during your trip, except for the free choice dinner in Cebu City (first night)

-Island hopping excursion to exotic, unknown islands (1 day) just for us!

-Snorkeling gear on a daily basis

-Bantayan Island excursion (1 day) just for us!

-Towels, yoga mats and paddle boards

-Free entrance to the Bantayan Island Nature Park

-All workshops and classes you decide to participate in at the resort

-Daily breakfast

-Daily lunch

-Daily dinner

-A special welcome dinner just for us!

-A private farewell cultural dinner jus for us!

-A foot spa with fish

-Cave tour on the resort

-All staff and guides who are available for you 24/7

-All transportation back to Cebu City with lunch (either to the airport or a centrally located hotel) 

Not included

-Insurance (recommended!)


-Extra personal expenses

-Alcoholic beverages


Before You Go

How do I exchange money?

You can exchange money at the airport in Cebu. The Philippines is not very expensive and you are typically able to pay by debit or credit in a restaurant or bar within Cebu City. I would recommend checking the rate right before you arrive, before exchanging money, in order to know how much to exchange. You would only need to pay for dinner in Cebu City on the night of arrival and afterwards, everything is included for you. It's nice to have some pocket money for any extra treatments, alcoholic beverages or personal expenses you might incur during the trip. 

Is the Cebu City safe?

At the moment, the only trouble in the Philippines is occurring far away from the locations we will be in. We will be in Cebu City and Bantayan islands, two places that have been untouched by terrors you may have read about on the news. The Philippines consists of over 7,000 islands, giving you enough space to be safe in the areas we will bring you, despite troubles in far away places. Cebu City is safe at night, as long as you stick to highly populated clubs, bars and restaurants nearby the hotel and center of the city. As any big city in the world, there can sometimes be crime in areas that are more desolate. We will be staying very central in a luxury hotel, where crime rates are quite low. If going out late to clubs or bars, I recommend getting a taxi back, in order to ensure you find the hotel safely and do not get lost. Taxi rates are very very cheap.

Is Bantayan Island safe?

Bantayan Island is tucked away from most things. It is safe, with locals who fish, boat, farm and spend their lives on the island. The beach is not lit by lights at night, making it very hard to explore once it gets dark. The tide can vary tremendously and change quickly and we do not recommend that you explore the beach at night due to unpredictable waters and no light.

Are there any health concerns I need to be aware of?

It is recommended that you visit your GP, personal physician, or a travel health clinic before your departure to the Philippines. Recommended vaccinations often include hepatitis A, typhoid, tetanus, and polio. Cebu City and Bantayan Island are not high-risk areas for malaria and the tablets can be considered controversial, we recommend that you do some research and make your own decision on this. Dengue fever is another mosquito borne illness to be made aware of. You might want to bring a prescription of Keflex, or another type of oral antibiotic that can help with stomach ailments. Even though you will be eating in good restaurants, and home cooked meals caught and prepared daily for you at the resort, there is a chance that you may get a mild dysentery by drinking water from the tap during our excursions. I recommend you to stay away from cocktails with crushed ice when not at the resort, as it can be made with tap water. The resort welcomes visitors all year round and therefore are very careful with what kind of water they use for making ice. 

What if I need to see a doctor?

Some of the staff at the resort are certified with redcross deal with medical emergencies. If there is an issue where you need to see a doctor, there are some on the island that can be of assistance very quickly. There is a hospital nearby in case of a bigger emergency and staff available 24/7 if something happens. If you have a minor illness or ailment, you will be just fine. These doctors usually do not accept health insurance, but they do not cost much. Should you need specialized care in a dire emergency, you would need to be evacuated to the island of Cebu, where there will be bigger hospitals available 24/7. It is always wise to purchase travelers' health insurance with evacuation coverage. Check out SOS International medical clinic.

What kind of clothes should I bring?

As the weather during this time is very warm, typically, we wear shorts, tank tops or t-shirts and flip flops, sandals or sneakers. It is important to bring comfortable, lightweight clothing in order to ensure your ill be comfortable in the warm weather. During the night, it is still hot and humid. Long pants are not necessary but could be nice for the first night in Cebu, if you feel like partying-though it will be pretty warm.

How do I get around?

We provide all transportation and organization for you! There is no need to plan anything once you have made it to Cebu. Sometimes, flights are cheaper to Manila. From there you can take a flight to Cebu which is about an hour maximum and not very expensive. If it is not too much more for you to fly into Cebu, I would suggest taking that flight instead, to save you the trouble of moving around so much.

Where can I find cheap flights?

I typically use for great deals! Also, there is a site that give very low fares. You have to pay a low membership fee per month to receive these fares. They are typically mistakes or very low rates that are hard to find elsewhere. You can subscribe at

Do I need to rent a car?

No. This is not necessary as we will provide all the transport for you. Also, the road can be a bit hectic and if you are not used to it, I would not recommend trying to drive through it. If you get pulled over by the police, they will see you are a foreigner and might end up charging you an inflated fine to take advantage. I strongly suggest against it.

Do I need to bring a yoga mat?

It is not necessary to bring a yoga mat. Yes, it is always nice to have you own, though we will provide some to use. You can also buy one from us as well, if you'd like to keep it and take it with you as a keepsake, as there is no tourist shop on the resort.

What is your cancellation policy?

A $600 deposit is due upon registration. The remaining balance is due 1 month before departure. If for some reason, you need to cancel your trip, you will receive any parents made, minus the $600 deposit. There are no refunds from July 10, 2017.

Available Packages

Shared Room Accommodation
Sold Out

This six bed room is great for the traveler who would like to get to know their fellow companions. All six bed cabanas come equipped with an ensuite bathroom to share and a front terrace for relaxing.

Deposit: €600
Double Room Accommodation
10 left

Our double room is great for couples, friends or someone seeking to share their cabana with a new person. All double rooms come with an ensuite bathroom and front terrace area.

Deposit: €600
Private Room Accommodation
5 left

Our Private rooms offer the most amount of privacy, as you don't have to share with anyone. All private room cabanas come equipped with a private ensuite bathroom and front terrace for enjoying and hanging out.

Deposit: €600

Available options

Last night in Cebu Hotel

Past Trip


Meeting your new friends, exploring Cebu City.
Day 1: 10 August
This is where we will all arrive to meet each other, dine, have a night out and explore Cebu City. Your stay at a luxury hotel is included in the retreat price.

Your Organizer

Monica Sharon
I have devoted my entire life to dance, yoga and meditation. I am passionate about travel, yoga, dance and meditation. I love to share my passions with people I meet around the world! Meeting new people is always a plus, I enjoy the different stories and experiences I hear from them and love to catch up with them later on, when I am somewhere else in the world, You never know when you will meet up with someone somewhere else in the globe!