Yoga & Dive Retreat in Fiji - Freedom -

Viani Bay Resort, Fiji

Hanna Winkler
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Mar 20 - 31, 2019
Group size: 2 - 6
Yoga & Dive Retreat in Fiji - Freedom -
Viani Bay Resort, Fiji

Hanna Winkler
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Deposit: €940
Mar 20 - 31, 2019
Group size: 2 - 6

About this trip

Spend 12 days & 11 nights retreating in Fiji, staying at the newly opened boutique-eco-resort in Viani Bay – arrival via Taveuni. Directly located at the world-famous Rainbow Reef in the South Pacific – one of the world´s top 10 diving and snorkeling destinations. 

You have the opportunity to explore – under water and on land – what it means to you, to really be free. We will discover hidden gems and special surprises during our time together: Visit places and dive sites, which often remain invisible to the majority of tourists. 

Live the story you want to tell. - S.Topas

Arrival is on Wednesday, the 20st of March 2019, starting from 12 o´clock. The retreat begins at 4 pm with a short tour and introduction. Check-out will be on the 31.03. at 10 o´clock in the morning. If you would like to spend a few extra days, please book your room in advance.

The costs of flights are not included in the retreat package. In general prices for flights from Frankfurt to Nadi, Fiji with Korean Airways cost start from 1150 Euros. Flight duration with this route is 2 x 10.5 hours, on the way back with an overnight in Seoul. Korean Airways offers a free night including transfer, dinner, and breakfast in a 4 to 5 star hotel. 

Of course you can also choose any other itineraries via Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia or New Zealand. Marina has the information and recommendations ready for you.

From Nadia domestic flight takes you to Taveuni. These are available from 90 Euros one-way. You may need to plan an extra night in Nadi on the way back. Accommodations in Nadi start from 30 Euros a night.

Marina and Jone will organize your pick-up from the airport in Taveuni by taxi and boat transfer to the secluded Viani Bay. As part of the retreat you get the discounted rate of 100 FJD per 4 people, which is around 42 Euros

About the yoga retreat program & Hanna


This retreat is designed to empower you, guide you towards greater freedom in your being and help you start living a different story. The yoga & meditation classes invite you to change perspective and embody a new truth. The yoga shala will be right at the beach with ocean sounds and a beautiful view for us to enjoy.  

Guiding you towards a deeper sense of freedom, relaxation, ease & well-being with dynamic and strengthening sequences in the morning - plus calming, soothing & meditative practices in the afternoon. Additionally, mindful practices, ideas for personal reflection & silent time will be offered.

On top of that you will get your private 50 min session with Hanna. Using this retreat as a start of a new chapter and going as deep into the topic as you wish.


Hanna facilitates this journey towards greater freedom, supporting you with her intuitive and creative mind, combined with the knowledge of yoga, counseling/psychology, theta healing and music. 

She started travelling by herself since the age of 14 and has experienced the magic of retreating - stepping out of the everyday busy-ness - herself. That is why she offers these special trips, infusing them with her greatest passions and joy to uplift and share. 

Your optional under water experience

Dive and Snorkel with Marina and Jone at the most beautiful spots of the Rainbow-Reef with its colorful hard and soft corals and impressive abundance of species.

For beginner divers there are introductory or full dive courses, which can be taken during the retreat. Marina helps with a lot of empathy and has special techniques for anxious divers to overcome difficulties with ease.

Jone has years of freediving experience and is currently the only Fijian PADI freediving instructor. Free-diving harmonizes body and mind, thus complements the yoga ideally. Take a course with Jone to learn this bubble-free art of diving.

Your dive or snorkel experience at the famous Rainbow Reef can be booked separately: 499€ for 10 dives in 5 days, 90€ for Discover Scuba Diving, 49€ for a snorkel tour to 2 different spots at the Rainbow Reef. Snorkeling at the house reef included. 

What’s included

  • Accommodation
    12 days & 11 nights accommodation at the Boutique-Eco-Resort, belonging to Dive Academy Fiji. One eco bungalow with private veranda and ocean view is shared between two people.
  • Full board
    3 delicious meals a day and one special Fijian evening with Lovo (earth oven), kava and music. Fresh fruit from the garden and water, tea & coffee are available all day long.
  • Yoga & Meditation
    6 morning & 5 afternoon sessions practiced in our ocean-front shala led by Hanna. Private setting of only 6 participants guarantees individualized instructions and lots of time to clarify questions.
  • 50 min private session
    Tailored one-on-one session with Hanna, choosing from yoga, theta healing/ coaching, voice opening or a floating session in the ocean.
  • 1 x Day trip
    Excursion to the Bouma National Park with waterfalls & visit to the date line.
  • Flights
    Flight to Nadi, possible over-nights stay (starts from 30 Euros) to take the domestic flight to the neighbor island Taveuni (one-way tickets start from 90 Euros).
  • Airport transfers
    Marina and Jone will organize your pick-up from the airport in Taveuni by taxi and boat transfer to the secluded Viani Bay. As part of the retreat you get the discounted rate of 100 FJD per 4 people.
  • Travel insurance
  • Alcoholic drinks
    Alcoholic drinks, soft drinks or fruit juices need to be purchased separately.
  • Pocket money
    Money for tips, souvenirs or extra treatments.
  • Diving or snorkel trip
    Dive packages or a one day snorkelling trip can be booked on top of the retreat program. However, snorkeling at the house reef in Viani Bai is included.

Available options

Private bungalow supplementonly 1 left
Dive package: 10 dives in 5 days
Discover Scuba Diving
One day snorkel tour at the Rainbow Reef
Extra sessions with Hanna, 60 min10 left
Intuitive constellation +preconsultationonly 2 left

Your Organizer

Hanna Winkler
I love travelling and I love connecting it with yoga, mindfulness and a unique perspective: Learning to focus in a way that feels good and take those insights back home, incorprating them into every day life. In everything I do - personally and professionally - I focus on directing the mind in a way that fosters and allows more well-being, health, joy and fun. My studies in psychology, yoga, theta healing and music support this goal from a scientific as well as from a spiritual side. Check our more retreats on my website: www. Every year different countries, topics and elements. For your inspiration and requests I am always grateful - everything is possible. Live the story you want to tell. - S. Topaz