Immerse in the 5 Elements, yoga, nature, meditation, ...

La Tica Lodge, Costa Rica

Oct 25 - 27, 2019
Group size: 8 - 25
Immerse in the 5 Elements, yoga, nature, meditation, ...
La Tica Lodge, Costa Rica

Deposit: $960
Oct 25 - 27, 2019
Group size: 8 - 25

About this trip

Purification and alignment of the Five Elements and Five Bodies through DHARMI-YOGA®

The program includes: 

- Teachings at La Tica Lodge in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

- Accommodation and meals (healthy local food) on site 

- (1) travel set of the 5 elements essential oils 

- daily yoga practice, teachings, experiences for healing, balance and connection with nature within, and around

- Access to online course 5 Elements for wellbeing and happiness to support the integration of the teachings in a practical way when you return home after the retreat. 

You will receive guidance to release physical, emotional, energetic, psychological stress through a mindful therapeutic yoga practice, contact and meditation with the Five Elements of Nature. You receive teachings offering practical tools on how to integrate the five elements to support your wellbeing, balance and the manifestation of your intention in your everyday life. 

DHARMI-YOGA is therapeutically oriented yoga focused on enhancing the overall wellbeing and balance of the yoga students.

This practice supports people with PTSD, emotional stress, victims of verbal or physical abuse. It is a practice based on intention and compassion. The five dharmic elements: earth, water, fire, air, ether are directly linked to the five bodies. This approach gives tools for a holistic dharmic transcendence.

As reference in yogic philosophies: 

Sadh Guru offers introductions to the Five Elements in Yoga

The chant in kundalini yoga: Wahe-Guru supports the alignment of the Five Elements: 

Wa- water element

He- air element

Gu-earth element

Ru- fire element 

Silence before during and after- ether element 


This experience will support you in the following ways:

- release stress, attachments and access clarity on your journey 

- detox and balance of the five bodies: physical, emotional, energetic, mind and spiritual

- self-development with compassion and mindfulness

- transcend karmic patterns to access a dharmic perspective and state of being.

- profound yogic experience and meditation. 


For all Certified Yoga Teachers IAYT or C-IAYT, we invite you to a continuing education training: 18 hours contact hours training followed by 5 hours live online for evaluation and integration. 

Program accredited by IAYT as APD 

and accredited by YA as YACEP 

This 23 hour continuing education course for yoga therapists focuses on providing a clear guidance and assessment to recognize the source of stress, to release it and to access a space of wellbeing through yoga practice. The seminar includes teachings, examples of the different levels of stress (physical, emotional, etc.) and how to guide students through a compassionate, healing practice. You will receive clear tools to balance the five bodies and to access a space of peace, wellbeing. You have the opportunity to present three case study for evaluation.

This training offers more skills as a teacher: 

- personalized guidance to your students

- teacher's skills in conscious communication and alignments

- series adapted to the intention

- knowledge of the five bodies and their interconnectedness to support balance and harmonious evolution in the path of yoga. 

Lead Instructor

Amarun, Christelle Chopard is a godmother of the 5 Elements. She is a dedicated woman who supports the wellbeing and evolution in our community and environment. 

With twenty six years of experience worldwide in holistic healing, therapies, coaching modalities and diverse ancestral ceremonies_ she is a pioneer and expert in leading people to release attachments and to access their true nature_ honoring life's constant evolution. 

She is a holistic consultant for stress management to balance the five bodies and the five elements. As a visionary and expert in healing and self-development she founded the DHARMI® Method and is a published author with a trilogy that you can find on Amazon-click here. 

Her background is in holistic foot reflexology, in healing modalities, massage, cranio-sacral therapy, qigong instructor, handwriting expert, yoga therapist (C-IAYT), E-RYT500, shamanism and other modalities. 

She is the founder of DHARMI® Method, Dharmi-Yoga® and Vortex of Energy Meditation. 

What’s included

  • 3 nights @ LaTica Lodge
  • Dharmi-Yoga Practice
    Classes based on the Five Elements for balance
  • 5 Elements Teachings
    Based on the DHARMI® Method , GPS for your Life guiding you to navigate into a new frequency with integrity, compassion and clarity.
  • Meditation in Nature
    Experience the Elements of Nature to access a
  • For RYT and C-IAYT:
    Receive 18 contact hours + 8 non-contact hours continuing education accredited: YACEP, APD 3hr Thur, 6hr Fri, 6hr Sat, 3hr Sun + 3 online live evaluation 3 weeks after the Immersion/Retreat
  • 2 meals on site daily
  • Vortex of Energy
    Meditation based on neoshamanism rituals, qigong, to support the law of attraction and alignment in the quantum field
  • Travel Insurance
    Contact WeTravel if you need travel insurance
  • Flights to Destination
    Contact: Kinkara for more information
  • extra drinks or snacks

Available Packages

All inclusive
Available until Oct 10, 201925 left

This package includes: 

- 4 Day teachings and practices with lead instructor Christelle Chopard

- Experiences and Meditations in nature

- 3 Nights Accomodations

- meals on site (healthy local food)

- 3 hrs online teachings and evaluation 3 weeks after the retreat, Immersion 

- YACEP or APD depending if you are accredited by Yoga Alliance or by IAYT 

Deposit: $960
Participation to 1-Day teachings
Available until Oct 10, 2019Sold Out

If you like to join us for one day teachings and experiences

- Friday 


- Saturday 

Including the meals for that specific day


Available options

Essential Oils Five Elements travel kit
Book: "Elements on the Journey"
Book: "Cycle of Evolution"
Book: "Mindful Resonance"
Mala selected Element for Meditation
Private Dharmic Guidance Consultation5 left
Deposit: $960

All inclusive
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Your Organizer

Life Creation Inc - DHARMI™ Method
Christelle Chopard, Amarun, is the founder of the DHARMI® Method, Vortex of Energy Meditation, Yoga-Water, and DHARMI-Yoga. Her teachings and guidance are based on the five elements. Offering Journeys of Healing, Self-Discovery, and Connectedness. She integrates ancestral wisdom and healing modalities with innovative coaching and scientific research, offering practical tools for wellbeing, and for the Manifestation of your visions and purpose. She is holistic therapist, published author, C-IAYT, E-RYT500, shaman, spiritual..