Yoga Practitioner and Teacher Training Hybrid Program

Yosemite West, CA 95389, USA

2 reviews
Sep 6 - Dec 8, 2024
Group size: 8 - 25
Yoga Practitioner and Teacher Training Hybrid Program
Yosemite West, CA 95389, USA

2 reviews

Sep 6 - Dec 8, 2024
Group size: 8 - 25

About this trip

Comprehensive, Inclusive Yoga Teacher Training
a well-rounded approach to studying and teaching yoga

Our yoga teacher training program is offered over the course of a one week in-person retreat in beautiful Midpines, CA, next door to Yosemite National Park, plus an online weekend component that runs September 7 - December 7, 2024. 

Online weekends:  Friday 5 - 7 PM & Saturday and Sunday 9 - 5 PM

Sept 6 - 8, Sept 20 - 22, Oct 11 - 13, Oct 25 - 27, Nov 8 - 10, Nov 22 - 24, Dec 6 - 8

Our weeklong retreat is September 27 - October 3, 2024 at Yosemite Bug Retreat Center.

In this program, you will experience deep personal growth as you:

  • Study in a body-positive, trauma-informed, and socially aware program that is respectful of the culture that brought us this practice
  • Develop a deeper understanding of your entire, interconnected self
  • Learn movement principles and  how to tailor then for your unique body
  • Strengthen your asana practice with intelligence and care
  • Learn why is yoga so effective at improving physical and emotional well-being
  • Go beyond the poses with breath work and meditation
  • Experience yoga in the broader context of its history, philosophy, and tradition 
  • Are challenged in a way that fosters growth and insight

We train informed, well-rounded teachers who are ready to lead inclusive, flow-based group classes when they graduate.

In this professional training, you will:

  • Practice teaching in a collaborative, friendly environment
  • Become familiar with creating emotionally and physically safe spaces for yoga 
  • Craft skills to work knowledgeably with a wide range of bodies 
  • Learn sequencing techniques so that your classes are safe and intelligently structured
  • Practice offering cues and modifications that are inclusive for all levels and abilities of students
  • Learn best practices for teaching both in-person and online classes
  • Create a path to teach yoga in a way that is sustainable for you and your students

Click here to schedule an intro call with Katy Cryer, the program director.

Who is this program for?

  • Students looking for a structured yoga education given by seasoned teachers
  • Practitioners who want to learn and practice a broad range of yogic techniques, including breathwork and meditation
  • Students who are ready to begin a path of study that sets the foundation for skillful and informed teaching
  • Practitioners who feel that learning to teach will deepen their own practice
  • Prospective teachers who value a thorough and rigorous professional education
  • Anyone who loves what yoga does for them and is curious to know the how and why of it

How is the program structured?

We feel strongly that a yoga teacher training program will best prepare students if we have the opportunity to be together in person. We also understand that the convenience of meeting online works really well for a lot of people and makes the program more accessible. 

In this hybrid program, we get the best of both.

We will meet online two weekends a month September - November as well as the first weekend of December, 2024. 

Weekend meeting hours are:

Friday 5 - 7 PM

Saturday and Sunday 9 - 5 PM

Weekends we will meet: 

Sept 6 - 8

Sept 20 - 22

Oct 11 - 13

Oct 25 - 27

Nov 8 - 10

Nov 22 - 24

Dec 6 - 8

In-person retreat 

We will meet together in a retreat setting at Yosemite Bug, a mountain retreat center in the Sierras from September September 27 - October 3, 2024. 

Note: Dinners are included in your tuition, but other meals and accommodations are not. Please read on for information about booking your room. 

Click here to schedule an intro call with Katy Cryer, the program director.

What our graduates say

Such a positive environment was created that felt self and inclusive. All the instructors were great and inspirational, so experienced and educated in the subjects they taught. In the beginning I often wondered how I was going to learn all this information and now after graduating, I have so much confidence about teaching yoga to carry with me out into the world. - Devin N. 

Teacher training at Square One Yoga was an intense and challenging experience for me.  I was 66 years old, and had been practicing yoga since my teens, without much depth.  In the course, I increased my knowledge of asanas, pranayama, yoga philosophy, and anatomy, and met an inspiring yoga community.  I am using the knowledge I gained in my daily life and in teaching seniors.  -Mary L.

The training provided a safe, loving space for me to meet my own personal challenges and to grow my practice from where I began. No one in my class looked like the yoga teachers you might see in a magazine, but the training helped each of us to cultivate our practice and identify the particular gifts each of us had to offer to the yoga community. –David D.

It was a transformational experience and my life has been forever changed. –Pallavi R.

I feel infinitely grateful for having done my yoga teacher training with Square One! It is led by amazing teachers, who are down-to-earth with such a passion for sharing the transformative gift of yoga. They helped create a safe and empowering place to explore and deepen my own practice, and equipped me with the tools to help others do the same.  -Ashley C.

The training nourished me a in a way I never thought possible. I came out of the training in awe of what my body could do and loving myself more than ever. My fellow trainees and teachers taught me that there is so much more to advancing your yoga practice than perfecting complicated asanas. Even when my body grew tired, I knew that everyone was rooting for me and it gave me the drive to keep going. -Josephine K.

Talking with other friends who took trainings, I felt grateful for the thoughtful and thorough curriculum I was a part of. I was offered a well-rounded and inspired start to my learning.  -Ashley B.

The training was a great experience that has provided me with the tools to start a new career and find personal growth in so many ways. The program will give you all the necessary tools to get into that headstand *and* find your own path to a fuller and more wholesome self. -Darlene C.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'd love to talk to someone about the program. How do I get more information?

Please click here to schedule a 15-minute call with Katy Cryer, the program director.

How do I know if I am ready to do a teacher training program?

Students who want to learn more than what is available in most classes or afternoon workshops are great fits for 200-hour programs. Readiness is defined by your willingness and desire to learn, grow, and participate fully in an intensive training program. 

What if I am not interested in being a yoga teacher?

Our teacher training is a broad education in yoga, from poses to philosophy and beyond. Yogi Bhajan said, "if you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something, teach it."  Lots of students who said they didn't want to teach at the beginning of the program and ended up teaching regularly. You never know!

Are there any prerequisites required for registration?

The only prerequisite is a strong desire to deepen your yoga practice. If you plan to teach, we recommend that you have at least two years of regular practice before beginning teacher training.

What style of yoga will we be studying?

We are trained in a variety of styles and traditions and offer a non-dogmatic approach to studying and teaching yoga, while honoring the various lineages that have informed our practices. Having said that, the sequencing and asana techniques that you will learn will be geared towards teaching gentle to moderately paced flow classes.

What if I am not able to do certain poses or have limitations because of illness or injury?

We invite everyone to come as they are. All of our instructors are trained and dedicated to making the practice accessible to a wide range of bodies. The majority of our practices will consist of simple, everyday poses and sequences. Students will be encouraged to go at their own pace and take care of their individual needs.

There will be physically challenging aspects of the program, but the real teaching is for everyone to work within a range of effort and motion that is healthy for their body. If you have question about whether the program will work for you, or you would like to request any accommodations, please book a call with Katy. 

About Your Lead Teachers

Katy Cryer, MS, ERYT500, has been practicing yoga since 2002 and teaching since 2008. She incorporates elements from a wide range of styles, from classical hatha yoga to  modern vinyasa to create classes that are accessible, yet challenging and enjoyable for a broad range of students. A lifelong student of yoga, Katy brings her knowledge of philosophy, anatomy, and breath to every class. She is the author of Yoga for Addiction: Using Yoga and the Twelve Steps to Find Peace in the Present Moment and the founder of Square One Yoga, a small chain of community yoga centers in the Bay Area. Her primary teaching goal is to guide students to develop an embodiment practice that brings them joy and leads to healing, awareness, and a feeling of wholeness. 

Gillian Hull (E-RYT 500, C-IAYT) trained in Raja Yoga at Niroga Institute for both her 200-hour and Yoga Therapy certifications, where she learned empowering, trauma-informed practices with an emphasis on mindfulness, breath, and awareness. She has had the privilege to teach in a variety of settings, including serving elementary and middle-school children in the classroom and after school, cancer survivors at Herrick Cancer Center in Berkeley, and those in recovery from addiction.

Supporting students as they learn to connect with themselves is the foundation of Gillian’s teaching. She loves to teach beginners in class and in workshops, to watch walls come down for students of all experiences at retreats, and to support new teachers as they learn their craft. After graduating from her 200-hour training, Gillian served as admin and coaching support for subsequent cohorts of Niroga's teacher training program, setting the groundwork for her later work as part of the faculty for Square One's Yoga Teacher Training. She specializes in subtle anatomy, pranayama, and mindfulness, weaving yoga philosophy through classes designed to meet students where they are in their own practices and experiences.

Accommodations at the retreat

Dinner each night is included in your tuition. You will be on your own for breakfast and lunch. There is a cafe on site. 

You will need to book your own lodging at Yosemite Bug. Prices start at $45/night for space in the dorm.  The total accommodation for a dorm space is $270 + tax. Tent cabins as well as private, double, and triple rooms with private baths are available. Here are the lodging options. We have a room block and you can call directly. It might be worth checking prices online as well.

If you would like to find a roommate, please put your information onto this spreadsheet. If you see a match, please feel free to reach out to them directly!

What’s included

  • Dinner
    We will enjoy dinner together!
  • Manual
    An electronic copy of the course manual will be provided.

What’s not included

  • Books
    You will be asked to purchase several books. They are all readily available and most can be purchased used.
  • Travel to Yosemite Bug
    You will need to provide your own transportation to the retreat center. We will help facilitate carpools.
  • Accommodations
    Rooms at Yosemite Bug may be made by calling or booking online. Prices start at $45 ($270 + tax total)for space in a dorm.
  • Breakfast and lunch
    Students will be on their own for these meals

Available Packages

Complete Tuition - Payment Plan

The tuition for the program includes all sessions and meals but does not include your travel or room at the retreat center. There are a variety of room choices. The most affordable is space in a dorm at $45/night.

Deposit: $400
Complete Tuition - Pay in Full

The tuition for the program includes all sessions an meals at the retreat, but does not include your travel or room at the retreat center, which you will book using our block. There are a variety of room choices. The most affordable is space in a dorm at $45/night. 


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Gillian and Katy organized a wonderful weekend in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains with just the right number of class offerings and non-structured time for a roughly 48-hour trip. The grounds of Pema Osla Ling were peaceful and fresh during our rainy weekend and every vegetarian meal was truly delicious. When the whole group of 25 or so were together during meals, many were enjoying talking with one another, but I was surprised at how incredibly loud people were. Personally I needed to minimize my time in the dining space, it was too overwhelming. Some entered classes loudly and late, which I felt lacked respect for Gillian and Katy. My unexpected experiences with a few retreat attendees should not reflect on Katy and Gillian. This was my first yoga retreat and I realized later that I came into the experience with expectations of a more contemplative energy for this intention setting reflective weekend. That's on me and mine to adjust and accept in the moment. I look forward to future immersive gatherings like this that Gillian is part of.
By Charis H for Coming Home to Self: Intention Setting for The New Year on Feb 05, 2024
This retreat was such a wonderful experience. I especially enjoyed the location, company, and guides. Would have loved if it was one day longer ;) The yoga, breathwork, food, and format of the retreat was perfect! Thank you so much!
By Jess D for Coming Home to Self: Intention Setting for The New Year on Jan 30, 2024