Yoga&Surf&meditation retreat | Find your Balance | Cantabria, Spain

Santander, Испания

Dasha Kharitonova
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Aug 10 - 17, 2019
Group size: 1 - 10
Yoga&Surf&meditation retreat | Find your Balance | Cantabria, Spain
Santander, Испания

Dasha Kharitonova
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Aug 10 - 17, 2019
Group size: 1 - 10

About this trip

Step out of a crazy pace of a big city life into a week of relaxation, reconnection, rebooting and revitalizing in stunning Cantabria. A week of Yoga & meditation & surfing that will let you find so necessary balance: balance of the body, as well as balance of the mind. 

What is it about?

Are you tired with the speed of city life: traffic, stress and crowds? Would you like to slow down and simply relax? To enjoy time just for yourself, give love to your body and take care of your mind? To understand where you are going and your desires? Maybe to deepen your hand stand practice? Or perhaps you've always dreamt about learning the foundations of surfing?

Then now is the time to fully immerse yourself into a week of learning, exploring, discovering, connecting, laughing and healing. Prepare yourself for a week of happiness, love and magic; a week of LIVING.

This week we will work on a balance. Balance on the legs, balance on the head, balance on the arms, balance on a surf board, balance of the mind. These 7 days it will be all about a balance.

To explore our balance we will start and finish each day with a meditation session, we will have 2 yoga lessons every day (energetic morning Vinyasa and relaxing evening Yin), we will learn how to conquer the ocean with a surf board, we will treat our bodies with relaxing holistic massages, we will explore beautiful Cantabria and we will laugh and love and live.

Besides yoga and surfing there will be a big variety of activities to choose: ping pong, beach volley, mountain biking, standup paddling, hiking, sunset picnic, life music, exploring old towns of Cantabria. Whatever you like, whatever you prefer to fully enjoy your stay.

The focus of our Yoga practices will be on BALANCING POSES, we will work hard on the forearm stands (pincha mayurasana) and on the hand stands (adha mukha vrikshasana). And we welcome everyone who works on it in their practice and wants to nail it, everyone who has always wanted to and even those who have never been upside down. 

The fundamental emphasis is placed on creating an experience in which you can relax, connect with yourself, the beautiful company and of course, nature. Leave feeling as though you have truly obtained the sensation of freedom, tranquility and peace, become inspired and enriched.

Where is it?

We will live maximumly close to the nature, in Dreamsea Surf camp in the wonderful green campsite El Helguero, Cantabria. Here in Dreamsea you will have a real Glamping experience*: living in a real tent, fully submerged in the nature, but with all the comfort you could have in a hotel.

The west coast of Cantabria, where Dreamsea Surf Camp is located, is famous for the great beauty of its landscapes and nature and also is well-known for the quality and consistency of its waves, a region with a great surfing tradition.

The coastline is a sequence of soft cliffs, beautiful beaches and colourful fishing ports. The inland mountains are sprinkled with sleepy villages and prove a feast for the eyes. A Place where you can give a rest to your body and to your mind.

What are the packages?


OPTION 1 | ALL INCLUSIVE STAY | Yoga + Surf + Full board

Glamping tent:

850 euros per person

Shared tent:

680 euros per person

OPTION 2 | JUST YOGA | Yoga + Full board

Glamping tent:

730 euros per person

Shared tent:

550 euros per person

OPTION 3 | JUST SURF | Surf + Full board

Glamping tent:

710 euros per person

Shared tent:

540 euros per person

What’s included

  • 8 days/7 nights stay
    in glamping or shared tent
  • Yoga
    2 classes per day
  • Surfing
    10 hours of surfing lessons, all equipment, transfer to the spots
  • Meals
    Breakfast, lunch, dinner | vegetarian/vegan
  • Meditation
    2 meditation sessions a day
  • 1 relaxing massage
  • Trip to Comillas
  • Flights
  • Insurance
  • Transfers
    from/to the airport/bus station
  • Extras

Available Packages

All inclusive stay (glamping tent)

Accommodation (glamping)+Yoga+Surf

Deposit: €425
All inclusive stay (shared tent)

 Accommodation (shared)+Yoga+Surf 

Deposit: €340
Only Yoga (glamping tent)

 Accommodation (glamping)+Yoga

Deposit: €365
Only Yoga (shared tent)

 Accommodation (shared)+Yoga

Deposit: €275
Only Surf (glamping tent)

 Accommodation (glamping)+Surf 

Deposit: €355
Only Surf (shared tent)

 Accommodation (shared)+Surf 

Deposit: €270

Who’s interested

Your Organizer

Dasha Kharitonova
Dasha is a traveling yoga teacher. Since 2010 she has visited more than 25 countries and taught yoga on 4 continents in 3 languages: russian, english and spanish. Most of her students know her as Dasha from Russia. With circus background, medical education, additional fitness education, passion for surfing and her personal everyday yoga practice Dasha combines tecniques, approaches, philosophy and knowledge from all these spheres to create her own style of yoga where the focus is oriented upon exploring the body through sensations.