Yoga, Tantra and Somatic Creative Process In Ancient Land

Rocca Massima, Province of Latina, Italy

Suzy Adra
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Jul 15 - 22, 2019
Group size: 13 - 15
Yoga, Tantra and Somatic Creative Process In Ancient Land
Rocca Massima, Province of Latina, Italy

Suzy Adra
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Jul 15 - 22, 2019
Group size: 13 - 15

About this trip

Explore ancient sites in silence while doing deep inner work using tantric breath work, shamanic journeying and movement. In this retreat, I have teamed up with a soul brother Peter Littlejohn Cook.  Peter brings a profound knowledge and many years of working with Kundalini energy.


About Peter:

Peter Littlejohn Cook provides training and support to therapists and personal development facilitators who have had a spiritual awakening, to integrate and deepen their divine connection. Peter helps them to experience all of life as divine grace, facilitating powerful transformation in everyday life, including in relationships and in the joyful unfolding of inspired work. By empowering a new generation of personal development facilitators, Peter is dedicated to generating a wave of peace that touches millions of lives.

Peter lives in Sintra, Portugal with his wife, son and four cats, and gives individual mentoring in person and online, as well as teacher trainings for personal development facilitators and Yoga teachers who want to share meditation and Kundalini Tantra practices with others to support their spiritual development

Join the wave, and find out more

About Suzy:

Suzy has been teaching and practicing yoga, shamanic breath work, and energy medicine for close to two decades. As an artist herself, she is passionate about assisting teachers from all walks of life in unearthing their divine shadow, as a means to unleashing their most creative life.  Suzy's approach is deeply psycho-somatic, a culmination of many years of self- inquiry, self-healing, and research. Suzy has set up a retreat space in the mountains of southern Rome, Italy called Bīja Healing Sanctuary.

Suzy currently lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with her two cats and daughter.  She is soon to be an empty nester as her son and daughter are now young adults. Suzy offers online yoga, ArtKeyTypes, and Metaphysical Anatomy Technique, a psycho-somatic trauma completion modality.  Suzy has a  gypsy soul and travels wherever her offerings are needed.  

More about Suzy and her offerings:

What is ArtKeyTypes? Who is if for? What does it do?

ArtKeyTypes is a way of working with the five archetypal elements using creative painting process. Participants are encouraged into psycho-somatic inquiry of their suppressed feelings and emotions while journeying into the elements.
ArtKeyTypes is for anyone who is ready to see the totality of their being. The light and the dark. Anyone who has already started the journey of self-inquiry. ArtKeyTypes assists with uncovering the shadow we so love to hide from in a most simple and approachable way, without having to go into the stories.

What is Tantric Breathwork and meditation? who is it for? What does it do?

Tantric Breathwork and Tantric meditation are for you if you want to fully embody your potential, in this lifetime.
Tantric meditation enables you to experience your connection to the Earth, to Nature, to Life, and to life's intelligence in your body.
Tantric Breathwork is a powerful practice for coming back to yourself and supporting the flowering of your divine potential. All areas of your life will be supported by the feeling of confidence and clarity.
Tantric meditation and Tantric Breathwork do not require a partner to be practiced. They are simple practices that work with your life-energy to empower all areas of your life.

FOR WHO: anyone who has interest in self inquiry and yoga (all levels welcome).

REQUIRED : self awareness and a passion for exploring ancient land.

This is a SILENT retreat. The goal is : Both an inner and an outer silence that come from the synergy of centeredness, groundedness and openness.

Space is limited to 13 people.

*Investment: $1500  this includes round trip shuttle to and from the airport- (airfare excluded)

Lodging fee is separate. You will have to arrange your own lodging however you get a discount when you mention this retreat.
Lodging Options:

Locanda dell’Arcangelo, special rate: Single is 40€.
Double 25€.

B&B el borgo Antico, single is 50€ double is 25€

A camping option is available, however requires transportation arrangements.

All rates are per night.

Some meals will be included and maybe communal depending on size of group.
Meals prepared on site will be vegetarian or vegan.

*** Sign up before July 5 and receive a $ 500 discount.
(payment plans are available)

Sample Schedule:

5:00 am -  Yoga
6:00 am-   Meditation
7:00 am- 8:00 am  free time
8:00-9:00 am Breakfast
9:00-9:30 am free time
9:30 -12:30 ArtKeyTypes
12:30-1:00 am free time
1-2 pm Lunch
2-3 pm Meditation and journaling on your own.
3-4 pm free time
4-5 pm breathwork
5:30-6 pm free time
6 – 7 pm dinner
7- 7:30 relax
7:30 -9:30 pm ArtKeyTypes

We shall take trips outside Rocca Massima twice in a week.

Cancel 4 weeks prior to get a full refund
2 weeks prior half the investment
1 week prior no refunds

IMPORTANT: These retreats are not a touristic event although we will be taking trips designed to support the work we are doing.
Please do not sign up if you have any hesitation about doing the work. You will be asked to sign a contract.


What’s included

  • Daily offerings
  • off site field trips
  • Shuttle
  • meals
    some meals will be communal

What’s not included

  • lodging
    daily rate is 25 euros for a double and 50 euros for a single
  • some meals

Available Packages

Trip Price
Deposit: $500

Your Organizer

Suzy Adra
Suzy is an artist, certified yoga instructor, certified energy healing practitioner, and certified trauma release practitioner. She currently writes for and facilitates yoga, trauma release, breathwork and creativity workshops. Suzy holds a Ph.D. from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Her dissertation is entitled: The States of Presence and Insight in the Painting Process. She is the founder of ArtKeyTypes and Bīja Healing Sanctuary in Italy.

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