Yoga & the Art of Awareness Retreat for Men and Women

Ibiza, Spain

Oct 13 - 19, 2018
Group size: 11 - 25
Yoga & the Art of Awareness Retreat for Men and Women
Ibiza, Spain

Oct 13 - 19, 2018
Group size: 11 - 25

About this trip

Are you ready for a Heart Moving Mind, Body & Soul Activation? Wake up to your life NOW! 

Are you longing for time out for your body to relax, your mind to expand and your Spirit  to align with the highest most authentic version of you? Are you feeling like you are at a cross roads and need some clarity about where to go from here? 

Come  join us in Ibiza to activate and inspire your Body, Mind and Soul with 7 days/6 nights of heart opening yoga practices, ceremonies, 5Elements Dance Activation™ and expression sessions-and soft intimacy practices, with plenty of 'you' time to nurture and unwind, relax by the pool or walk on the beach or receive a massage or healing session to compliment your transformational journey. 

AWAKEN  YOUR FULL HUMAN POTENTIAL, Discover your life's purpose and the path to creating lasting abundance, joy, self-love, health and an overall sense of well-being and happiness!

For men and women, couples and/or singles to dive deeper into the Art of Yoga and Awareness. A magical experience and true reawakening of your Spirit! 

Held in a sacred container with the utmost respect and integrity to support transformation as we connect we inspire, we empower and we embody living YOGA as a way to build community, and deepen our awareness and promote presence of BEING!

~ Malaika MaVeena Darville ~
Malaika brings a wealth of Earth wisdom for personal  and planetary awakening having walked the Shamanic path for a lifetime.  She is dedicated to creating sacred space in ritual and ceremony to help  restore balance to our imbalanced civilised culture.  
A qualified ISHTA yoga teacher, Water Dance Practitioner, African Dance  Performer and Teacher, Creatrix of 5Elements Dance Activation™ a  shamanic dynamic meditation dance journey embodying the five cardinal  elements, earth, water, fire, air and spirit. She is also the founder of  Journey to the Heart, Elemental Embodiment™ and Soul to Soul™ 5-day  transformational retreats for men and women.  
She has been facilitating groups for more than 25 years in India,  Australia, Africa, China, USA, Costa Rica, Europe and Egypt.  She offers  spirituality that is rooted in the body to access higher realms of  consciousness and support the Re-Connection to Earth, Community and our  own radiant hearts desire and gifts.  A true modern day Shamanic  Priestess. 

~ Satya  Morillas~
Satya is a deeply heart-centered  Yoga teacher and Meditator, Acupuncturist, Cranial-Sacral Therapist, with a  life-long passions for health, wellness, and alternative medicine whose mission and passion is to  touch the lives of those she meets on a deep level, helping people to live better conscious lives free of unnecessary suffering.

Originally trained as a Nurse, Satya began redirecting her passion to alternative medicine.  Living in Asia for 13 years, studying and practicing with Non Dualism Master Teachers throughout the world, including Adyashanti, Mooji, Gangaji… Continues the practice of Vipassana and Mindfulness Meditation. She also lived in the Osho ashram in India for 4 years, immersing herself in deep self-development and discovery in numerous workshops and trainings.

As an RYT certified Yoga Teacher (total of  1000h YTT) in multiple disciplines such as Hatha, Iyengar, Vinyasa, she has had the opportunity to work with a variety of teachers and students ranging from physically challenging methods to gentle therapeutic and restorative styles.

Her  primary aim is cultivating awareness and presence. The foundation her teachings is to help people see beyond “spiritual concepts” and directly observe the "reality of our existence”.  Satya currently lives and works in Spain, Ibiza,  sharing her love and experience with Yoga,  meditation and therapy as a tools for Awakening & Self-Realization.

What’s included

  • 7 Days/6 nights
    Shared or single occupancy
  • Daily Activities
    Yoga Classes, Personal growth workshops, Breath Work, Ecstatic Dance, Mindfulness meditations and more....
  • All Meals
    x3 daily organic vegetarian meals of delicious, healthy and locally sourced produce. We will do our best to cater for special dietary needs with ample notice.
  • Flights
    Flights to/from Airport
  • Accommodation
    Prior or after
  • Payment
    International bank transfer fees
  • Taxi Fees
    Airport transfers from Airport to the venue (we can help arrange these)
  • Insurance
    Please make sure you have your own personal travel Insurance.

Available Packages

Triple Room

2 single beds and 1 double bed, own bathroom with jacuzzi & Sea views

Deposit: $500

Single beds in twin room

Deposit: $500

Double bed with sea views and balcony

Deposit: $500
Deposit: $500

Your Organizer

Malaika Darville
Across the globe, Malaika is known for her ability to re-connect individuals with their inner body spirituality, helping all who practice with her to access to higher realms of consciousness and authenticity. She has travelled and lived with indigenous cultures, and facilitated groups in India, Australia, New Zealand, India, Sri Lanka, Bali, Spain, Holland, Egypt, China, USA, Costa Rica, Holland, and Spain for over 25 years. She has taught at many of the world's top events and numerous private events. Malaika’s accreditations include being a qualified ISHTA yoga teacher, Water Dance practitioner, African dance performer and teacher, Creatrix of 5Elements Dance Activation™ a shamanic dynamic meditation dance journey embodying the five cardinal elements. Together with our organic chef and co-host Satya Morillas Mir, a qualified yoga teacher, acupuncturist and cranial sacral therapist, this retreat promises to be uplifting in every way.