Yoga-tour in the Altai Mountain, Siberia, Russia: ""Step to yourself"" (copy)

Altay, Алтайский край, Россия

Anny Sunny
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Aug 4 - 18, 2018
Group size: 5 - 20
Yoga-tour in the Altai Mountain, Siberia, Russia: ""Step to yourself"" (copy)
Altay, Алтайский край, Россия

Anny Sunny
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Aug 4 - 18, 2018
Group size: 5 - 20

About this trip

"Yoga-tour in the Altai Mountain, Siberia, Russia: ""Step to yourself""

How often in everyday vanity and impetuous race for tomorrow, a person could stop even for a moment, look inside himself, stop his mind, feel the meek moments of silence and unity with the world and ask himself: And who am I?

Yoga- tour in Altai Mountain will help you get closer to your spiritual essence, feel yourself a part of nature and the Universe. Altai leaves no one indifferent, it mystically changes the destinies of many ...many people ..."

Asanas are not Yoga

In the modern world yoga has acquired a fragmentary representation in the minds of most modern people and now it  is associated only with sports training.

  But this is not yoga. Asanas are not yoga.

Asanas are necessary in order to do yoga.

You can go to the gym and practice asanas for many years, but whether it will  lead to yoga ...?

Yoga is a path, a union with your higher self, it is a system of personal growth, spiritual self-improvement. This is a great tool that will help you understand  yourself.

Yoga- tour in Altai is a kind of way for reloading of your internal system. Places of power, such as the mountain Altai, have an incredible strong impact on human energy. In such places, a person may open extrasensory abilities, the perception of reality may change, spontaneous outbursts of emotions may also appear. People often say about Altai, that he "uncovers a person" as a tin can. And he reveals in man all the very thing: If  a person has a strong Ego, it will blossom with a stormy color and show itself in all its glory, if a person is tuned to more subtle vibrations, they will increase, a person can feel immersed in altered states of consciousness.

Mountainous Altai is situated in the focus of both natural and spatial and sacred places of power, and their geographical location often coincides, as for the sacred rituals, those dedicated to the secrets of the universe always chose places with increased natural energy.

If you fate led to the study of information about this Yoga-tour, it is no accident. The laws of the universe work unconditionally, whether we believe in them or not. One of them says: There is nothing accidental in your life ...

Yoga-tour program


6:00 - 8:30 - Hatha yoga, pranayama or meditation 

9:00 - 10:00 - breakfast.

A free program, lectures on philosophy of yoga and self-development or excursions after breakfast

13: 00-14: 00 - Lunch.

 Lecture on philosophy of yoga and self-development, free program or excursions after lunch

17:00 - 19:00 - Hatha yoga, pranayama or meditation

19:30 - 20: 30 Dinner.

Satsang (spiritual conversations) around the fire or a free program after supper

In addition to yoga, exciting excursions

Blue Lakes or Eyes of Katun. (Note: This excursion depends on the weather conditions)

Blue lakes are covered with legends and fairy tales. Some of them are rooted in the gray ages, others were born by modern folklorists. But one legend became the most popular, it excites the imagination and explains the origin of the lakes from the mythical side.

The mighty Khan of Altai had a charming daughter - the beautiful Katun. The girl fell in love with the young Biy-suu (Biya River), living very far away, behind the green mountains in the blessed valley. Then Katun turned into a blue river and rushed to the beloved through the Altai. She merged with Biy in love ecstasy, the Ob river became as the result of these unearthly feelings.

But Katun was sad without sight, she longed to find eyes to see all the splendor of nature, by which she swam. She pleaded, she asked her powerful father to give her a clear look. He has took a pity, gave his daughter amazing blue eyes, but did not want her blind from the bright sunlight in the hot summer.

He allowed Katun to look at this world only when the heavenly luminary was already low above the earth. Since then, the beautiful Katun opens its charming eyes in winter and autumn, and people can enjoy the Blue Lakes. But in fact, the Blue Lakes of Altai in the photo from a bird's-eye view are very similar to the enchanting girlish eyes. Therefore, they received another name - the eyes of Katun.

Askat is a village of handcraft.

The village is famous by its artists and craftsmen who works with clay, wood, metal and other materials. Askat is now more often call as the Art Village or the Village of craftsmen.

Representatives of different religious confessions live in Askat. The Buddhist retreat center of the Russian Buddhist Association of the Karma Kagyu School was built there In 2002. The place was chosen by the spiritual leader of the school - Ole Nydahl.

Askat is an attractive, original village, with cozy houses, wooden sculptures and picturesque surroundings. It seems that there is a special air and atmosphere that attracts talented people and contribute to the desire to creatively develop, create stunningly beautiful art products that naturally harmonize with the surrounding nature. There are always very bright, pleasant memories from visiting Askat,  you do not want to leave from here and you want to come back again ...

Askat is ideal for those who want to plunge into the world of original people, see unusual and interesting art products or simply buy original Altai souvenirs, handmade authorial products ...

Rafting on the Katun river.

The name "Katun" comes from the Altai word "Kadyn" ("lady, mistress"), which in turn comes from the ancient Türkic word "Katyn" ("river").

Katun is a unique river in the world for carrying out rafting tours. Thanks to the fullness of water Katun is available for interesting raft tours to both professionals and beginners.

Rafting is the main water tour of the region, very popular with tourists. If we look only at the figures, we will see that the turquoise waters of Katun are falling from a height of 2000 meters and for almost 700 kilometers they are rapidly flowing along the Altai land to merge, eventually, into the Ob river, one of its largest tributaries.

Rafting in Katun will make any trip to Altai more interesting, because rafting brings  you plentiful emotions, new experiences and new impressions. Clean mountain air, a powerful Katun in the frame of mighty cedars has not left anyone indifferent.

Mountain Overview.

Unusually beautiful landscapes open on top of this mountain: the scale and scope of nature amaze  in comparison with roads, cars, houses, which become incredibly tiny, like in a toy town. The height of the mountain is only 405 meters and the ascent to it is not difficult even for a beginner.

 Literally under the feet of the tourists is the Katun valley and settlements with bizarre Altai names: Uznez, Anos, Askat, Elikmanar. The mountains of the northern Altai appear as a green boundless sea ... The northern slope of the mountain is covered with forest, where alternate birch, pine, larch. The southern slope is steppe and steep.

Feeling of joy and freedom from the breathtaking landscape on top of the mountain!

Horse riding

Our ancestors knew about the benefits of communicating with horses - animals were irreplacable help in the economy and faithful friends on the battlefield.

The American Institute of Mathematics of the Heart has scientifically confirmed that animals and people can communicate not only with words and gestures, but also with electromagnetic fields. It's no wonder that communication with our pets influences our mood - and we are on theirs. Conscious communication, as studies have shown, affects the heart rate and the level of stress hormones in the body.

 Horses are supersensitive and observant. They give instant feedback in response to emotions and the mood of a person. When a person is next to such a large, strong and at times unpredictable animal, he also connects his primitive instincts of self-preservation and leaves the regime of "autopilot" in a vigilant mode, listening to his sensations.

Since horses do not speak our language, communication with them forces a person to pay attention to their movements and body language, to their feelings and emotions, and to how he owns his inner energy.

Calm healthy horses help people to be calm and confident, and also to develop trust in relationships

Horses do not care who you are - a child or an elder, a millionaire or a janitor. She sees a person through the mask of years and social status and helps him to understand how sincerely he expresses himself.

Horses can cause a person's feelings, which previously were at a subconscious level, help a person to open these feelings and overcome their internal barriers

What’s included

  • Accomodation
    Accommodation at the TopLes Tour Base in two or three-bed houses build of natural wooden logs (shower, toilet in the house, hot water)
  • Food
    Delicious Sattvic 3 meals a day (vegetarian)
  • Yoga classes
    Yoga classes in the morning and in the evening
  • Meditations
  • lectures
  • Excursions
  • Consultation
    Consultation and assistance in buying airplane tickets.
  • Flights
  • Insurance
    (available on request online)
  • Transfer to tour base
    We explain how to do it easy

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