Yogini Yatra: A Women's Yoga Wisdom Retreat in West Marin, CA

Woodacre, CA, United States

Dr.Kendra Diaz-Ford
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Sep 7 - 9, 2018
Group size: 17 - 17
Yogini Yatra: A Women's Yoga Wisdom Retreat in West Marin, CA
Woodacre, CA, United States

Dr.Kendra Diaz-Ford
  • Email address verified

Sep 7 - 9, 2018
Group size: 17 - 17

About this trip

Are you ready to restore and reconnect with yourself?

Would you like to cultivate vitality in the body, stillness in the mind and nourishment in your heart?

During Yogini Yatra you’ll drop into a slower pace of life and cultivate a deeper relationship with your embodied wisdom through transformational practices of meditation, reflection and women's wellness yoga.

As women living modern lifestyles, we must take time from our daily lives to fill ourselves up, so that we can return to our daily schedule renewed, refreshed — and more available for our passions, relationships and our work in the world.

This wisdom weekend retreat will be an opportunity for you to explore and practice what it means to be a yogini: a woman who walks the path of yoga with heart, compassion, and authenticity. As a warrior of love, who journeys into the depths of what matters most in her life, a yogini (regardless of religion, spirituality or creed) is the sacred vessel for creativity, expression, and truth.

As a yogini living a modern lifestyle, an essential part of self-care is taking time out of your daily schedule to slow down, draw your energy inward, and surround yourself with caring, high-vibe, compassionate women. 

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli writes: The lived, embodied experience of practices that awaken our trust in the inner guide and reawaken our sense of connectedness with the universe which we inhabit is pure yoga, and it has the potential to heal the world, one womb at a time, one menstrual cycle at a time, one birth at a time, one menopause at a time, one woman at a time. 

During this women's wisdom weekend you'll discover ancient practices for accessing your deepest wisdom as you release that which is holding your back. Through nourishing and therapeutic yoga practices, you'll awaken to deep self-love to calm your mind and heal your body, and rest into stillness through guided meditations.

You'll also have the opportunity to connect with other caring, high-vibe, compassionate women through circle sharing, meditative practices, hikes, and beach walks. 

As you slow-down and draw your energy inward, you'll connect more fully with your deep feminine wisdom to unlock your intuitive an creative capacities ~ giving you an experience of deep fulfillment. 

Yogini Yatra will open your heart and mind to a pathway of living that honors your inner wise woman, the part of you that is authentic, courageous, and a warrior in this world.

Join Yogini Yatra to rejuvenate yourself and step into your greater truth and discover the deeper heart of what it means to be a woman yoga practitioner living a modern life during this women's wisdom yoga weekend.


Here's what her students are saying: 

"Taking Kendra's classes has helped me deepen my yoga practice. It's easy to roll through a sequence of poses in a yoga class, but Kendra's instruction and guidance taught me to be more mindful and aware of my body, while exploring my edges in a helpful and healing way. Her classes are not just a workout; they're a study in understanding and befriending your body, and creating a space to embody your life on a more compassionate path."

— Judi

"Kendra is warm, sweet, and kind. She reflects back a different, more uplifting, version of myself than the rest of the world. She exposed me to new perspective changing ideas and resources that have supported me during deep transformation and growth while stepping more fully into my womanhood and dharma."


Cancellation Policy:

This retreat has a “no refund policy”.  All retreat fees, once paid for are non-refundable/non-transferrable. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

What’s included

-All accommodations

-All yoga classes

-Sacred circling with high-vibe women

-Mind-Body Workshop

-Guided hikes

-Six delicious vegetarian meals (starting with Friday dinner and ending with Sunday Lunch)

-Meditation cushion

Not included

-Transportation to/from the retreat center

-Additional activities

-Meals outside of retreat center

-Yoga props including blankets, blocks, and yoga mat

Your Retreat Home: Spirit House

(From the Spirit House Website)

Spirit House is a private hilltop retreat home overlooking a gorgeous Northern California valley that is close to San Francisco yet feels like a world away. The surrounding hills and small town of Woodacre below offer a protected yet open feeling, and the open space trails above beckon you to vistas of sun and moon rises across San Francisco Bay, and to enchanted walks through forests and wide open meadows.

Spirit House itself is cozy and welcoming with lots of natural wood and south facing passive solar windows, beautiful gardens, and perhaps the best private hot tub deck you’ve ever seen, complete with an outdoor hot and cold water shower. 

Bedrooms at Spirit House are shared, with multiple beds in each bedroom. There is a large yurt — a round semi-permanent tent-like structure — on the property where groups often hold meetings, do yoga, dance, or otherwise gather together. There are goats and often cows in the adjacent pastures. Wildlife is generally abundant around Spirit House — including raven, deer, wild turkeys, and other animals.


-Wifi available in central courtyard 

-Peaceful retreat atmosphere 

- Hot tub


-Yurt for all classes

- Natural surroundings and wildlife

- Beautiful gardens 

Available Packages

Double Accommodations
Available until Sep 01, 201810 left

All accommodations at Spirit House are shared. Share your room with only one woman.

Double Accommodations (2 bookings)
only 3 left

Save $35 each for two discount when you book together with one of your sisters, friends, mothers, daughters, or colleagues. 

OR you can use this booking to book a single accommodation if you prefer to have your own sleeping space!

Triple Accommodations
only 3 left

All accommodations at Spirit House are shared. Share your room with two women.

Quad Room
4 left

All accommodations at Spirit House are shared. Share your room with three amazing women.


Double Accommodations (2 bookings)
Past Trip


Day 1

Arrival & Check-in 3:00-5:00pm

Yoga 5:00-6:00pm

Dinner 6:00pm

Evening Session 7:30-9:00pm

Your Organizer

Dr.Kendra Diaz-Ford
Kendra is a E-RYT based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her teachings are grounded in 18 years of study, experience, and practical knowledge. Her integrative approach weaves together the wisdom technologies of yoga with the western approach of psychology and authentic leadership to support modern yogis in living extraordinary lives.