Yosemite Spa & Yoga Retreat

Yosemite Valley, CA, USA

Jenna Davi
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5 reviews
Nov 9 - 12, 2018
Group size: 5 - 15
Yosemite Spa & Yoga Retreat
Yosemite Valley, CA, USA

Jenna Davi
  • Email address verified
5 reviews

Nov 9 - 12, 2018
Group size: 5 - 15

About this trip

Unwind and relax in the beautiful Yosemite Valley before the hustle of the holidays. Enjoy morning yoga classes, evening meditation and satya circles, and all day access to the spa for complete relaxation. Explore the magic of the park, eat delicious and healthy food, detox in the spa and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul through yoga.

 Retreat Sneak Peak:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dt7JIdWkK_k

Sample Schedule


  • 16:00 Arrival. Check-in 3pm
  • 17:00 Opening ceremony and restorative meditation
  • 18:30 Dinner


  • Morning asana classes
  • Evening meditation and Satya Circle


  • Morning asana class
  • Evening meditation, Satya Circle with closing ceremony


  • Morning asana class (optional)
  • 11:00 Check out
  • Departure

About the Lodge

The Yosemite Bug Lodge attracts a down to earth crowd and has a camping feel but with the comforts of a resort .You will be spending your time in their beautiful yoga room surrounded by nature and relaxing in the spa equipped with a H2O2 UV spring fed stainless steel hot tub, cold-rain shower, cedar hot-rock sauna, and a seven jet shower in their deluxe changing rooms. This retreat will be an amazing opportunity to connect with nature, relax completely, and have some much needed you time.  There's an onsite restaurant that serves organic and fresh food from their garden! The Bug Cafe offers something for everyone and always has vegetarian/vegan options. The perfect way to detox before the holidays.


The price includes breakfast, dinner, packed lunches, coffee, tea, water all day, and gratuity. There's an onsite restaurant that serves organic and fresh food from their garden! The restaurant will provide delicious breakfast and dinners and will provide a packed lunch to take with you on your hikes. The restaurant opens from 7.00 a.m. to 10.00 am for breakfast, 11 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. for lunch, and 6.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. for dinner.


All day access to the Spa is included in your package (excluding departure day)

The spa is open from 10a - 10pm

Relax in the spa equipped with a H2O2 UV spring fed stainless steel hot tub, cold-rain shower, cedar hot-rock sauna, and a seven jet shower in their deluxe changing rooms. Guests can also receive massages, body scrubs, specialty baths in private tubs in between yoga classes. All spa rooms open out to large sunny decks with seating and scenic views of the Bear Creek Canyon for dining, sipping tea, or simply relaxing in the embrace of nature. 

Yosemite National Park


Park Entrance

  • Shuttle costs to park ($12 RT)
  • Park Pass ($30 per car - 7 days)

Weather in November

Yosemite National Park is a beautiful and magical place, regardless of the time of year. If you're looking for a great fall getaway, visiting Yosemite in November is an excellent option. The tourist season has trickled off at this time, causing much thinner crowds and fewer lines at the local attractions. The weather is cool. but not freezing, winters are very mild and Yosemite see’s little snow but not until Jan or Feb generally, it does not stick around for too long. The park is so much quieter and you don't have the traffic you deal with in Spring & Summer. The Mariposa Groves will be open which is a great day hike plus there will be plenty of accessible hikes in the valley to explore. Low 60’s during the day, low 40’s at night. 

How to get there


  • Take 101 North towards Bay Bridge to 580 East (continue with directions from SF Bay Area)


  • Take 580 East to 205 East
  • 5 North for a few miles to 120 East
  • Take 99 South to Merced (rather than going through the park on 120)
  • Then, take 140 East towards Yosemite
  • The Yosemite Bug Lodge is 10 miles past the little town of Mariposa on the left side


  • 99 North to 140 East towards Yosemite
  • The Yosemite Bug is 10 miles past Mariposa on the left side


  • 99 South to Merced and the take 140 East towards Yosemite
  • The Yosemite Bug is 10 miles past Mariposa



  • Go to BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit)
  • Ride BART from any station to the Richmond station (at the end of the Richmond line)
  • At the Richmond BART station, cross over to the Amtrak side, and buy an Amtrak ticket to Merced
  • Ride Amtrak to the Merced station
  • Take Yarts bus toward Yosemite and tell them you are stopping at the Yosemite Bug


  • Take Yarts toward Yosemite and tell them you are stopping at The Yosemite Bug
  • Yarts has limited schedules but coordinate with the Amtrak so make sure to check times

About Jenna

Jenna Davi

Jenna is an international yoga teacher and retreat leader with over 1000HRS of certifications. She is an avid traveler and has taught classes, workshops and retreats in several different locations, studios and centers throughout the world. She’s proud to be a Chakra nerd and gives Chakra Numerology Readings. Due to her love of adrenaline sports she relates to the mental and physical restrictions of tight, hyper-mobile and injury prone bodies being able to give plenty of modifications and assistance to approaching difficult asanas yet can also challenge those who are well into their asana practice. She has received numerous certifications including Hatha, Restorative, Yoga Therapy, Tantra, Ascension Meditation, Life Coaching, Cardio Barre and Thai Yoga Massage. She has spent 4 months studying the Chakras and Chakra Therapy under David Goulet at Pyramid Yoga Center in Thailand, which upon completion received a 500HR Certificate. She is currently working on writing a workbook on the Chakras which she cannot wait to share with you. When she’s not adventuring and teaching around the globe she is an avid surfer who pursues an acting career and loves writing literature and  music  



What’s included

  • 3 nights accomodation
  • food
    breakfast, dinner and packed lunches to take with you on your hike
  • coffee, tea, water
    Available all day
  • Daily yoga & meditation
    from arrival to departure
  • Spa Access
    Access to the beautiful spa with a hot tub, sauna, and rainwater shower (excluding departure day)
  • Transportation
  • specialty drinks & Alcoh
  • Spa Access
    not included on departure day
  • Additional Spa Treatment
  • Park Fees
  • Park Transportation

Available Packages

Female Dorm Bed
Sold Out

Female Dorm has 4 bunk beds. No bed assignments. New white steel beds, lockers, shower amenities and linens are included. Very nice and very clean, these are usually two rooms
sharing a two baths, two showers and a sink bank. Decks outside with
tables and chairs!

Shared Cabin w/ shared bath (2-3 beds)
only 3 left

Room has 1 Queen and 1 Bunk Bed with a shared bath.  There are no bed assignments.  Shared Bath. These cabins all have forest views and decks with tables and chairs. This booking is for 1 bed in this cabin to be shared with 1-2 other people.

Heated Tent (Single)
only 1 left

1 Full Bed. Shared Bath. Please inquire if you'd like to add a second person to this reservation. Imagine a rough wood frame with a rubberized cotton canvas shell on
it and you have a historic Yosemite style tent cabin. They have
electricity for lighting and fans, screen doors, linens, decks and log
furniture or antiques. The glamping style heated insulated tent cabins
have interior walls, heaters and decks. The new tiled restroom complex
has a sink bank, a laundromat, private showers and toilets. Some tent
cabins are closer than others to bathrooms.

Heated Tent (2 Twin Beds)
only 1 left

Imagine a rough wood frame with a rubberized cotton canvas shell on
it and you have a historic Yosemite style tent cabin. They have
electricity for lighting and fans, screen doors, linens, decks and log
furniture or antiques. The glamping style heated insulated tent cabins
have interior walls, heaters and decks. The new tiled restroom complex
has a sink bank, a laundromat, private showers and toilets. Some tent
cabins are closer than others to bathrooms.

Private Cabin with shared bath (single)
Sold Out

These cabins all have forest views and decks with tables and chairs.

Private Cabin with private bath (single)
Sold Out
Private Cabin with Private Bath (2 ppl)
Sold Out

2 Queen Beds with private bath


Shared Cabin w/ shared bath (2-3 beds)
Past Trip


Day 1

Your journey begins!

Arrive at the The Bug, Rustic Mountain Lodge & Spa! Check in anytime after 3pm.  Feel free to get comfortable and head to the Spa before our Opening Ceremony at 5pm!

Afterwards we'll enjoy a delicious dinner together :)

Your Organizer

Jenna Davi
5 reviews
Jenna is an international Yoga teacher and retreat leader specializing in the Chakras and Transformational Experiences. She offers Past Life Regression and has taught classes, workshops and retreats at wellness and retreat centers and studios all over the world. With over 1000+ hours of training under her belt she is excited to share this journey with you. In her spare time she writes literature and music, pursues an acting career and is an avid surfer. Stay connected on Instagram @JennasAdventures . To learn more about Jenna go to www.JennasAdventures.com Over 1000 hours: 500 Chakra Yoga & Healing, Pyramid Yoga Center - Thailand 200 Hatha Yoga, YogaGarden - San Francisco 100 Therapeutic Restorative , Yoga Bloom - San Francisco Thai Yoga Massage Certified - Purusha Yoga - San Francisco Cardio Barre - YogaWorks, Walnut Creek Ascension Meditation, First Sphere - Byron Bay, Australia + numerous workshops, ceremonies and seminars


Absolutely amazing retreat. The yoga, spa, sauna, massage, close to a ton of beautiful hiking, the scenery, the FOOD. Everything was just spot on. Jenna did a fantastic job ensuring everyone felt attended to and looked after. Jenna also is a phenomenal yoga teacher.
It was a wonderful experience. I made great connections with great people, the food was delicious, considering I'm a vegetarian, the spa was wonderful, and Jenna was amazing.
It was awesome. Great experience. Awesome itinerary, great facility, great food, great vibes.
This was my second retreat with Jenna and I have discovered that she is one of the most beautifully wise spiritual practioners I've ever met. The Temazcal Ceremony & Yoga Retreat that she lead in Yelapa was one of the most incredible experiences I've ever taken part in. She greeted each of us as we came in from the beach with a warm hug and easily assimilated me and my fellow "re-treaters" into one big family. This retreat and its associated yoga practice, workshops, and ceremonies were focused on shedding negative energy and rebirth. And she nailed it. Each morning we would wake up to yoga practice, focused on that day's particular "sheaf" (that we would work on shedding), followed by healthy and tasty vegetarian breakfasts. Afterwards we would usually participate in something locally or in a topical workshop as a group (or in small groups) and finish the day up with intense Satya circles, meditation, and sometimes another yoga class, followed by dinner. While managing all this, Jenna tirelessly managed to stay flexible and was willing to move things around and bump times on events to cater to the personal needs of the participants, but still managed to squeeze it all in. For me, the experience was incredible. Jenna is extremely insightful and loving. She will dig things out of you that you never even suspected were there and throw it into your face, so you have to confront it. But not in any kind of mean or aggressive way: she holds your hand through the entire process and then gives you a big soulful hug when you're done. (Warning: there may be tears. ) The Temazcal Ceremony was spot on. She found a Shaman husband and wife team who perform ceremonial sweat lodges focused on feminine energy and Love, which we experienced during Dia de los Muertos. The idea was that we were in Mother Earth's womb, and at the end of the process when we left, we would be "reborn" as new brothers and sisters. The Shaman couple performed a series of four ceremonies which included our participation in chants, songs, and prayers. Despite the fact that none of us (except Jenna) had done a sweat lodge before: we all finished it!!! And the symbolism was not lost on me that I had just moved from the United States to Costa Rica and was, by doing so, being symbolically "reborn" into a new life. And honestly, I couldn't have chosen better siblings than my new ones…and the timing was perfect. I think a favorite of the retreat was a workshop where Jenna talked us though constructing malas. She provided the materials, background, and instructions for use. Afterwards in our final meditation by the ocean we energized them at a ceremony on the beach at sunset with personal mantras and a final Satya circle. Amazingly the ceremony (and retreat) ended with a beautiful full rainbow over the Yelapa sky. It was almost magical. Somewhere in all this she squeezed me in for a "Past Life Regression" where after some intense reflection and an interview with her, she leads your subconscious on a journey through your previous lives. Afterwards, a lot of things became clear to me about my personality (and its defects) and where a lot of my personal angst and emotional issues had arisen from. The retreat itself was a lot of fun but it was work too as we had to pull out and admit things about yourselves TO ourselves and (in a lot of cases) "choke on it". The last day was sad but we all parted as friends…as well as spiritual brothers and sisters. And Jenna made it clear, that any of us were free to contact her if we had any questions or wanted to talk about anything. Then you get home, and the "unpacking" really starts as you reflect over what just happened and what you just discovered about yourself. I had thought I was ready to leave at the end, but once I got home, I found myself lost without my newly acquired "family" and spent much of that second tearful day gone, just thinking about what I had discovered about myself….and how I was going to begin to "fix it". Thank you, Jenna. I feel blessed to know you. Namaste.
This was a fantastic experience! Jenna goes above and beyond to make sure the experience is unique and special. She is an amazing teacher and very dedicated to her craft. We were fortunate enough to participate in a cocoa ceremony on top of the temazcal ceramony, and some great guided meditations. We had enough time to explore the area and relax and the food at the resort was great. I would highly recommend any retreat that Jenna hosts.


Jenna has so much heart and soul it's incredible! She has a super fun energy and is a delight to be around. Her extensive travel experience and knowledge enables her to lead retreats at amazing locations. When Jenna coordinates a trip you can be sure it will be an adventure but so much more! She is able to make people feel comfortable and holds space for transformational experiences. It is highly recommended to experience a retreat with this human. So much love!
By Yoga Trade on Sep. 17, 2018
It’s been two months since my Bachelorette Yoga Retreat and I’m still in awe of what happened in the Costa Rica jungle with Jenna as our Bride Tribe Leader! I met Jenna earlier last year in a very different setting and was instantly drawn in by her light and energy. Immediately, I thought she was THE ONE to lead my retreat that I’ve dreamt of! It just felt so right and we both went with it. Lucky me, she was totally down and got right to planning. She put in so much work into every detail and was enthusiastic to make this happen for me. It made me feel so special! Planning for 12 girls cannot be easy but Jenna took it upon herself to create the most amazing experience for us. When we arrived, she far exceeded our expectations with so many fun and enchanting surprises! We had an amazing stay and delicious meals at Encanta La Vida. Yoga, meditation, and chakra workshop with Jenna on the deck was absolutely breathtaking. Best yoga and experience in my life. No one compares, JENNA IS THE BEST. She took us to secret spots and we had a blast everywhere we went. Party at Martina’s will always be a night to remember! We overcame fears and did things we’ve never done before. Jumping off a waterfall and going on a trust hike through the jungle in the night were only a couple of the many adventures which were very exhilarating for us city girls! With Jenna’s presence and spiritual guidance, we fully embraced jungle life and the experience was magnified 1000x. Missing the jungle life, animals and creatures, the sound of nature, and Jenna’s teachings. No one could have been more perfect for this and all the girls were just as enamored. It was truly an experience of a lifetime, life-changing for some! More to come with this talented and beautiful soul. Forever grateful for this goddess, Jenna Davi. She has followers for life! We love you, Jenna!!!
By Lily To on Jul. 22, 2018
Sometimes when you meet a person you can feel a connection right away, and that is what I felt upon meeting Jenna -- I felt that comfortable connection that is experienced between long-term, trusted friends. Jenna is truly one of those special people. This was the first retreat that I have ever been a part of, and I absolutely loved it, and it was largely due to the type of experience that Jenna created. Jenna's teaching style and her overall style of leading is so natural and genuine, you could really tell that she loved what she was doing and she cared that all of us were having a positive experience. The retreat was paced perfectly, starting with morning asana, a group breakfast, free time to explore the rainforest and eat lunch, an afternoon satya circle, and guided meditation session followed by a group dinner. I felt the perfect balance of being challenged both mentally and physically while also coming out of each activity feeling completely restored and relaxed. Jenna connected all of the elements of the retreat with the theme of the first two chakras which I loved, this added a spiritual element and offered the opportunity to learn something new throughout the retreat. In short, participating in this retreat was so refreshing and just what I needed to rebalance and realign myself with my wellness. I cannot wait to participate in my retreats with Jenna, and would highly, highly recommend her retreats to anyone reading this or considering participation --- sign up and have fun, Jenna will take care of you every step of the way and you will LOVE the experience!
By Amy Marino on Jul. 05, 2018