Your Wild Beauty Women's Retreat

Casa Kula, Tzununa, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Brietta Leader
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11 reviews
Mar 27 - Apr 3, 2024
Group size: 1 - 16
Your Wild Beauty Women's Retreat
Casa Kula, Tzununa, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Brietta Leader
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11 reviews

Mar 27 - Apr 3, 2024
Group size: 1 - 16

About this trip

Retreats generate the power for something positive or transformational to emerge. As we say 'Yes' to unplugging from our daily responsibilities, technology, and work, we have the opportunity to begin a new cycle that regenerates our health and radiance at the cellular level.

Guatemala's beauty and ancient Mayan culture sparks the inner fire of adventure, curiosity and inspires our wild nature to keep exploring.

This soul-nourishing retreat is unique as it blends the gifts of Brietta's dance-based movement form of WildCore™ with Holly Walker's Art Integrations and Titina vanHoorn's Shamanic Journeys and Breath-work.

We will integrate with Casa Kula's staff and indulge in a Sweat Lodge with plant bath, Cacoa Ceremony and a field trip to the women's co-ops of San Juan for shopping.

Your Wild Beauty Retreat is designed for women ready to walk, dance, and live a lifestyle rooted in their wild beauty.

Join us and immerse yourself in a rich experience of juicy creativity and wild beauty adventures.

Here is a description of the amazing offerings from my guest teachers Titina and Holly.

Here is a brief description of what Titina offers:

  Breath work meditation

This is an active form of meditation that uses breath, similar to kundalini yoga, for greater vitality in your system through the chakras. It is a practice that allows one to, not only clear any stagnant energy in your field, but bring in greater clarity of thought and a connection to your higher wisdom.

Throughout the week, I will offer this approximately 30-minute meditation, with a variety of different ways to use this as a practice and intention-setting tool in your life. 

Shamanic Energy Session

If you have any issues that you feel are limiting your life, this Shamanic session will assist you in clearing beyond what you are conscious of, in order to open the way for greater ease and healing in your life. I work with unconscious beliefs, ancestral and karmic lines, as well as accessing your purpose and higher potential. Most clients report immediately feeling lighter after the session, with a new perspective on what has limited them. I then support you in anchoring this energetic shift for lasting change in your life. 

Holly's Art Integrations:

Immerse Yourself in the Creative Flow

If you are interested in exploring your creative side during this weeklong retreat, artist and fellow retreat participant Holly Walker will be offering optional art excursions to enhance your experience. Guatemala is a colorful and exotic locale filled with inspiration that we will draw from. We will take a closer look at the flora and fauna, the inner and outer landscape, as well as the local textures and colors of Guatemala. From shady botanical field studies, to textural explorations, and expressive self-inquiries, there will be a tailored art experience waiting for you. Let Holly take care of the details, so you can enjoy the present moment. 



Art Journaling Botanical Excursion

For this art excursion, we will nestle ourselves in a shady nook amidst exotic and beautiful vegetation where we will create colorful botanical illustrations using watercolor and ink. As our pace slows down and we take time to reflect on the subtle miracles of nature and record a simple moment in time. 


Inner Essence Portraits

Discover your inner essence through this step-by-step portrait painting process. Using symbols, colors, and the landscape that surround you, you will create a unique self portrait that embodies your inner essence at this moment in your life.


In this playful, exploratory art workshop, we will let ourselves be inspired by the vibrant colors, textures, and patterns of Guatemala using mixed-media techniques of stamping and stenciling. Inspired by textiles and indigenous arts and crafts of the region.  

We will send you a short list of items to bring for the Art Integration.

Getting to and from Retreat Center

Casa Kula is located 3.5 hours from the Guatemala City Airport "Aurora" (Airport Code: GUA). The primary ways to arrive are by private car or by public transport. Both options are detailed below with approximate prices in Dollars and in the local currency "Quetzales".

Public Transport:

  1. Airport - Antigua ($10us / Q75)

    Shuttles leave every 20-30 minutes from the airport to Antigua and can be found just outside the terminal.
    Duration: 45-60 minutes.

  2. Antigua - Panajachel ($10us / Q75)
    Every hotel in Antigua also acts as a tour agency and can book shuttle service to the lake. Shuttles leave at 9am and 2pm.
    Duration: 2.5 hours.

  3. Panajachel - Tzununa ($3us / Q20)
    Boats leave Panajachel approximately every 15 minutes from early in the morning until 7pm. Let the people at the dock know that you want to go to Tzununa and they'll help you find the right boat.

  4. Tzununa Dock - Casa CobAnanda ($2us / Q15)
    At the dock you will find TucTuc drivers. Ask any driver to take you to "Casa de Coby" and they'll drop you off at a forested path that leads to our house.

Private Car:

  1. Arrange a private car by filling out the form. Please reach out to Brietta for form.
  2. As you exit the airport, a driver will be awaiting your arrival with a sign with your name.
  3. If you are delayed for any reason, please contact Coby (WhatsApp: +1 858 751-9584) as soon as possible so he can notify your driver.

    Duration: 3.5 hours
    Cost: $125us / Q950

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel for an unexpected reason and you have paid the $300 deposit you will receive:

Cancelled by January 11th: $100 ($200 service fee)

Cancelled by February 1st: No refund of deposit ($300)

Cancelled by March 5th: Only 20% of your trip total cost will be refunded

Meals at Casa Kula

BREAKFASTS: We alternate between Oatmeal with fruit and granola, Pancakes with oatmeal, fruit, homemade jam and peanut butter and an egg dish with roasted veggies and guacamole.

LUNCH: Kitchari every day! Garnished with cilantro, lime and avocado.

DINNER: Veggie Burgers with French Fries and Salad; Tempe Bangers and Mash Potatoes with Broccoli and mushroom gravy; Rice Noodles with Tempe, Veggies and a Curry Sauce (or Peanut Sauce); Roasted Veggie Salad Bar; Taco Bar with Beans, Rice, Veggies, Guacamole and local handmade tortillas; Garden Fresh Pesto Pasta with Parmesan Cheese and Salad 

If you are food sensitive to anything listed above, please reach out and we can make sure the chef knows about your limitations. 

What’s included

  • 6 nights stay
  • All your meals
  • Retreat Itinerary
  • Sweat Lodge
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Shamanic Session
    You will receive a personal session with Titina either during the retreat or after. This can support you in clearing, healing and energizing your personal transformation.

What’s not included

  • Airfare
    To and from Guatemala City
  • Transportation
    There are several ways to reach the retreat center, look in trip description.

Available Packages

Shared Cabin


This package is for a shared cabin with 2-4 other women in the retreat.

This price includes meals, all the dance/yoga/art instruction offered in the retreat. A sweat lodge, cacao ceremony and a private Shamanic Session with Titina.

Deposit: $300
Camping Option-One person per tent

This package is for those budget travelers or those that want to sleep on the earth. This option offers you a private tent experience with all the bedding you need.

This price includes meals, all the dance/yoga/art instruction offered in the retreat. A sweat lodge and cacao ceremony.

Deposit: $300
Hobbit House-Private
Deposit: $300

Available options


Arrival Day
Wednesday March 27th

Casa Kula asks that everyone arrives no earlier than 2:00 pm on this day. We can all get settled in our rooms, have dinner together and meet on the movement platform at 7:00 pm.

Your Organizer

Brietta Leader
11 reviews
Brietta is a teacher of dance in its many forms of healing, prayer, play and conditioning. She grew up as a dancer and discovered her path as a healing artist, while traveling in Asia. The combination of Brietta’s devotion to the dance, her gypsy spirit, family roots & passion to support herself and others into an embodied conscious awakening has birthed her own trademarked movement form called WildCore. Her years of study as a conscious dance leader and mentor for Soul Motion™ began to blend with 15 years as a Nia teacher, Massage Therapist, Shamanic student, devoted yogi, pranic healer, reiki practitioner, apprentice to mother -nature, energy enthusiast & performer. All of which contributed to WildCore’s development. Brietta loves to inspire self-healing through movement and offers classes, workshops & co-creative retreats and performances to her hometown of Sandpoint, Idaho, surrounding areas and internationally.


Soul resetting. Future begetting. Past unraveling. Present impacting. Loves renewed. god is good. People holding. Taste unfolding. Empowering
By Ashley T for WildCore: Creative Empowerment on Sep 27, 2023
This entire trip process was fantastic. Pretrip communication, payment planning, accommodations, the food and activities, were JUST what I needed. Every person felt oriented and interactions with staff and other retreat participants felts connective, clear, and supportive. Looking forward to any future programs with Brietta or the community center 🥰
By Bri G for New Moon Sacred Visionary on Apr 27, 2023
Life-changing. Energy infusing. Connection building. Life giving. Utterly amazing.
By Ashley T for New Moon Sacred Visionary on Apr 25, 2023
I really enjoyed getting back into dance-yoga! Brietta is a talented teacher of new moves, giving variety of options to change intensity. Nice choices for music is always a plus for her sessions.
By Joan D for Dancing with the Radiance Sutras on Oct 01, 2022
My retreat experience was just lovely and filled my bucket with connection, dance, art, yoga, and time with nature. Unexpectedly, the retreat also felt very sacred and spiritual weaving in breathwork, shamanic work, cacao ceremony, a ceremonial sweat, singing, and meditation. It was everything that I knew and didn’t know I needed. Brietta held a wonderful, easy, gentle container for the retreat. Titina co-facilitated and brought in her shamanic and breathwork practices bringing the sacred into the retreat which I very much appreciated. Thank you so much Brietta! I appreciate you, your friendship and the work you do in this world!
By Kristine R for Your Wild Beauty Women's Retreat on Mar 18, 2022
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