PNW~Zen River~Deep Rooted Retreat in the Olympics

Quilcene, WA 98376, USA

Audrey Abshire
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Aug 26 - 31, 2024
Group size: 5 - 7
PNW~Zen River~Deep Rooted Retreat in the Olympics
Quilcene, WA 98376, USA

Audrey Abshire
  • Email address verified

Aug 26 - 31, 2024
Group size: 5 - 7

About this trip

Rooted Retreats are for those wanting to step into their inner peace, love and commitment to the true self through the practice of yoga and adventures by balancing the mind, heart and soul. From self ventures to community ventures, you will discover an open awareness with inner and outer comfort body experiences, coming hOMe to your senses, and deep rooted connections throughout your retreat experience.  A transformation takes place once you commit to your self and follow your heart, without any distractions (in nature), feeling rooted down deep into SOURCE. Awaken the spirit inside, the adventurous sense, so that the unconscious mind, the universal soul, can guide you closer to YOU. 

Dare to dig deep?

This first ever-Zen River ~ Deep Rooted Retreat is located in the Olympic Peninsula-PNW where you can dig and root down deep into yourself, in a magical forest, with yoga and adventures every day. This is a 5-night/6-day retreat where you can awaken your senses in a zen atmosphere, with like-minded women; this is a women-only retreat for a specific reason-to feel safe in your own space, in your own body-close to mother nature.  

This is an all-inclusive retreat with everything included in the pricing, except for transportation and any add-ons. Audrey Abshire is the facilitator of the retreat, with over 2 years of experience hosting retreats internationally, she is now bringing her ventures with Deep Rooted Retreats to the Olympic Peninsula, where she has rooted herself over the past few years (and has come to know since visiting as a child and throughout her adult-life). 

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@audrey_rooted & @deeprootedretreats

Yoga & Holistic Practices and Adventures included in pricing: 

*Hatha-based yoga morning classes 

*Hiking with a local guide

*Paddle boarding on a lake 

*Watercolor painting in a meadow with a local artist 

*Cold/Hot plunges in the river/hot tub 

*Reiki sessions/tarot card readings/sleeping workshop

*3 meals per day: mindful eating with a plant-based menu *can accommodate any dietary restrictions 

*Meditation walks/cacao ceremonies, diary prompts/crystal/stone grounding practices

Not included in pricing:

*Ad-ons include massages, bird watching tour, etc. 

*Transportation to and from Deep Rooted Retreats

Our Accommodations are in a cabin-like atmosphere so that you can feel at hOMe, but in the forest, nestled next to a river where you can hear the water flowing from your cabin.

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Our Food is inspired by Ayurvedic principles and feature nourishing plant-based meals, including vibrant and detoxifying comforting ingredients, all designed to support your wellness journey (can accommodate any dietary restrictions).

*There will be an optional outing on the last night to a local restaurant to gain a feel of the local experience here in the PNW!

The yoga practice will be Hatha-based and practiced every morning at the same time either in a meadow by the river or inside the main cabin (optional).

The adventure practice will be different every day, where you will experience an out-of-comfort-zone sensation, and have to dig deep into your hOMe body. Adventures include: paddle boarding, biking, hiking, cold plunges, hot tubbing, water color paining, reiki/tarot card readings, meditation walks/cacao ceremonies, rituals, diary prompts/crystal/stone grounding, and add-ons (massages, etc).  Almost all of our adventures will be facilitated by a local guide and optional, though included in the pricing (see below).

Tarot Card readings/Reiki Sessions with Leila Ziari at Fill Your Cup Up

Leila Ziari is a world traveler, author, and certified yoga instructor, Reiki Master, practicing astrologist, and intuitive life coach. With her free-spirited nature and empathic abilities, Leila creates a sacred space for inner reflection, releasing stuck energies, and transforming limiting beliefs. She believes in the power of authenticity and speaks her truth. Combining ancient healing practices with practical tools, Leila helps you discover your authentic voice, awaken your muse, and manifest the life you deserve.

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Hiking With Nina Sarmiento at Magic Forest Tours

Join local guide Nina Sarmiento and founder of Magic Forest Tours for two days of outdoor exploration and nature bathing. On day one a visit to the waterfall will introduce you to the ecosystem unique to the Olympic Peninsula. On day two dig a little deeper with a hike along the picturesque Quilcene river. Nina will provide information on the local area, national park, and how to leave no trace when enjoying the outdoors. 

Hike 1: Hike number one is to Rocky Brook Falls, an easy walk of about 200 feet and one of the best waterfalls on the Olympic Peninsula. The waterfall is 100 feet tall, continuously fed by glacier melt. If you like cold water, bring your bathing suit for a dip below the falls. 

-->Easy difficulty, 10 mins, out & back, .3 miles.

Hike 2: Hike number two is 4.6 miles into the mossy Quilcene valley to arrive at our lunch spot next to the river. We’ll be among towering old growth trees and be able to explore a few side trails if time allows. This hike is an easy out and back where we will stop throughout to identify native plants and sample ripe huckleberries.

-->Hard difficulty, 4-5 hours, out & back, 4.6 miles.

What to Wear and what to bring: On these hikes wear a non-cotton shirt, non-cotton shorts/pants or leggings, and hiking shoes (sneakers are ok). Pack a small backpack with sunscreen, water and snacks. Consider bringing something with electrolytes to stay hydrated in the heat! If you would like to dip in the water bring a towel and lightweight sandals.

About Nina:

Nina grew up in New York and moved to Washington in 2018. She has been a sea kayaking guide since 2019 but started her small business to get more people into hiking and backpacking. She is passionate about the environment and enjoys foraging native plants, mushrooms, and observing wildlife, both big and small. 

Nina’s Qualifications:

Nina is a Wilderness First Responder and Leave-No-Trace trainer. She is CPR certified and a permitted guide for Olympic National Park.

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Watercolor painting with Rachel Fisher:

Rachel Fisher is an artist and designer based in Port Angeles. She loves being outdoors, whether she’s backpacking her favorite routes in the Cascades or discovering Pacific Northwest treasures, such as Vancouver Island’s West Coast Trail. Her artwork is inspired by the wild places she’s visited, and features a whimsical blend of mountains, plants, and moody skies.

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Sleep Workshop with Raina Rooney:

Are you struggling to get good sleep, as in waking up feeling exhausted more often than feeling rested? Would you like practical strategies to help get you on the right track? Then this workshop is for you!

Join us to empower yourself with the knowledge and tools to improve your sleep and walk away with a plan that you can apply to wake up feeling refreshed and energized! Especially after you leave this retreat :). 

During this 1 hour interactive workshop, you will:

  • Understand Why Sleep Matters: Explore the vital role sleep plays in maintaining overall health and well-being, including its impact on mental clarity, emotional stability, and physical health.
  • Learn How Sleep Works: Gain insights into the different stages of sleep, the sleep cycle, and how various factors like light, environment, diet, and stress can influence the quality of your sleep.
  • Overcome Barriers to Good Sleep: Identify common obstacles to restful sleep and discover effective techniques and practices to address and overcome these challenges.
  • Build Your Own Bedtime Routine: Participate in interactive exercises to create a personalized bedtime routine that promotes relaxation and prepares your body for a good night's rest.

Raina's Qualifications:

With a BS in Health Sciences and extensive health coach education, Raina, a Board Certified Health Coach (NBC-HWC) with 6+ years of experience, has compassionately guided hundreds of clients through positive psychology-based coaching and evidence-based stress reduction techniques.

ICF Certified Travel Coach

ACE Certified Behavior Change and Weight Management Specialist

PN1 Certified Nutrition Coach

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If you have any questions, please contact the facilitator, Audrey at

What’s included

  • Accommodation
    Cabin with Queen bed and shared bathroom
  • Food
    3 local plant-based meals daily *can accommodate any dietary restrictions
  • Yoga & Holistic Practice
    See Itinerary
  • Adventures
    See itinerary

What’s not included

  • Transportation
    International or National Plane tickets or Rental car or Taxi (Uber, etc.) to Deep Rooted Retreats.
  • Van Package
    Please request this package if you would like us to take you in our van shuttle from the SEA airport to the Deep Rooted Retreat (about 2 hr drive).
  • Add-on Massage
    Price varies depending on type, please request this package and the payment will be processed once the type is determined.
  • Travel Insurance
    Please purchase on your own if that is your preference: Deep Rooted Retreats suggests: TravelEx or Global Rescue.

Available Packages

Zen Cabin -Private
Available until July 25, 2024only 1 left

Private with queen bed / shared bathroom 

Deposit: $500
Buddha Cabin -Upstairs Shared (space)
Available until July 25, 2024Sold Out

Shared queen bed / shared bathroom (2 friends can sleep in the same bed)

Deposit: $500
Buddha Cabin -Downstairs Shared (space)
Available until July 25, 2024Sold Out

Private queen bed (shared space) shared bathroom

Deposit: $500
SEA Airport Van Transportation RoundTrip
Available until July 26, 2024only 2 left

Deep Rooted Retreats will pick you up and drop you off from Seattle (SEA) Airport to Deep Rooted Retreats before and after the retreat in our van shuttle service (about 2 hours). 

Buddha Sage Scentz ~ Smudge with Love
Available until July 26, 2024

Receive 40% off Sage Scentz Buddha Bundle Smudge with Love with discount code SAGE.

The Buddha Bundle offers a complete package of Patented Products. In our bundle, you will receive a ceramic Buddha Burner the wood Base a  Amazing removeable, water/essential oil dish, for 5 hours of diffusing as well as our Signature Pack (includes our scentz: Sage, Palo Santo, Sage Lavender). With 8 per container, that’s 24 blissful experiences to connect with each month! Enjoy this variety pack to get a scentz of what we have to offer! 

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Available options

5 left
Deposit: $0

Full Body 1 hour Massage - All variations by a Licensed Massage Therapist, available on site during the Optional Add-on time. 

doTerra Retreat Bundle

Get the following Bundle Value $1860 for only $136! 

Simple Solutions Starter Kit + Balance: 

Deep Blue Rub, Lemon, OnGuard, Serenity, Balance $181 TEAM ŌYL HUB - Library of Holistic Education! $999 50min Wellness Consult $100 Personalized Assessment & Health Plan $100 Team ŌYL Fitness Center - 22 Individual Workouts $300 Get Moving Ebook $25 Recipes Ebook $90 Diffuser Blend Ebook $25 One Year Membership with dōTERRA $35 Free shipping  PLUS access to an international wellness community!


Day 1 -Arrival

Arrival to Deep Rooted Retreat  

Check into accommodation Cabin

Intro -Icebreaker 


Bonfire -Welcome ceremony 

Journal Prompt/Tea time


Your Organizer

Audrey Abshire
My yoga experience has been a journey of many ups and downs, from finding my true self, inner-wisdom, inner-peace and loving, to practicing, listening and observing what the universal source presents itself as. Mostly filled with many high awakenings to many low sufferings, the death and rebirth cycle, finding a flow of consistency and curiosity, as well as balancing unity and community. Being of service and in connection, has been my biggest purpose of this yogi path I have been on for about 5 years now.