Past Trips


We had a great dive with the sea lions and there were beautiful fish! The whale sharks were incredible and we swam very very close to them. The staff was great!
By Ashley B for Swimming with whale sharks and Dive trip on Mar 23, 2024
The experience itself was ok, we swam with whale sharks but a few times the guide made us come back right when we were starting to swim next the the whale shark. Also we had very few time in the water, we were less than 1’5h on the site, we were 9 customers and we were entering in groups of 3, so each group entered like 3 times. If you’re travelling with kids I DO NOT recommend this company. They charged my 3 years old 1.500mx but did not even have a wetsuit for her age. I understand kids of 7-8 years and older pay that amount, but toddlers?! I have two (3-5 years old) and made me pay 3.000mx for both “because they were taking a place on the boat and they were getting a snack. A mini cereal bar and a 25ml water bottle that he had to ask for it twice and were given at the arrival of the port. Also we were offered showers at the port but they didn’t have hot water. It was cool to see the whale sharks but for the prices they charge it could have been a lot better.
By Nuria G for Swimming with whale sharks on Feb 07, 2024
We didn’t get the service expected for the price we paid. At the dive center they did not even have long wetsuits for the kids, and they knew there were 3 kids registered. The ages were 3-4 and 5 years old. There was only 1 long wetsuit, and they didn’t have any wetsuit for my 3yrs old. They made us pay 1.500mx for the kids. In the shop they said the shorty wetsuit would be fine , which I knew it would NOT as I’m a pro Kiteboarder and I was on the water the day before, and it was COLD. Once on the boat the guide said, “kids will only get into the water once because they’ll be too cold after the first swim”. Of course! That’s why we asked for LONG WETSUITS for the kids! If you don’t have the gear don’t charge us the money! Also we spent less than 1’5 hours in the water (taking turns, we were 9 customers). So each person got in the water like 3 times 2 minutes. And on the way back the boat was going extremely slow so it seemed we spent more time in the water. They said we could shower once at the port, but the showers did not have hot water. Before booking the trip I asked what happened if it was windy (forecast said it would be windy) and they said, no worries, were we go it’s protected so there’s almost not wind, FALSe, it was super windy. We definitely do NOt recommend this company.
By Nuria G for Swimming with whale sharks KIDS on Feb 07, 2024