Thank you 1❤️for one of the most amazing weeks of my life.  It was transforming for me, filled with fun, love, support and wonderful comradery.  As a newly retired person I felt this may be a bit of a stretch for me. I was looking to expand my own true self and looking to uncover a gentler and stronger new me. I found everything I was looking for and everything I needed during this 1 week magical journey. During the week I felt my heart grow larger and lighter. Every sense was touched upon in special ways. A breathtaking setting in paradise, incorporating wonderful music, movement, nature, rituals and delicious  healthy food.  My inner being was imprinted upon in so many positive ways.  I left my 1❤️journey feeling softer and stronger at the same time.  My inner spirit was strengthened  and I made new meaningful bonds. The week was so well orchestrated, wonderful workshops, empowering and meaningful activities, professional and devoted staff filled with love. I appreciate all the special attention I received and really felt cared for and in such a safe container of love.   I applaud the 1❤️leadership. I have tears of happiness in my eyes as I write this along with cherished memories in my soul.   Thank you 1❤️for helping me in my life journey.
By Marcy K for 1heart Journeys: J21 Feb 2024 on Mar 26, 2024
Experiencing 1heart was the most profound experience of my life. A month after the journey, I feel the most aligned with my purpose I ever have. I have a renewed and strengthened faith in a higher power. I am grateful, joyful, and surrounded by a community of likeminded people who see and appreciate me (many of whom I met on this journey!). World class facilitators and comprehensive programming set this program apart. Some of the expertly led workshops I experienced were: -women’s circle with Simone @simoneinbodied -breath work & ice baths with J -visualization & AIM life planning with Mike Rosenfeld @mikejrosenfeld Everyone involved in this program is an example of living love. Camila, the Operations Manager, is perhaps the most pleasant person I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with. Christian, a facilitator and music man, is another who made me feel seen and supported throughout this transformative work. If you feel called, this might be for you. With love, Bridget
By Bridget B for 1heart Journeys: J21 Feb 2024 on Mar 15, 2024
Mind blowing, life changing, surpassed all expectations. I have done this work for several years with plant medicine and/or retreats all over the world but 1heart was on another level. The team, the activities, the medicine team, the accommodations, the food, the land. It was all beyond words. What sets 1heart apart is the community fostered upon leaving. Immediately you are put into a community, not only from your group you just went through the journey with, but a group of people who live in the state you live in that have attended previous journeys. The community is filled with interesting people making a difference in this world. Creators, artists, leaders, entrepreneurs - an instant and massive network. There is so much education, information, guidance and assistance provided by the team when it comes to the medicine. It creates an immediate safe and calm environment because you know you are in good hands. The education enables you to feel well informed about what you are embarking on and how you will bring this new version of yourself home. 10/10 pre and post prep work. I will be back and I will be sharing this with the world. Thank you 1heart. See you soon.
By LanaRose B for 1heart Journeys: J21 Feb 2024 on Mar 12, 2024


1heart has launched my transformational process in ways that I can't put into words. The journey has brought to light themes and aspects of myself that have been existing under the surface, things that I haven't allowed myself to feel or experience. I am so excited to shape my next steps and be fully present and here for it. I am beyond grateful to the whole 1heart family and the team for putting this unique experience together. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
By Rebecca A on 11 Apr, 2023
1heart provided the best experience for my first time sitting with plant medicine . They provided so much love , comfort and guidance through the whole process . There is so much warmth and joy with 1heart and I’m grateful for every single person that was in in my journey because they played an important role in making this experience so transformational . I love them all. They are my brothers and sisters .
By Claudia M on 06 Jan, 2020