I imagine that you will be hard pressed to find a retreat of this nature anywhere else in the world; the level of quality, planning and intention that goes into it is outstanding. While it is undoubtedly a valuable experience for anyone and everyone no matter where they are in their own journey, if you have never done something like this before, this is an extremely safe and professional space to enter into. The medicine team are otherwordly; the accommodations comfortable, food fantastic, and all staff and facilitators are everything you could ever hope for.
By Andrew W for 1Heart Journeys: J19 Aug 2023 on Aug 20, 2023
I really don't want to overstate it but I'm afraid that's impossible. When we started the program, Camila asked us to publish our intentions to the group. I wrote, "enduring and ever-expanding joy, love, gratitude and acceptance; nothing less." I have that today. This experience has changed my life. Simply put, I am not the person I was before I did it. Through the pre-work, the week in Costa Rica with this incredible team and my new best friends and family, the ceremonies, and now in the integration weeks, I have literally re-wired my brain and my consciousness. I was already a pretty happy guy, but I have found a level of deep love, connection, acceptance and wonder at the magic of life that I never would have imagined to be possible. I am relating differently, more patiently, more lovingly, with my partner, my kids, my family, my employees, the world. It's been really good work, really important work, sometimes challenging work, but incredibly rewarding work. I'm so grateful for this experience. (I wish I'd done it 20 years ago...) A tremendous thank you to my new 1Heart family.
By Alex G for 1Heart Journeys: J19 Aug 2023 on Aug 20, 2023
Words, words, words.... what words can I write that can adequately communicate 1heart and the transformational week they blessed me and my new extended family with.... Epic.... Sure.... Colossal.... I guess so.... Born-again.... Kind of.... Cathartic.... Definitely.... Life-changing.... Absolutely.... Metamorphic..... getting warmer.... Spiritually Reconstitutional.... Completely....But of all the words in all the languages in all the worlds, in all the relms.... The best word to describe the 1heart Journey and all its magic is the simplest.... LOVE.... 1heart taught me LOVE.... How to express it, how to feel it but most importantly how to finally receive it. My mind, body, soul and inner child thank you 1heart. You've shown me a new way. The Way! Because the only way, is the way, and the way knows the way. I love you 1heart family because I am you, you are me and we... are one!
By Joshua M for 1Heart Journeys: J19 Aug 2023 on Aug 19, 2023


1heart has launched my transformational process in ways that I can't put into words. The journey has brought to light themes and aspects of myself that have been existing under the surface, things that I haven't allowed myself to feel or experience. I am so excited to shape my next steps and be fully present and here for it. I am beyond grateful to the whole 1heart family and the team for putting this unique experience together. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
By Rebecca A on 11 Apr, 2023
1heart provided the best experience for my first time sitting with plant medicine . They provided so much love , comfort and guidance through the whole process . There is so much warmth and joy with 1heart and I’m grateful for every single person that was in in my journey because they played an important role in making this experience so transformational . I love them all. They are my brothers and sisters .
By Claudia M on 06 Jan, 2020