I went to J23 (Journey 23) in June of 2024. I needed clarity of three things in my life. The medicine helped me answer all of it and MORE... This is like many years of therapy in 7 days. At the beginning 7 days seemed a lot to me. But the way program is structured, everything flows perfectly. The exercises in the first 2 weeks, the sessions in between journeys and the integration work on return, all are so important. This was life changing experience for me. One has to be doing something at the right time in their life and then surrender to it. You will come out as a new person.
By Ravi M for 1heart Journeys: J23 June 2024 on Jul 11, 2024
I had an amazing time and met some wonderful people that I hope to call my friends forever. This was an incredible experience that I would suggest everyone to take at least once in their lives. The 1heart staff are a loving group of people who care deeply about your wellbeing and after care. I accomplished a breakthrough that 22 years of therapy could not even scratch the surface. I am forever grateful and thankful for these amazing people! They really do " God's work!" Thank you for everything 1heart!!!!!!
By Adrian B for 1heart Journeys: J23 June 2024 on Jul 11, 2024
It was one of a kind and life changing. The container of the experience was carefully and precisely created to give each participant their own unique experience that benefited them. I have life long community and support and I see my planet and surroundings in a new and elevated way. The change within that occurred will not only benefit me but my family and friends and the new projects that have been birthed from my new reality that I created from the experiences and new consciousness that was unlocked and liberated.
By Noelle A for 1heart Journeys: J23 June 2024 on Jul 09, 2024


1heart has launched my transformational process in ways that I can't put into words. The journey has brought to light themes and aspects of myself that have been existing under the surface, things that I haven't allowed myself to feel or experience. I am so excited to shape my next steps and be fully present and here for it. I am beyond grateful to the whole 1heart family and the team for putting this unique experience together. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
By Rebecca A on 11 Apr, 2023
1heart provided the best experience for my first time sitting with plant medicine . They provided so much love , comfort and guidance through the whole process . There is so much warmth and joy with 1heart and I’m grateful for every single person that was in in my journey because they played an important role in making this experience so transformational . I love them all. They are my brothers and sisters .
By Claudia M on 06 Jan, 2020