This is a life-changing journey! The team is amazing, very loving, kind and supportive. The program is fantastic, the place is peaceful and beautiful. I have met people that I now call family. Thank you!
By Abeer M for 1Heart Journeys: J15 | Oct 22nd-29th 2022 on 28 Nov, 2022
It is impossible for me to put into the words the impact this experience has had on my life. By far, it was the most profound, transformative and impactful journey of my life. I cannot thank 1heart enough for the dedication, expertise, compassion, wisdom and magic each member carries. If you are looking to be the best version of yourself and truly reach that place, look no further than 1heart. It will be tough, very tough, but greatness must be earned. This is not for the faint hearted, but for those who truly wish to transcend to their fullest capacity. I owe my life to 1heart, as every dream I have ever imagined has and is continuing to come true. I now have new found tools to use in my personal and professional life enabling me to navigate any situation with grace, ease and compassion. Dr. Scarlett Magda Co-Founder/President Veterinarians International
By Scarlett M for 1Heart Journeys: J15 | Oct 22nd-29th 2022 on 26 Nov, 2022
This was one of the most transformational experiences I've ever had. The 1heart team created such an intentional container for everyone from start to finish in order for the tribe to have the safest, most heart-opening journey.
By Phil F for 1Heart Journeys: J15 | Oct 22nd-29th 2022 on 18 Nov, 2022


1heart provided the best experience for my first time sitting with plant medicine . They provided so much love , comfort and guidance through the whole process . There is so much warmth and joy with 1heart and I’m grateful for every single person that was in in my journey because they played an important role in making this experience so transformational . I love them all. They are my brothers and sisters .
By Claudia M on 06 Jan, 2020