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Hello You Two , I had an absolutely fabulous experience at the retreat. I’m already looking forward to next year. This is an extra special event and I feel lucky to have been included. I worked doing Seminar Work for 8 years so I know what it takes to make it happen. You are a great team. I felt so at ease even though I didn’t know anyone and I was a novice. Thank You So Much , Melissa Shaw
By Melissa S for IslandWood Winter Yoga Retreat with Tracy and Terilyn on Jan 24, 2020
For me, this retreat was well-timed – – a few weeks into January, a good time for a reset and setting intentions for the year ahead. I have always wanted to visit Islandwood and I was not disappointed. It is a magical place, very comfortable, beautiful, delicious food. Tracy & Terilynn are a dynamic duo and did a fine job with a large (40) group.
By Lisa H for IslandWood Winter Yoga Retreat with Tracy and Terilyn on Jan 22, 2020
Great yoga retreat. Loved the spacious yoga space, delicious & ample food, comfy accommodations and delightful hot tub.
By Anne W for Sleeping Lady Fall Yoga Retreat on Nov 13, 2019